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Is Saints Row just a grand theft auto clone? 0

Well saints row takes place in the city of stillwater you some how get the idea its in south central California. There are 4 main gangs in the city, The vice kings which is a rap/hip hop focus in there crimes,Then there is the West side Rollerz which is a bunch of white kids stealing cars and selling them, Then there is los carnalis a mexican gang which main focus is the narcotics. But you are part of the third street saints a gang which in the begining is dieing off but you quickly build upon i...

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Is this game really worth your money even for a wrestling fan? 0

Well Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is generally better then 2008 but that doesn't mean its perfect. The games pros are also its cons. the pros are that it had a new stamina system which every time you do a move it wears you out. but it also balances out those button mashers. so they have to think but there is also the analoge control system which works but it sometimes can be confusing for first time players and it wears down your thumb sticks so be careful when using it.The create a player mode is grea...

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Is Unreal Tournament 3 for 360 worth the sacrafices? 0

Unreal Tournament 3 in a few ways a downgrade compared to the Ps3 and PC versions of it. But to answer the title yes if you dont mind giving up mods. Graphics the graphics are simply the cutting edge of the 360 makeing the game look good at 60 fps. Most of the character models look amazing and the guns are simply breath-takeing. Mind you tho there is not exactly a whole new barrel of guns there is justa bunch of guns from the older games. The single player is not the actual tournament from the o...

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Does GTA 4s downgrades make it un-enjoyable? 0

First im going to start off by saying in GTA 4, you cant fly jets, you cant buy stores and theres not as many weapons as GTA SA.But it is nice that there is improved physics improved driving and improved combat system. In a way GTA 4 uses it pluses shadow the negatives which makes it all the more enjoyable. The story is about Niko bellic a i assume to be 30 year old man thats froma europian country not Russia. Who finds his cousin in debt and trys to find a way to the top of the food chain by be...

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