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Goldeneye 007: Oh hey there, Call of Duty.

I've spent the last three hours playing the multiplayer (offline with a friend, then online) and single-player of Goldeneye 007, and cannot stress how much it feels like Call of Duty. I am someone who does not much like Call of Duty's whiplash multiplayer style. The game contains enough nostalgia factor and throwbacks to original game modes and ideas that I might still like it, but the regenerating health and weapons you start with (as opposed to find lying around) are disappointing. I hear of something called "Classic Combat mode", which I got a code for (which unlocked Tag Mode instead; it's a problem that I've heard everyone's having). Maybe that will roll the game back to being like the original.
On the plus side, the Wii finally has an exclusive title that is a very competent shooter. This game feels very good, and plays well. I am greatly enjoying the single-player, and the cut-scenes, voice acting and story are all top-notch. I really do think this game is worth full value, especially for someone who enjoys Modern Warfare and all those snappy new FPS-es.