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This is a fantastic game with loads of cars and tracks. 0

This game is a fantastic game with loads of cars and tracks and it keeps you happy. GT4 is an amazing game with plenty to do; You can play road, dirt, wet and even snow races. There is beginner races, professional races and extreme races which need to be unlocked by completing the set of races before it. That is not all, some races require either Domestic B, Domestic A, International B, International A and even Special Licence to compete in so i suggest doing a few licences first. You start off ...

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This game is a excellent Sci Fi Shooter. 0

Its an excellent Sci Fi FPS and it is underrated but i do agree that it could of been better. First of all the gameplay. It is not quite as good as halo but if it had vehicles, a bigger range of weapons, sharper graphics, better effects and bigger and more innovative multiplayer maps it could of been as good.The graphics are not bad but could of had a higher contrast and better backgrounds. Also it could been more realistic when you kill someone because it doesn't look real.It gets repetitive wh...

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God of War is the perfect type of game for the PSP 0

The PSP has alot of action games for the system but God of War Chains of Olympus is the game you've been waiting for. The graphics are PS2 quality and are some of the best on the system. The action is as good as its always been with all the combos and great action sequences that keep you playing right to the end. The Blades of Chaos are your primary weapon and along with the Gauntlet of Zeus you can pull off some light and heavy attacks and combos. The magic is great and effective when low on he...

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Pretty good game. Great online. 0

Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron is a game based around the era of the original trilogy. The campaign is rather short and the story isn't that exciting but the gameplay is what matters most. You are Commander Col Serra and you lead the Renegade Squadron through missions around the galaxy to aid Han Solo and the rebellion. In the game you are given 100 credits to spend on various weapons and items to assist you in battle. There are eight types of equipments and attributes you can use your ...

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GTA Vice City Stories is a great portable open world game 0

Vice City Stories is set before Vice City on the PS2 and follows Vic Vance just after he joined the army to raise money for his brothers illness. But the story starts to get dirty right away as he helps his commanding officer Martinez in drug dealing and killing gang members. Its weird though because Vic Vance doesn't want to commit these acts but ends up doing them anyway. Some characters from the original Vice City appear in this game including Lance Vance, Phil Cassidy and Ricardo Diaz and pl...

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