My Console Game Preferences

I'd like to think my taste is very refined over the 24 years I've been gaming (it better be). Over the decades, I've developed definite preferences when it comes to my video games. This will also explain a lot of my postings in the years to come on this site. So here's what I like in terms of game traits:

  • Turn based
  • Offline
  • Offline Co-op gameplay
  • Sprites
  • Multiplayer bots
  • Randomized weapons (when applicable)
  • Armor & Weapon Shops (when applicable)
  • Classic controller style (2 hands, relaxed)
Here's what I dislike in my console games for the most part:
  • Online only
  • Weapon durability
  • Item/weapon crafting
  • World War 2
  • Zombies
  • Controller-obics (unnecessary motion controls required)
  • Real Time Strategy