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For the first time I'm starting to worry that the Intellivision Amico won't dominate 2022

Towards the beginning of this year I made the bold prediction that 2022 would be the year of the Intellivision Amico. And I have held to that belief through the various ups and downs the console has gone through. I believe in the Amico and its potential to revolutionize gaming. Its biggest challenges as a product are that it doesn't exist and nobody would want it if it did, but I think it can overcome those things. Look at the success of the KFC Double Down sandwich.

The Amico will dominate the market when it's released, and we've been told that it was entering production in various ways almost half a dozen times over the past couple years. So I was sure it would come out this year. Why would they be producing all those consoles if they weren't going to sell them? But now, on the morning of New Years' Eve, I'm worried that they're not going to do it this year. We all know the real marketing hasn't started yet so they'd have to do a blitz campaign over the next few hours to raise awareness and drive demand (Fortunately few products launch between Christmas and New Years so it's probably a cheap time to buy advertising; smart!)

Then they'd have to manufacture the consoles between, say, noon and 3PM, which is not a lot of time to make 25 million units, and then ship them to stores by 5 PM so that people can pick one up on their way to their New Years Eve Party and become the hit of the gathering by bringing a device that lets you play cellphone quality games in your living room on a big TV.

Marketing, manufacturing, and distributing a game console over the next 12 hours is a tall order for any company but if anyone can pull it off it's Amico's blue-sky rangers.

Oh I'm an idiot for losing faith. OF COURSE It's going to happen. Can't wait to play my Amico tonight. What game are you most looking forward to? For me it's the Hot Wheels licensed one. Can never have enough Hot Wheels games even though we had a whole dedicated title and two Forza Horizon expansions in the last few years!