December Vita lineup and upcoming titles

So, I've been compiling this list of upcoming Vita titles on my blog for a while, and I guess it's gotten to the point where I thought I might try sharing it with the world. It's grown rather large, with over 50 confirmed upcoming titles in North America and Japan. I've chosen to focus on North American releases, since that's where English language releases usually happen first, though there is a section for Europe only titles.

The Unconfirmed/Vaporware section is for titles that haven't been officially announced, just rumored based on ESRB ratings or the like, or ones there haven't been any news about in a long while. The Japan section is at the end, now split between released and upcoming titles. It is for titles released in Japan with no western release announced.

Notable recent additions include the 2013 edition of Sony's MLB The Show baseball games, the Trials Evolution inspired Urban Trial Freestyle, Nicalis' Binding of Isaac remake, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and two previously announced titles I'd managed to miss - Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD and space combat sim Starlight Inception.

Aside from the current month, release time frames are mostly unconfirmed and frequently subject to change. Download titles in particular are hard to pin down since they usually don't get a firm release date until 1-2 weeks in advance, so there might be more this month (like Knytt Underground which has already been announced for December release in Europe).

Anyway, on to the list...


Retail releases


Q1 2013

Retail releases


Rest of the year

Retail releases




(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Incomplete list of Japanese titles that have yet to be announced for western release)


Retail (released)

Download (released)