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Born in Seattle, raised in New York. First started playing games in 1985 with our neighbor's Video Pinball on Atari and it just went from there. Since then the video game collection just exploded. NES, Genesis, 32X, PS1, PS2, etc... It's a refined collection at his point, I've gotten rid of many , many games that were dreadful to play (Azure Dreams, Baten Kaitos Origins). Now it's just a matter of finding time to play them all, as I'm recently married and will be finishing up my CIS A.A.S. in the vain hope of getting a job in NYS.
Besides videogaming I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, playing pool, reading, organizing anything with a spreadsheet, creating board/card games, stand up comedy and watching certain tv shows.
I'd like to move to Lewis Island, Scotland with my family one of these days.