Nintendo should embrace the series terrible names and call the next game New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 2

I want to start by saying that I like the New Super Mario Bros. series. I've only played New Super Mario Bros. 2 and now New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, but I enjoyed 2 and I've played a couple worlds of U and had fun with that as well. So I have nothing against this series, and when they make the next game I'll probably buy that too. But I want that game to be called New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 2, because all the names in this series are dumb and I want them to lean in as much as possible.

New Super Mario Bros.: The series started off on the DS 13 years ago on the DS, with a name that kind of sort of made sense. After the Mario games had moved to 3D and gotten more complicated and away from pure platforming with games like Super Mario Bros. Sunshine, they wanted to get back to basics and start fresh. They wanted to make an old school experience that harkened back to the origins of the series. Or rather close to the origins because this is actually based on Super Mario Bros. 3, not the original, so already it's confusing. Naturally they called this older style game...New Super Mario Bros. I get it, it's a new start to the old series, I'll kind of give them a pass.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: It's 2009 and this is already a bad name. The game is not actually a Wii version of the DS original, instead it's in the New series, but on the Wii instead of the DS. It was 2009, however, and Nintendo was naming all kinds of games "Franchise X Wii" so this was more a Wii problem than a NSMB problem. Still a bad name.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Okay, now they're just trolling. This is the third game in the NSMB series, but it's labeled NSMB2. Is it, then a new version of Super Mario Bros. 2, throwing back to the famed re-skin of Doki Doki Panic? No. It's not. It's the second in the NSMB series, presumably because the Wii version was a spin-off? We're already off the rails.

New Super Mario Bros. U: Another non-numbered sequel! It's another spin off like NSMBW? Who knows. Again Nintendo called a lot of stuff "U" during the Wii U era, and again it was stupid, and especially stupid here. Note that this "New" series is now 9 years old.

New Super Luigi U: There was never an old Super Luigi. This is based on NSMB U and replacing the Mario Bros. with Luigi so there is...A...logic to it, but we're already so far off the rails we're in total nonsense land. This should have just been Super Luigi U.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: And now we arrive at the natural conclusion of a series of horrible naming decisions. This is a port of a 5 year old game in a 13 year old series with New in the title. It's got the "U" title but it's on the Switch. It's called Deluxe even though it's really just a port with a couple characters added and a couple small features removed. Nothing about this title is accurate except that the Super Mario Bros. are in the game.

So they can't stop now. They've got the worst titled series that's been ported to the West, now it's time to double down. There's no natural title for the next game in the series. They can't call it NSMB 3 both because it would be the 5th game and because it would be on Switch, where they've already put a non-numbered sequel. They can't call it New Super Mario Bros. Switch because that already exists. They could call it New New Super Mario Bros. but that would be a crime.

The ONLY way to title this game is as a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 2. That's the name.

I look forward to playing it.