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Metroid Fuses Core Gameplay with Interesting Rennovations 0

    While escorting a team of scientists Samus is infected by an organism that causes her suit to become corrupted.  The organism creates a copy of Samus and it's up to her with her newly acquired fusion suit as well as her ship's computer to eradicate this new threat.  What we're left with is a satisfying Metroid experience.  The game plays like a classic Metroid game but with some key differences.  In terms of game play, Samus' new fusion suit allows her to absorb all the enemies as health or ...

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Grand Theft Auto 0

    Grand Theft Auto IV is without a doubt Rockstar's most ambitious attempt in the GTA franchise and for the most part it meets expectations.   Meets, but does not exceed.  The hero, Niko Bellic is a compelling protagonist, and he's probably the most compelling main character we've seen thus far in a GTA game.  Niko is a genuinely likable guy who is forced to do bad things because of his circumstances.  The circumstances in which he finds himself are Liberty City and it's corruption.  Perhaps t...

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