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Killzone 3 0

It may have some rough spots and the story might be a little disjointed, but Killzone 3 delivers a stellar experience that PS3 owners can’t afford to miss. Killzone 3 is something of an enigma. On the one hand, it’s one of the most technically impressive games available for the current generation of consoles. The game does things with its graphics that are rarely seen outside of a high end PC and are quite frankly dazzling. But on the other hand, the game’s actual design—encounters,...

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Good fun, but lacking that special something 1

When Guitar Hero 5 works right, it's a great experience. When it doesn't, well, you better buckle up for some frustration.  Guitar Hero 5, as you may have heard, is a rhythm game. Surely enough rhythm games have been released by now for people to have certain expectations about them. For example, a clean, decipherable user interface, good song selection, nice graphics, and the ability to hit the notes on the screen. Of these four examples, Guitar Hero 5 fails at three of them: the UI, the note-t...

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