Are you serious? Who buys this stuff?

Been browsing Amazon a lot recently, for obvious reasons. Even though I ended up spending pretty much all of the money on my Mom in Christmas presents for her, I've still continued to look around (and add stuff to my wish list, because they run a wish list sweepstakes every Christmas) and I am constantly shocked at just how much money certain Amazon-affiliated retailers are trying to charge for some things.

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I mean, really? $400 for a still-shrink-wrapped copy of Sonic Advance 2? I've also seen $103 for a copy of Jet Set Radio Future, $93 for a copy of Konami Krazy Racers, $90 for a copy of Metroid: Zero Mission... but none tops this:

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You're reading that right - nearly $1000 (plus shipping!) for a special edition version of the Ghostbusters videogame with the Slimer Statue - a videogame that came out barely even six months ago. Who in their right mind expects anyone to pay $1000 for Ghostbusters? Let alone $99.97 for a copy of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle? None of these games are even that rare! Are there actually idiots out there who pay this much for stuff like this? Because I can't imagine it makes too much business sense to say "Hey, yeah, I'll charge you $400 for Sonic Advance 2... or you could buy it from this other guy for $35. Better yet, $9 for a used copy. But if you feel like spending $400, I've got you covered!"  
I'm kind of speechless, over here.