BEAT.British 47: We take a Path

this game is just WOW.
this game is just WOW.

Another podcast is gracing the holes that are your ears! This week we talk about Mass Effect, Call of Duty: WaW, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, RockBand 2 and where the hell is Queen?!, DSi, Jade Empire, KOTOR, Bioware, Black and White, Peggle (of course) and the Path.

Note listener SPOILERS for the Path are contained at approx. 54min - 1hr 10min. with appropriate warning sound.

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Note to the Giantbomb Comunity, the Path is not listed. However I have posted a sub for it to be listed when this get approved I will link it to this blg until that point off topic will have to do. :D

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