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Hope is only Skin Deep 0

The original Gears of War was one of those really popular games that I, for some reason or another, just did not like at all. I thought the action was weak and boring with a dry single player to boot. The great graphics where offset by the assy weapon sounds, bad dialogue and that the combat felt sluggish and was overall very low impact. So naturally when I heard about Gears of War 2 I wasn’t exactly hyped out of my mind like all the others in the gaming community. I will admit after seeing the ...

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Original design, and its never worked so well 0

BioShock is alot like a first person shooter slash adventure game. It gave me that similar feeling Half-Life games did back a few years ago. You know, a FPSer with massive scope. Now, this game is very well developed. The game looks and feels expensive and as if alot of TLC went into it over the course of production. Its so damn unique though. Its an underwater utopia frozen in the 1950s. The reason its still set in the 50s is because all the people went nuts and waged what I guess was some kind...

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Travel to past and Kill dudes 0

Assassins Creed had alot of hype behind it, and after 3 years of being developed gamers had very high expectations. Too high perhaps. The hype kinda knocked it off course and as a result AC held mixed reviews from most publications. The sad thing is, and this may just be me, is that I was never really hyped about Creed. Hell I never even read a preview on the game until the last few months before release. As a result, Assassins Creed is more like a suprise than anything. But Sometimes I don't li...

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Stomps the competition 0

Call of Duty 4 was 2007s best game. Everything about the game made it the complete package. A solid (although short) Single player. A super deep and addiciting Multiplayer as well as being one the best First Person Shooters to ever be developed. COD4 has more than top notch production values, it has personality! It rocks hard as hell and here's why:Story: An Terror leader known as Al Asad has taken nuclear weapons and killed the president of Saudi Arabia. The country is now engulfed in War and t...

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One trick Pony with three legs 0

Black is one of those I had a hard time deciding what score I'd give it. Sure, the game is really good, it does what it sets out to do, really, really well. Shooting the 15 or so real world weapons is a blast. AK-47s, UZIs and even RPGs will help you destroy an load of faceless troops. The combat is very smooth, and features some incredible animations, reloads and even some wicked muzzle flashes, basically, all the weapons feel and play like monsters However, this accompanied by a staunted Singl...

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