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My DSiWare & WiiWare Games

The games I've downloaded from the DSiWare and WiiWare services.

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  • One of the first (and most certainly not the last) puzzle games on WiiWare, Dr. Mario & Germ Buster has seen an outing on every Nintendo platform since the NES. At it's core it's just a simple game with blocks, but there's more to it than that. On top of the usual Nintendo charm that comes with Mario games by default, we get treated to a big screen version More Brain Training's Germ Buster. Add in lag free worldwide online play and you have a pretty solid package for a downloadable title.<br><br>

    2008/05/20 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Yet another classic game visiting the Wii through the WiiWare service, the big-eyed Bomberman and his friends have visited most consoles in the past two decades with a core game mechanic that's as simple as it is addictive. You basically play a virtual game of dodgeball in which the last man standing gets the most points and wins the game after a number of rounds. There's a number of different game modes to choose from, including online play, with the downside that the maps on which you play get selected randomly, so you're going to have to live with playing with some of the more annoying options and cards you van turn off in the single player mode. Apart from this though, it's another solid entry in franchise.<br><br>

    2008/09/12 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • At the end of 2008 Nintendo introduced the Art Style series, a collection of puzzle games, both new games and remade Bit Generations titles from the GBA. This particular game is new and makes good use of the pointer function in the Wii Remote. But that's where the praise ends. The game itself far too difficult to be enjoyable. Basically you have a structure made out of differently colored cubes. Shoot other cubes at it, and once you have a combination of four or more cubes, they disappear. The game randomly gives you different colors to shoot at, and it's pretty fun, but that's also where you get frustrated, because even through the end, so even if you've cleared all the cubes of a certain color, the game still gives you randomly colored cubes to shoot at. This way it's very hard or even practically impossible to end a level which, needless to say leads to a very non-enjoyable game experience. Which is a shame, because the concept of the game is certainly good, the execution leaves much to be desired.<br><br>

    2008/11/21 | 600 Points | My score: <b>2/5</b>.

  • Another game in the Art Style series Nintendo introduced in 2008, Rotohex is a remake of the Bit Generations title Dialhex. It's a puzzle game where you have to match 6 pieces of the same color together after which the shape you match them in, a "hex", disappears and you move on to do the same thing again with another set. It's simple and addictive, as the Art Style series is intended, even featuring a two player mode. The only strange thing about Rotohex is that the game keeps your high score in Endless mode, but once you end your game there list of hiscores is nowhere to be found, which is a minor annoyance. A solid title at a fair price.<br><br>

    2008/12/04 | 600 Points | <b>4/5</b>.

  • In Pop, one of the prettier games on WiiWare, it's all about popping bubbles until the time runs out, which can take a very long time. You score points by shooting bubbles, and you score more points if you shoot multiple bubbles at a time and in a row. And more points means more seconds added to the clock. There are also various power ups and power downs in the game to add a little more variety to the gameplay. It's a very fun diversion and the Chill mode is actually perfect to play if you're on the phone, as it's endless and doesn't keep any score. The sound effect coming from the Wii Remote is a nice touch.<br><br>

    2008/07/04 | 700 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • If you've ever played the pool game in Wii Play you exactly know this game plays. You move the Wii Remote forward to hit the balls. The game gives you the choice between the US and UK rule set and also features a roster of characters to choose from with no real differences between them. There's some voice acting present which is so bad it's funny, and there are a number of different bars around the US to play in. It all looks pretty good and the game has a nice atmosphere to it. There are more venues to play, you can unlock them all if you play through the story mode, which has you chasing some guy across the country to catch him. All in all, it's a good game of pool.<br><br>

    2008/09/12 | 800 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • An ambitious effort by Hudson, one of the most active developers on WiiWare. Basically I think Hudson is just trying to figure out what sticks, this first-person shooter certainly isn't the Wii's equivalent of Halo. In Onslaught, you're a guy called Levin Gates, and you're on a planet filled with vicious genetically altered insects who look terrible. The gameplay is bland, the story uninspired, and the music reminded me of Duke Nukem 3D (well, that's kinda nice actually), but it's still nice to have a game like this on WiiWare. There's also an online mode in which you can play through the missions of the single player mode with up to four people. It works pretty well and there's virtually no lag, so it's a pretty neat addition to the game. So it's not all bad, but a possible sequel could benefit from more colorful environments.<br><br>

    2009/02/12 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • "LostWinds is a fresh, enchanting adventure that lets you wield the awesome powers of Enril the wind spirit - from raging tornadoes to the gentlest breeze – to guide and protect Toku, a young boy who is the only one who can help you release the curse placed upon the world of Mistralis and its people by evil Balasar. Mistralis is a stunningly presented, magical land full of wonder and intrigue that bursts to life with your every action and exploration. LostWinds’s novel, playful controls let you use Enril’s elemental powers to jump and glide Toku through Mistralis’s different regions, buffet and smash enemies and solve puzzles on the journey to a dramatic showdown." - <i><a href=>WiiWare World</a></i><br><br>

    2008/05/20 | 1000 Points | My score: -

  • In Toki Tori, from Dutch developer Two Tribes, it's all about collecting all the lost eggs in the level, by solving a number of puzzles in the levels. It gets pretty hard pretty early in the game and it's pretty challenging to find all the eggs. Luckily you can skip through levels you can't solve so there's no need for frustration. The game looks beautiful and has an insanely catchy theme song which you can literally listen to for hours on end. This is the game that justifies the saying "if it ain't Dutch, it ain't much". A charming game with lots of puzzles and lots of polish. <br><br>

    2008/05/20 | 900 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • A simple game which has you trapping animals in a field, using fences to split them up into different groups of animals. There's just about 20 levels to go through, after which you unlock a harder mode for the same levels, this time with more animals. It also has some fun two player modes, but after you've played through the entire game once, you'll have had quite enough. Definitely overpriced.<br><br>

    2008/08/28 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>2/5</b>.

  • As the title suggests, the goal of this game is to defend your castle from the onslaught of enemies coming to get you. As you progress you get to buy certain power ups to help you in your battle, and you'll certainly need them all once you reach level 20. Because that's where it gets really vicious and the screen fills up with enemies, up to the point your hands cramp up so much you can't even push a button normally anymore from fighting those little guys. The kiddie art style works very well for this game, it certainly looks charming. All in all it's pretty good fun, as long as you don't get your fingers cramped up.<br><br>

    2008/08/01 | 500 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Gyrostarr is a scrolling shooter for up to four players, where the goal is to shoot as much enemies as possible, because at the end of each level is a gate which only lets you pass through if you have a sufficient score. It's certainly not the greatest scrolling shooter ever, but it looks pretty good and also play the way you'd expect a scrolling shooter to play. It's certainly not up there with some of it's 16-bit brethren and gets tiring after a while because of the lack of challenge, but it's still good overall.<br><br>

    2008/06/23 (US) | 700 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • "According to legend, a deserted town now serves as the lifeless reminder of a once powerful kingdom. The young son of an exiled king reaches this land after a long journey, finding only an abandoned castle – and a magic crystal. Though tarnished by years of neglect, the crystal has maintained its luminous glow and bestows upon the boy the power of architek, the ability to manifest memories into reality. With the help of loyal servants and audacious adventurers, the new king dutifully prepares to rebuild his people’s homeland in this new realm." - <i><a href=>WiiWare World</a></i><br><br>

    2008/05/20 | 1500 Points | My score: -

  • In World of Goo you try to get to the end of each level using balls of goo which you can string together. Once you reach the end you'll need to have a certain amount of balls left to unlock the next level. There's literally nothing left to say about this game that hasn't been said. World of Goo is nothing short of amazing. The atmosphere, the challenge, the level designs, and the pointer controls, the best game on WiiWare and even on of the best on WIi.<br><br>

    2008/12/19 | 1500 Points | <b>5/5</b>.

  • At it's core, Groovin' Blocks is just Tetris set to music. It's leagues better in atmosphere than Tetris Party. It's yet another game with blocks on WiiWare, but it's still a pretty good game, which gives you bonus points if you clear lines to the rhythm of the electronic beat. The music is actually pretty catchy and this musical variation to the old block combination game is kind of original.<br><br>

    2008/09/08 (US) | 800 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Not so much a game as it is an interactive screensaver, My Aquarium has you designing your own aquarium in which you can put a variety of fish. There's some background info to the fish to be found, but the strange thing is that you can unlock certain fish if you play for a longer period of time. Not really the type of game you'd expect to see an unlocking mechanic like this. Personally I'd like to have seen the option for custom MP3 soundtracks instead of the unspectacular MIDI tunes, but as far as aquarium sims go, it's pretty nice.<br><br>

    2008/08/15 | 500 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Mega Man 9 is a throwback to the early NES games of the Blue Bomber, specifically Mega Man 2, as it uses some of the graphics and music from that game, and also removes some gameplay mechanics introduced from Mega Man 3 onwards, such as the slide and charge attacks. Mega Man 2 is arguably the best game of the series, so taking that as a base to build your game on was a very good idea. Welcome additions to the game are the shop, to buy extra items in, and the downloadable content with extra modes and stages. Back in the early '90s when the series was at it's peak, I think people often wondered how the series would evolve in the years to come. Fast forward 20 years and no-one would've expected to see the 8-bit Mega Man sprite again, but as fans know, it's just what everyone was waiting for. Great game and good music, the difficulty is still there which is a plus, but the playing through the Wily stages without the ability to save is a bit to retro.<br><br>

    2008/09/26 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Tetris is Tetris and everyone has played it before. You also can't see this game and not compare it to other Tetris games on various platforms. While this edition isn't half bad, the bar was set insanely high in Tetris DS. Unfortunately, Tetris Party doesn't even come close. It just feels bland, but at its core the game remains the same. The Balance Board support is a nice gimmick, but it's nothing more than that. It's way overpriced, but at least it's still light years better than those early '90s 100-in-1 Game Boy Tetris clones.<br><br>

    2008/10/24 | 1200 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Wild West Guns is a shooting gallery, reminiscent of the shooting game in Wii Play. You'll shoot bandits, sombrero's, targets and birds in six levels. You'll unlock a hard mode after you've managed to earn a rank in each level. There's no option for an endless shootout, which is too bad. If you're not the one for beating hiscores, Wild West Guns is probably a bit on the short side. But if you are you'll get plenty of mileage out of this, particularly can play with a gun peripheral like the Nyko Perfect Shot, which adds a lot of fun to the game.<br><br>

    2008/08/01 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • More a demo for the DSi camera than a full WarioWare game, but still fun to play for the 5 minutes of gameplay it features.


    2009/04/03 | 500 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Another entry in the Art Style series, combine numbers to get 10, and repeat until you've reached the goal. Featuring challenges, puzzles, an endless mode and a vs. mode, in my opinion the best DSiWare launch game.<br><br>

    2009/04/03 | 500 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Nice puzzle game, but I wish there was an endless mode or something that's not so stressing, as this is a pretty relaxing game for the most part. Nonetheless a very enjoyable puzzle game once you get the hang of it.<br><br>

    2009/04/03 | 500 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Classic maps, classic gameplay, just updated for the 21st century. And that's just everything a new Bubble Bobble needs.


    2009/04/10 | 800 Points | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Called Pyoro in the EU because that's just the damn birds name. Just an arcade game where you aim for the hiscore. It's actually pretty easy to beat and unlock Pyoro 2 once you figure out you should pop the seeds the moment they appear in the screen. After that the game kinda lost its appeal to me. But all's not too bad, and only 200 points so you can't really burn yourself on this one.<br><br>

    2009/04/03 | 200 Points | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • The first Wonder Boy for the Master System was the first game I beat in 2009, so I was quite happy when Hudson announced this remake of the first Adventure Island, which is actually the same game as you probably know. Just beat world 1-1 and so far it looks like they haven't screwed up anything in any major way yet, so... so far I'm pretty impressed!


    2009/04/24 | 1000 Points | My score: <b>-</b>.

  • Got this for WiiWare. Would've gotten it for DSiWare too if it weren't for you meddlin... err if it weren't for the fact that Gameloft was dumb enough to exclude local single cart play.