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Brink, other shooters and big news from Nintendo

For once in several months, I've had an entire two days free, and I haven't spent it playing Minecraft. I think I've finally gotten bored with that game (and about time, too: bought it over a month ago, and logged an average of four hours a day... that's over 100 hours in a month. Whew. )

In that time, I've reunited with some old favourites like Warsow, Borderlands and Monday Night Combat. MNC especially I still adore, and it has become my replacement for Team Fortress 2 after they added Mann Co. and I left on principle. "Freemium" is not a word in my vocabulary, nor is "microtransaction". I love MNC's simple premise and incredibly customizable classes (six classes with set weapons, but you choose three buffs of varying intensities) and its goofy Super Smash TV-esque premise. Between the announcer's cries of "If you've got some extra cash, the Annihilator is available... Hoyoo, sounds like my personal relationships!" and the infinite supply of cannon-fodder robots, you'll find a friendly playerbase and great team-oriented gameplay.

I'm always outplayed by the guys who play Warsow; it's like Quake but more hardcore. I don't care, the game's a bright, fast, and fun blast-from-the-past. I tried Quake Live and played a few matches, but I always come back to Warsow over any Quake-type games, "Quake" brand or no. 

I've been following Brink ever since a video surfaced on Giantbomb showing a bunch of bandana-wearing freerunners jumping around a shipping yard full of steel boxes shooting at each other. It looked like everything I wanted when I had finished Mirror's Edge; all the Parkour with better shooting mechanics and multiplayer. Mix in a class system and tons of character customization, it may just replace MNC for me. We'll see. 

I've been also following RAGE since I found out id software was developing it. I'm hoping it plays more like Doom 3 than Borderlands, Bulletstorm or Fallout 3, because as much as I enjoyed those games, I'm more or less done with them now. I could uninstall them and not care. I didn't buy New Vegas for a reason. Though I could always go for more of Bulletstorm's Duke-boot.

Speaking of Duke-boot, I want to preorder Duke Nukem Forever. No seriously. I have faith it will actually come out this time. Haha.

After catching up on the news on Brink, Rage and Duke Nukem, I spotted the biggest news of the weekend: a new Nintendo console, and it will be playable at E3! If any of the rumours are true, I'm totally excited for a move away from the motion controls. I loved the Wii's separate remote and nunchuck idea, as well as the pointer, but the fact of the matter is this: most games just (annoyingly) used a vague shake of the wii remote as one would program another button. Many times I wished I could just graft a new button onto my remote that would register as a shake of the remote. Even if the newly-rumoured touchscreen suffers the same fate (i.e. "poke the touchscreen anywhere" becomes the new "shake the wii remote"), it will be less annoying. Anything to not have to lost my grip on the remote for the umpteenth time while fighting a giant bongo drum in DKC Returns...