Starting the new year on the right foot.

I had an idea at the end of 2011, then completely failed to even give the barest hint of trying to do it last year. So I'm committing to doing it this year. The idea was to write about all the games that I've started but haven't finished, and there are a lot. I'm also trying to incorporate an idea I had early (early) this morning, and that was to try get something written every day this year. I've long wanted to get into the industry, but aside from a brief stint doing volunteer writing for a lackluster fansite, I have been awful at ever writing anything, even though I have a freaking English degree. If nothing else, I'll get some exercise for my brain, which has been sorely lacking as of late. So anyway, I've put a list together of all the games I've started, but for whatever reason never got around to finishing. I will also include TV show write-ups for all the series that I've started. Maybe. That list will get posted tomorrow, but for now, this is my commitment to get off my figurative ass and makes steps to be a better writer. Wish me luck, duders.