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Defeated Games of 2015

Inspired by Bobafettjm, this is simply a list of all the games I finished in 2015. HAVE AT YOU, GAME!

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  • Platform: Wii U

    Defeated: Jan 3

  • Platform: 3DS

    Defeated: Jan 9

    Note: This game has several games within it. I beat Mii Force, a space shooter, without getting hit, on every level. I figured that was enough to qualify as a beaten game.

  • Platform: Nintendo DS

    Defeated: Jan 25

    This game seemed to take forever. It took 73 hours 51 minutes according to the 3DS's play time stat, but I unlocked and solved every puzzle in the game.

  • Platform: 3DS e-shop port of Gameboy game

    Defeated: Feb 20

    It was weird getting used to their clue/numbering system after getting used to the Picross 3D system. I eventually got the hang of it and figured out the trick to it. Interestingly, as the later Picross 3D puzzles get more complicated and detailed, the later puzzles in this get less detailed so you have less clues to work with. Tricky.

  • Platform: PS4

    Defeated: Mar 22