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I like the loading screens in Skyrim and Fallout, at least they're interesting. The fast travel scenes in Spider-Man were great, and even changed based on the overall story.

But also loading screens are not going away.

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Sitting down and bringing multiple eps of a show myself isn't something I do a lot of these days.

So I surprised myself when, over the course of a few days, I watched the entirety of Our Planet on Netflix. Planet Earth was always one of those things, "I'll get to." I never did. Our Planet features gorgeous--and sometimes heartbreaking--scenes of nature framed in the context of climate change. You've probably seen or heard of the video of walruses falling from the cliffs. It's horrifying. Knowing that it's happening is necessary.

Now I'm watching Blue Planet 2. I think I'll be watching a lot of this stuff.

5/5 slowly warming planets for Our Planet on Netflix. If you watch it, do yourself a favor and check out the behind the scenes episode of how they made the show. It's really incredible.

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@sweep: After nearly two weeks and 150 comments in this thread, you should realize by now that no one is talking about "mandatory easier difficulties," and to continue framing the conversation that way means that you either haven't been paying attention to what people are saying, or you're being willfully obtuse and arguing against points that no one is making.

The difference between these arguments for single-player games and multiplayer games should be self-evident: in a single-player game, someone else's experience has absolutely no bearing on your experience.

At the most basic level of authorial intent, games are designed to be played. Yet here we are, on a website where we watch other people play games.

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I liked the episode, I legit laughed at the blue eyes scene and the dragons staring at Jon when he was with Dany.

I'm really kind of over the whole thing about who gets to rule Westeros. I support the rights of the people of Westeros to self-determination!

Dany IS extremely progressive by monarch standards. But SHE STILL WANTS TO BE A MONARCH of places that do not want her rule. Honestly it's one of my issues with the writing of her character. She's grown in the sense of becoming a strong woman who doesn't back down and doesn't take shit from anyone (which I believe is good) but at the same time her character's politics haven't changed. Yes, she's been told since she was a child that it's her family's right to rule Westeros. But she delayed that dream for YEARS to make her holdings in Essos better for the average person...but still has never examined her original motives?

It's so frustrating to me because it feels like a failure of the actual writing, rather than a failure of the character. "Kill the masters, except me, the birthright master of an entire continent."

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@efesell: Sometimes I'll run a Giant Bomb stream in the background while I'm playing a game. I like the banter that the crew has, so it's fun to listen to them get spicy in, say, PUBG. But watching the looting is boring! So I'll just alt-tab back to the video when it sounds like something interesting is happening.

I hope they don't get mad that I'm not respecting their vision.

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@sweep: It's a pretty weird argument to cite Proust specifically in this case. Proust's work already HAS been made more accessible by being translated into languages other than French. Since translation and localization can never be perfect (because some phrases or words don't translate perfectly either due to language or culture), if you've read Proust in any language other than the original, you have experienced it in a different, more accessible way.

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@ares42: That's an interesting point about Subnautica. Reminds me of several dungeon crawling games that allow the player the option of having a map auto-generate as they explore, or having no map for those players who want to get out graph paper and draw their own. The key here is that having an option to have the game track the map doesn't take away from any other player who wants to draw their own map.

In the case of Subnautica, there are also mods that allow players to add a map to the game. But I don't think the discourse around that game is quite the same as it is here.

At the end of the day, I'm just happy that there are mods that allow people to play these games the way they want to. More art being more accessible to more people is good.

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@shindig: Then surely his most famous work would have simply been in black and white and grey. Can't imagine that happening.

Serious answer, though. We're talking about art in different mediums, and we live in an era in which things like adding filters or different colors to depictions of art is extremely easy and, in some cases, is actually a feature.

We're people who spend time on a video game forum, presumably because we all value the art of video games and what games can do that other mediums can't do. Why limit our medium to the expectations and technology of artists in a different medium from the 1930s? It's absurd. Surely we can do better than that.

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Just got a notification that they reduced the time for silver chests. It's down to one hour. It doesn't reduce the time on any silver chest you were currently unlocking.

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@bmccann42: If you can play on the PC, there's a mod that lets you slow down the game world while keeping your character speed the same. That might help.