For one reason or another....

These are games I stopped playing before I finished the main story/quest/campaign/objective etc.

Some games just don't grab me or fail to keep my attention, and these games have slipped through the cracks.

List items

  • Floaty jumps, lackluster upgrade system, sometimes unfair difficulty spikes. The gorgeous artstyle is what kept me around for so long. Stopped after waterfall in the second holy tree or whatever 3-4 hours

  • I was all onboard to love this game but the reviews really say it all. It doesn't feel like a true-to-form Bethesda Game (for whatever that's worth) and has a lot of inconsistencies that make it hard to get through.

    1. Lost a quest item twice due to a bug and had to restart my save

    2. Dialogue options sucked and were only comprised of Speech checks

    3. Main story was hokey

    4. Shooting never felt good, even though that is what they tried to improve most d'oh!

    5. Enemy weapons were all the same?! Some variant of a pipe rifle or base laser weapon.

    6. Power Armor was a really cool edition (customization was clever) but beating my first Deathclaw within 30 minutes felt cheap. I stopped where I had to cross the irradiated lake or something. 6-7 hours

  • A game lost to the cruelty of time. Fun mascots and witty writing could not save me from this treasured collect-a-thon. Flying was a pain the ass and restricted movement made the game so hard to navigate. I'll draw the easy comparison to Mario 64 which felt so fluid by comparison. Clanker's Cavern and untethering Clanker can piss up a rope. Stopped because I couldn't find a way into to Gobi's Desert, nor did I care to. 5-6 hours

  • A Souls-like that has more in common with Mega-Man than Dark Souls, IMO. The gameplay hook is interesting but didn't hold my interest. You can defeat bosses in any order but are stymied by damage or health debuffs after each one. You've got items, sure, but they never felt like game-changers or clinch-use tactics to me. The animations for the bosses were great but the PC would forever clip right into AoE attacks even as I tried to master the floaty dodge. Fun enough, but lacked polish to see me through to the end. Favorite boss was the crystal girl on a mirrored lake and the huge bullrush Knight. Stopped at the poison rave boss because I'm a scrub and glitches. 2-3 hours

  • If a game takes 2 hours or more to get to the advertised playstyle or hook, its a waste of time. The dialogue was funny and well-thought out, though