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Good game but fairly difficult at normal setting 0

Batman Returns is a side-scrolling beat-em-up where you play as Batman. You beat up various baddies with punches and kicks, and you are able to throw bad guys against the wall or bang their heads together. It is a fairly difficult game on the normal setting, but it does give you a certain amount of continues when you run out of lives. I always love beat-em-ups, and this is one of my favorites. This is a good game to put in when you just want to forget about your troubles and mess up a few bad g...

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One of the Best Baseball Games I Have Played 0

MVP Baseball 2005 includes Exhibition, Dynasty Mode, Owner Mode, Mini Games, a Home Run Derby type mode, Manager Mode, and a Scenario Editor. This game includes all three levels of the Minor Leagues, and when you play throughout a season you can move players up or down through the leagues. Pitching is pretty intuitive. You press the correct button for the certain type of pitch you want to pitch and there is a meter that shows you when to release the button. To hit you press the swing button and ...

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Faithful Port 0

 Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival is an adaptation of Super Street Fighter II for the GBA. In Turbo Revival there are five modes: Arcade, Survival, Training, VS., and Time Attack. It seems to be a pretty faithful port. In Super Street Fighter II there are four added characters that were not in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition: Fei Long, a Bruce-Lee-like martial arts expert; T. Hawk, a Native American from Mexico; Dee Jay, a Jamaican man who has a huge grin on his face; and Cammy, a sult...

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Hadouken 0

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is the follow up to Street Fighter II. The difference is Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison are now playable! I remember the Street Fighter II games so much for their colorful characters and great art style. I don't think it has been matched in any other fighting franchise. In the arcade version of this game you pick one of the 12 characters and go up against all the characters in random order, except M. Bison is always last. Practicing will help you learn each...

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Like Mario, But Fun All the Same 0

 Donkey Kong Country is a side-scrolling adventure game featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Donkey is stronger, whereas Diddy is more agile and flexible. The graphics were absolutely stunning for that era. There are bountiful similarities between this series and Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, and Super Mario World. Both have simple, straight-forward stories (in DKC Donkey and Diddy are trying to recover their hoard of bananas taken from them by King K. Rool), both have collectibles, and both have ...

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Nice Port, Some Slowing Occasionally 0

The Legend of Zelda on Game Boy Advance is a pretty good port from the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is some slowing when there are many enemies on the screen, but it does not happen very often. In this game you play as Link, who is trying to save Zelda from the clutches of Ganon. You travel throughout Hyrule, discovering new dungeons, swords, rings, arrows, and bombs. After all these years, it holds up well as a great game from the NES-era with a healthy variety of enemies, scenery, upgr...

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Two Games Good for Quick Gaming Sessions 0

Paperboy/Rampage is a compilation game for the Game Boy Advance containing two games: Paperboy, a simulation/adventure game; and Rampage, which is a break-em up platformer.  In Paperboy you play a paperboy who needs to deliver newspapers to each subscriber as you pass by on your bicycle. Obstacles present themselves such as dogs, fire hydrants, fences, cars, and tricycles. Making contact with any of these things one time will end your life. If you are not accurate enough of giving subscribers th...

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Captain America and the Avengers is a sidescrolling beat-em up or brawler that allows you to play as Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, or Vision. Each has their own special powers. Captain America can use his shield as a projectile weapon, Iron Man can shoot a light beam out of his hands, Hawkeye has a bow and arrow, and Vision can shoot a light beam out of his eyes. I happen to like beat-em ups, so this game satisfied my need. The characters fight their way to face Red Skull, who has used a m...

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Great Story, Classic FF Game 0

Final Fantasy V is a story about Bartz, a wanderer, who meets up with an old man with a fighting spirit and a lady who is looking for her father. They are all on a mission to protect the remaining three crystals (one of the crystals could not be protected early in the game). This game introduces the job system, in which the playable characters can each have their own special attributes and abilities. Each of the characters can take on any of the jobs. Some of the special abilities that the jobs ...

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Classic Example of Early-Mid Final Fantasy Games 0

 Final Fantasy IV (originally released as Final Fantasy II outside of Japan) centers around the main character Cecil, who senses his king has gone evil. The game does have chocobos. Cecil is a knight who is stripped of his title. Rosa is the main love interest for Cecil. The game uses the Active Time Battle system for battles, in which a gauge is filled up before a player can perform an action such as attack, magic, or summon. The enemies also have their own gauges. The music was composed beauti...

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Terrific Fighting Game for Guys Like Me 0

Soul Calibur II is a fighting game with a ton of modes and so much depth, you will spend hours playing this game. If you like this franchise, I am sure you will like this installment. The characters are varied enough to provide you with different fighting styles depending upon who you choose. Some of the characters can beat you using the same moves over and over, but for someone who is not as good with fighting games as I am, I enjoy characters that I can master easily. This game includes Weapon...

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Great Acting 0

Lego Star Wars: the Video Game is a fun, funny, and enjoyable game combining a beloved franchise and a beloved childhood toy. The characters do not talk, but they have memorable acting gestures and noises. In this game you collect Lego studs to purchase special items, bonus characters, and secret features. This game can be played by two people. The second player can join in at any time and both players can drop out at any time. Depending on your character, you can use a lightsaber, use the force...

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Serious Flaws Ahead 0

NBA Live 2005 for the Xbox is a sub-par game, but first the good. It has a mode you can go into and do the three-point contest, dunk contest, and All-Star Game, and Rookie Challenge (Rookies Vs Sophomores). The dunks in the dunk contest are totally customizable. Dynasty Mode allows you to take an NBA franchise through more than one season. There is also a season mode, one-on-one mode, and Individual Practice/Slam Dunk School. You can also make a start a Playoffs Mode.   The gameplay is rather br...

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If you like Pro Skater, you will probably like this one 0

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is a fun game to play when you just want to chill or when you want to play with your friends or compete with them. It includes Career Mode (which gives you different challenges to accomplish to unlock new levels, earn special tricks, and earn pro points), Single Session (which gives you two minutes to skate around a level, counting up your point total), Free Skate (which is like Single Session, except your points don't total, and there is no time limit), 2-Player Mode (i...

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Great! 0

 Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a compilation game of Mega Man 1-8 and introduced two new arcade releases that had not been released in the USA. If you like Mega Man you will probably like this collection. You get a limited number of continues. Mega Man has never been easy, but it is rewarding to finally get past that level or beat that boss. I am speaking as a big fan of Mega Man, so my review is a little tainted. I really like this collection!...

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Great Soccer Game 0

FIFA 07 is a great soccer game. It includes Manager Mode which lets you take a team through a season (or more), balance the budget, and trade players. You can be fired from the job and have to sign with a new team, so be careful. In Manager Mode, every few games there is a situation such as, "some kids want the players autographs." Then there is a list of choices such as "say no to them, the players are too tired," or "sign a few autographs," or "give them all a signed poster of the team." Each ...

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Just Like You Remember It 0

Mario? Check. Luigi? Check. Princess? Check. Bowser? Check. Toad? Check. Super Mario Bros. on the Game Boy Advance is like playing it on the Nintendo Entertainment System. They kept the same graphics, same gameplay. This NES classic has now come to a whole new generation of gamers. I find no fault in this NES classic ported to the GBA....

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Great Game 0

Super Mario All Stars contains 4 games in one: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Lost Levels. These classics can now be put on one cartridge. In all these games graphics have been updated. For example, in Super Mario Bros. you can clearly see Super Mario Bros. 3 type graphics. I would have liked that they had not messed with history but it is little price to pay to enjoy these classics. This is a great buy if you have a Super Nintendo Entertainment System....

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