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Negligent, negligent is the lack of Portal and Mirror's Edge comparison. Stark modernist white spaces, high velocity first person ...

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GOTY 2016

Yeesh, this has been a year.

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  • Wait, The Division came out this year? What the Hell? I bought this game and its season pass for 40 bucks. It wasn't even on sale. What's wrong with games?

    Oh, yeah, I also enjoyed more than I thought I would/should and will probably keep playing it through 2017.

  • This was probably going to make the list but the devs clinched it the moment they hired Alexis Kennedy to come lather the universe in his brand of incomprehensible space-god-beasts.

  • The gameplay is there and good enough to put it on this list but the game's immediate story needed more attention paid to it than the exact same level given to Titanfall 2's. They retread a lot of story beats from the first game's DLC-And *chef kiss* to that DLC, it's brilliant in many ways-but took out all the attention to detail and pathos and it shows.

  • I do think this game needs more meat of the Enemy Within variety and amount.

  • I didn't play this but from what Dan and Brad played it was good.

    Welcome to the logic that says Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of all time.