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Games Played in 2014

Here it is, the list for 2014.

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  • Love the art style, but this game breaks my brain kind of.

  • Must stop but can't stop

  • 12/51. My slow journey into piratedom continues.

  • 4/31. I really wish they gave you the jump mechanic sooner and didn't make you rely on the back touchscreen at first. Still, so much fun!

  • BEAT January 20, PC version. 875/1000. Beat it on hard mode, doing challenge rooms again. Was attempting to 100% the game but getting gold on the last couple combat rooms is past my abilities, sadly.

  • PC version. Typical Platinum insanity! I can't figure out why it's not holding my attention, though.

  • Gonna be totally honest with you guys, here. I don't think I like this game.

  • 1/13. Playing Vita version. The daily challenge is strangely addictive, even though I totally suck at this game.

  • Started replaying the PC version. Man, this game is great once you get used to the controls. Still love the design aesthetic of the levels.

  • I really, really wish this game had controller support. With mouse/keyboard, I suck at it. Also, don't try to play this on a TV screen.

  • 2D Tony Hawk combo-focused game with the controls of Skate? Sounds great! Shame it's brutally hard and crashes all the time.

  • Got it from a friend selling off their 3DS. It's Mario Kart! For better or worse. I don't like that it forces you to do 4-track circuits right off the bat to unlock things, though.

  • BEAT February 1, PC version. 945/1350. Played through again on Hard mode, because I'm a moron. Not as good as I remember, but that's mostly because there are 1,001 side missions competing for your attention as you try to navigate the city. Just going from one end to the other could unlock up to 7 side missions, all barking for your attention as you go to the one main mission. Still, it's Batman. With gadgets. And that amazing fighting system. Why did I play this on Hard again, though? Beat the Harley Quinn DLC, too. That might be the end of my progress in this version.

  • Wow, is this game douchey. And also plays like it came out in 2001.

  • Played some multiplayer! I'm not sure what I'm doing but it feels pretty cool to join up with a squad and take an objective.

  • 4/13. Man, that Dissolve level and the 3 just after it absolutely wreck whatever flow I have. I might never beat the cycle.

  • BEAT March 17th, 29/50. Played via Steam shared library. Pretty much a dream for South Park fans. Everything you could want in a South Park game. Looks like the show, sounds like it, and is a lot of fun to just wander around and exists in. Shame the combat gets repetitive rather quickly. But really, combat is a means to an end in this game.

  • BEAT June 29th, 100%'d August 13th. 1000/1000. PC version. One of the most addictive, satisfying experiences I've had in video games.

  • 1000/1400. Re-playing on Professional difficulty in co-op. That fight at the end of Act 5 can go straight to hell, seriously. Finally beat the game, though!

  • 20/1000. It's more Forza! Just smoother and better looking! We'll see once I get more into it.

  • 55/1000. It's fun and you never have to wait TOO long or get killstreaks in order to get a mech. That's the secret to this being a fun game.

  • 45/1360. It's more Dead Rising! And you know what? That's EXACTLY what I wanted it to be. Really looking forward to playing more of this.

  • I am not particularly good at Threes, but I understand exactly why it's addictive.

  • 5/21. It's really stupid, but a fun sandbox to play in. Devil Goat forever.

  • Loaned from a friend. Playing this made me realize how much I enjoy the overhead-view classic Zeldas.

  • Started it on PC. In streamlining it, they've removed a lot of elements that made the first game appeal to me so much. Kind of disappointing.

  • A rightful classic. Re-bought for 3DS, which I don't mind since it's my favorite NES game of all time.

  • 135/1000. Playing on PC, not even sure how I ended up playing it. Still looks great, still plays great. God, I love racing games!

  • Playing on PS4 and not enjoying it AT ALL. The options are either "here's everything to do!" or if you hit square and put away your phone it becomes "here's absolutely nothing to do!"

  • 1135/2200. Went back and started hunting achievements and playing new tables before moving over to Xbox One version. PC version is really sharp, too.

  • Played solely to get the Slalom achievement.

  • Performed a Friendship so my gamerscore would reach 100,000 even. I am dumb.

  • 27/96. Playing on Vita, going for Basic and Wizard goals. Still lots of fun figuring out how the real tables play.

  • Please, for the love of god, make me stop playing this.

  • 4/44. Direct control of your character turns this into an almost-perfect arcade game.

  • 8/51. This game is really friggin' hard. I don't know if I have the patience to play it right now, sadly.

  • 7/47. It's a Dark Souls clone, that's for sure. It scratches that itch, but I don't know if I really have that itch right now. Sigh.

  • This is one messed up game. I like it!

  • This game makes me feel old. Not just in style and aesthetics, but in gameplay and management. So much is happening at one time that I feel old for not being able to keep up with it.