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As simple as my ass: A blog about two different views


Hello giantbombers, I had a pretty interesting day today, well, basically, I was just chillen with my dad (or, at least trying to chill with him, fuckin asshole) at my cousins baseball game, and, if you don`t already know, i`m a bum when it comes to sports, that`s why i`m not in any, I have tried swim team, but I fail, but anyways, he was just sitting there telling me what every douchebag dad would say to his lazy son, “ Why don`t you stop being a bum and play some football at the school? “, and I answered “ Dad, i`m not the athletic type, so please stop asking me to do something I don`t want to to “. So, after that awkward conversation, he added, “ Try baseball, it`s simple “, and my instinct came to do what it felt, and by mistake I replied “ Yeah, as simple as my ass “.


Now, a “ good “ parent wouldn`t let they`re child swear like that, but, he just laughed and said “You are simple, simply retarded,that`s probably why your mother always watches you, retards need more attention”. To me, that was really mean, after her pretty much burned me with that,as much as I don`t want to admit, really funny comeback, we took my cousin back to his place, on the ride there, I was just trying to experiment how my dad would react to me cursing a little more, so, me and my good o`l cousin were talking and then, a huge bump in the road made the car bounce, and with thinking about how I could use that as an excuse to swear, I yelled “ Oh shit! “, and guess what, he didn`t give a holy fuck, I was just, amazed, he doesn`t care? Well, I can`t really tell if this is because he`s cool or because he doesn`t care about me growing up to be a “bad” grown up.


Well, we came back home, and I was just curious, I wanted to ask him if he cared if I swore or not, but as soon as he entered his house he left straight for my, mildly attractive, step mom, they left into the room, and they did, well, whatever they felt like doing (probably sexy time, but that`s just MY guess). So, I decided, what if I did something that would, you know, disturb their “time” together. I had to think quickly before they got so much into the sexy time to the point to where they don`t give a fuck about what happens to their belongings. Without hesitation, I decided to go ahead and bring my dad`s awesome German Shepard inside the house, and this dude is like, crazy hyper, i`ve never seen him sleep, that`s how crazy this dog is. So, we were chillen, doing the regular boy and dog bonding shit, and then, next thing I knew, he pissed on my step mom`s carpet, now, this is the first time I was confident and sure that my dad would not care, but I wasn`t too sure, my dad can be unpredictable sometimes. So, after they were doing the sexy dance with each other, I was outside with my old childhood friends before I moved with my mom, and next thing I hear is my dad yelling my name, “ ( insert name here ), GET YOUR ASS IN THE FUCKING HOUSE “, I was like, “oh shit”, so, my good o`l friend nick gave me some quick advice, he told me, look him in the eyes and have no fear, so, that`s exactly what I did, I walked calmly into the house, and there he was, step mom probably knocked out or passed out from the uh, “pounding” my dad gave her, and raising his voice at me, he yelled “You better hope that`s lucky`s piss or else i`m gonna make you sweep this up with your tounge”.


Now, lemme tell you what was wrong with that sentence he said, now, can you guess what was wrong with that? It`s not because he threatened to make me clean up the piss with my tounge, not because he raised his voice at me or anything, what`s wrong with that is he would actually think I would piss on the floor… yeah, if I said this once, I said this a billion times, my dad is a fail. Does, he REALLY think I would actually do that, does he think i`m THAT retarded (keyword THAT, i`m actually a little bit of a dumb ass). I remembered what my friend Nick told me, stay confident, NO FEAR, so I told him back “Make me”, and boy, did this seriously piss him off, he yelled back “I know you didn`t just talk to me like that” I was surprised I made it this far without getting my ass whipped, so, I replied back, “ What are ya gonna do? It`s not like I did anything wrong, if your gonna beat me, then do it, but if you do, that just proves you have no brains to fix your problems .“. For a second, he stayed silent, and then smirked, “ So, you don`t think i`m smart huh? “ and me, relieved he didn`t go chuck norris on my ass replied “Well obviously not, I mean, you don`t know how to clean up piss from the floor”, he laughed, and started joking around saying, “Get your ass and clean it”, so, I went to the kitchen, and he threw a shirt at me and said “here, use this”, so, with great risk I replied, “ Seriously? Dude, it`s called a rag, stupid”.


He laughed, yeah, it was a pretty interesting day that was, now, if your wondering what point i`m trying to get at, basically, the question is, does my dad, or any dick dad out there want there child to grow up a douche bag, because I was acting like him, and he respected me, well, you know, in a way, i`ve never bonded with my dad like that in a long time. But yeah duders, today I learned that, sometimes, you gotta see views in different ways, I use to think that my dad was just all in all, a bum, but we kinda related to eachother today.


Yeah, that was my boring, and time wasting blog, thanks for reading and feel free to troll and all that good stuff, haha.




OCD gaming and why it sucks (sometimes)

Hello Giantbomb community, I`m back with another blog, not a bitchy rant this time, but more like, how it is to game with OCD, now, I don`t have a HUGE problem with OCD, it`s actually pretty miner, i`ve always had it, and i`ve always thought everybody had problems like that, but, i`ve grown up a little more (keywords, A LITTLE, i`m still slightly retarded) I know that it`s a common disease (I think). If you don`t know exactly what OCD is, all in all, it`s just wierd brain waves that could mess you up a little, like being bothered by odd numbers, or using your left leg more than your right one, or one thing that`s been a problem with me for a while, feeling like your using more deodorant on one arm more than the other, so uh,yeah, in a nutshell, that`s OCD.
Now, how does OCD effect me? well, it has bothered me a`lot of times actually, especially odd numbers, one example of something that i`ve been having trouble on is Red Dead Redemption, like I said earlier, i`m not too fond of odd numbers just sitting there, staring at me (creepy,yes I know), so, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME my ammo is on an odd number, I would just shoot in the air to have the ammo amount on an even number, this effects me way too much for me to enjoy, well, actually not really but it does bother me (it`s a great game though, and I recommend buying it)
Lemme give you a few more things that completely SUCKS on having this OCD, you know Pikmin? Yeah, this is some big time number problems, when one of my pikmin die and i`m stuck to an even number, i`m not stupid and un-controllable enough to actually go back to the pods and get more, but there has been many, many times where the number just sitting there has bothered me, especially when the day is on the top right corner.
One more thing that just SUCKS on OCD gaming is, when i`m playing FPS (first person shooters for those who don`t know), the odd numbers and shit are there still, but when I have a large variety of weapons to use, sometimes I can`t decide which one I want to use (I know, I suck at life), like for example, this thing I actually got over around the last two hours of the game, but Uncharted 2, I had a hard time deciding if i`m gonna go ahead and keep this AK-47, or go for the M-16, all of the weapons are just too awesome and useful, and it sucks actually having to think about weather I want to or not, and when I do, I just feel like going back to pick the gun up after 20 minutes.
Now, there has been a few times OCD has actually made games fun for me, now, this actually isn`t TOO GOOD of a reason, but it`s nice, I HATE, HATE, HATE starting games with a possible higher difficulty, so, i`m usually just chillin with the hardest possible choice (at times though, I might give in and just switch the difficulty *cough* Super Smash Bros Brawl *cough*) And honestly, the reason why it makes things more fun for me is because challenge in games are a plus, after dieing so much and constantly start over on this mission makes the game last longer for me, and if you knew me you would know, I don`t buy video games often, so having games last a long time for me is just awesome.
So, there`s my little uh, you know, thingy, if you have wierd things like this, please tell me i`m not alone, haha, alright yo, i`m out.


One stupid ass mistake, I need your help guys

Hello giantbomb community, i`m back, finally, and I need some serious help, lemme go ahead and keep the story nice and long, haha, but ehh, yeah, here we go:

My stupid ass mistake

So, here`s how it all started, me and one of my good o`l friends wanted to go to the restroom ( keep in mind that my friends a female ), and,coincidentally, I did too, so, we were going to the restroom halls, and then she gave me an idea saying " hey, dude, walk into the restroom with me ", so, me being a dumbass, I walk in, I do, and i`m all like, "woah, so THIS is how it looks like", and uuuhm, well, I was about to walk out and then some females I knew said, " NO WAIT, she`s out there ". Yeah, we have bathroom monitors, soo, i`m just chillin in the stall waiting for her to leave, and then eventually, everyone gets kicked out, so, i`m forced to sit here and wait, soo, I try to go and leave and take a walk of faith, but, my principle just happen to walk right in front of me, soo, i`m just like " man i`m fucked ", so, i`m in there, and she sends me to the office, so, i`m there, they call my dad, then they actually call the police, and then here`s when the bomb just went and exploded ( in my brain )
" You do know that I can expel you and put you in juvie right? "
I was like, damn, i`m fucked.
Soo, they didn`t tell me what their going to do to me, but i`m still really scared, soo, please tell me, what do you think their going to do to me? thanks duders, and uuh, PEACE!?

Hey guys, there has been an ass load of changes here

Whattup duders! i`m back and better than ever!, but uhm, anyways, this is my first time logging in since about a week ago, I really miss this awesome community, and the jeff myster, but one thing i`ve noticed that`s definately a huge difference is that now the subscription fees and whiskey services are now officially here! that`s awesome, now, I feel that after betraying this site and it`s people ( if you know what I mean ), I think I should subscribe to the yearly service, i`m not too sure if I can, but I know for a fact I can do the monthly subscription, I found myself 25 bucks at school, that`s right, i`m one lucky son of a bitch. But anyways dudes, I ask for a favor, what`s up dudes!? I`ve been up to my usual shenanigans at school, it`s fun to piss mean teachers off, makes me feel young and careless... actually... I am young and careless really, I AM a thirteen year old. Hmmm, I don`t really have more to chill and talk about to you guys, but there is one more thing I should ask, how`s that subscription thing? is it awesome? i`m pretty sure i`ll get the monthly weather it sucks or not, but I just wanna know if it`s worth it. Alright guys, i`m done annoying you guys, i`ll see you guys later with my bitchy rants later.


The Army Son - A Blog About Labor Day

 Sup duders, right now I should probably get to the usual bitchin epic rants, but not today, today, I have an even better idea, well, if you haven`t been living under a rock for a while, you would know that labor day is coming up in a few days, this monday I think, so, I figured I would dedicate one blog to all the soldiers that risked their lives and also have been killed to make this country what it is, now I remember once I actually started bitchin about america, just slightly, actually, it was only about the south, but now I just realized that the world isn`t perfect, just like most of us human beings, we try hard, and we make mistakes. But anyways, like I said, this blogs gonna be me being all thankful and shit, but I feel that there should be more than just being grateful, these people died for our country, and I feel that, WE, owe them a`lot more, but as far as I see it, the best thing for us duders to do ( that sounded funny, duders to do, lol, say that like three times fast :P ), and that would be to show our appreciation somehow, in this case, i`m showing it by blogging it on the internet, which actually, can be a bad idea in some cases, but that`s not my fault if some dude just says something stupid. So, without further ado, here is my blog dedicated to Labor day... have you ever heard of the story, " The Army Son"? Well, here it is, taken straight out of the website, no seriously I found it there, and after coming across this sad story, this is what made me feel that I should appreciate what I have more, and appreciate what the army has done for us, so without further ado, taken straight out of the website I found it in, may I proudly present, the Army Son.

The Army Son

The Army Son

By: Author Unknown

The Creightons were very proud of their son, Frank. When he went to college, naturally they missed him; but he wrote and they looked forward to his letters and saw him on weekends. Then Frank was drafted into the army.

After he had been in the army about five months, he received his call to go to Vietnam. Of course, the parents' anxiety for his first letter was greater than ever before. And ever week they heard from him and were thankful for his well-being. Then one week went by without a letter ~ two weeks ~ and finally three. At the end of the third week a telegram came, saying, "We regret to inform you that you son has been missing for three weeks and is presumed to have been killed inaction while fighting for his country."

The parents were shocked and grieved. They tried to accept the situation and go on living, but it was tragically lonesome without Frank.

About three weeks later, however, the phone rang. When Mrs. Creighton answered it, a voice on the other end said, "Mother, it's Frank. they found me, and I'm going to be all right. I'm in the United States and I'm coming home soon."

Mrs. Creighton was overjoyed, with tears running down her cheeks she sobbed, "Oh, that's wonderful! That's just wonderful, Frank."

There was silence for a moment, and then Frank said, "Mother I want to ask you something that is important to me. While I've been here, I've met a lot of wonderful people and I've really become close friends with some. There is one fellow I would like to bring home with me to meet you and Dad. And I would like to know if it would be all right if he could stay and live with us, because he has no place to go."

His mother assured him it would be all right.

Then Frank said, "You see, he wasn't' as lucky as some; he was injured in battle. He was hit by a blast and his face is all disfigured. He lost his leg, and his right hand is missing. So you see, he feels uneasy about how others will accept him."

Frank's mother stopped to think a minute. She began to wonder how things would work out, and what people in town would think of someone like that. She said, "Sure Frank, you bring him home~ for a visit, that is. We would love to meet him and have him stay for a while; but about him staying with us permanently, well, we'll have to think about that." There was silence for a minute, and then Frank said, "Okay, Mother," and hung up.

A week went by without any word from Frank, and then a telegram arrived ~ "We regret to inform you that your son has taken his life. We would like you to come and identify the body."

Their wonderful son was gone. The horror stricken parents could only ask themselves, "Why had he done this?" When they walked into the room to identify the body of their son, they found a young man with a disfigured face, one leg missing, and his right hand gone.

My thoughts and how it has been changed

Well, seriously, don`t tell me you didn`t at least feel A LITTLE bit sorry for the dude, I mean, did you READ that ending? If you just wen`t and skipped the story, go and at least read the last paragraph, then i`m pretty sure would have gotten the idea. But anyways, after reading all that, it made me think, "huh, after all the bitchin that i`ve done, should I seriously keep on bitchin about the world and it`s faults, or just shut up and appreciate this cruel, cold world we are living in." well, I chose the second option, because life`s way too short to do nothing but complaining, and it really is true about what I just said, I have 6 dedicated blogs ( so far ) doing nothing but complaining and bitching about life, this right here, changed the way I think of the world. It`s wierd how some holiday that most people would just immediately think " oh, no school, AWESOME " or, " hey, BBQ time, party at my house! ", no, labor day is much more than that, and i`m glad that I actually took the time to really think about it.
So guys, I would like to ask, did this story effect you in any way? and also, how are YOU celebrating labor day? Well duders, i`m out, feel free to answer my questions, disagree with what i`m talking about, or as always, leave me some awesome hate comments, your choice, K guys.
( Oh, P.S, even though I clearly said that I would stop bitchin about shit, i`m totally going to come out with an epic rant in a few days, yeah I know, i`m pathetic. )

Dude, what the hell was that?

Hello duders, i`m here in my room with the MTV channel on my TV in the background, ready to head to school in about 4 hours, just, you know, chillin.
But, I have a problem, lemme just say that this story could be a little creepy if you have paranoia and a`lot of windows, like I do -_-, So please don`t be pissed off if you can`t sleep ok? Alrighty, well, here`s the story, oh, and uhm, I usually like to keep my blogs on a PG-13 level, but in this case i`m just going to have to be real so that I can capture you in this wierd and fucking creepy situation i`m in, well, here`s the story. 
Oh right, forgot to say, I would like to remind a certain person/people not to read my blogs or epic rant`s right before bed : P

Me and mah good ol` buddy

Well, me and my friend were just chillen in the woods, he invited his girlfriend while I bring mine, you know, the imaginary one? Yeah anyways, we were there, and I was like " dude, i`ve always wondered what`s deep in those woods" then MY bud said " well, you wanna check out what`s in there? "
Me: "uh, sure I guess"  * walks closer to tall, tall trees
Bud: " Hey! ( insert name of buds girlfriend here ), where you goin?"
Girl: "meeeh, i`m gonna go with ( insert name here ),  I forgot that I have gymnastics today" *walks home*
Bud: " K well, let`s go without her I guess"
Me: " You know what man, fuck this"
Bud: "Oh c`mon dude, don`t be a pussy"
Me: " ( sigh ) " * walks closer *
Then out of no where we hear a very loud scream, it sounded like someone falling or tripping over something, I was all like, fuck it, i`m a pussy, and i`m getting the hell out of here. So, we ( ran ) out of the woods, then headed to his place, so, we did what all 13 year old kids do, we talk about how bad ass we were by twisting the story up with lies. So, we chilled, played some gamecube ( yeah I know, but it was fun ) then I left to my home, said hello to my mom, went upstairs, then played me some GTA: Episodes of Liberty City, did my homework, then, took a quick nap.

The night... the oh so creepy night.

Well, this part i`m talking about is actually happening as of now that i`m typing this, so, it happened actually like, 50 minutes ago, but still, that shit was fuckin scary, but anyways, back to the story, I was privately doing some "private business" if you know what I mean...
and then I hear a knock, it was a knock on the window, and then first thing I think is, what the fuck is ( insert name here ) doin, fuckin faggot. So, I look at my windows, and then, it was no one, I was just like, ok what the hell? then, seriously i`m not kidding, I swear on my mom man this really happened... I heard a chainsaw, then I hear more people screaming as if the fell/tripped, yeah, so at that point I was like, oh shit, thank god i`m not alone, thankfully, my mom and sister`s are here, so if shit happens, i`m hiding, hell yeah, call me a pansy ass I don`t care, I AM NOT TRYING TO GET KILLED.
But yeah, that`s it, sorry, but I felt that I needed to write this, I mean, you don`t know how creeped out I am, it`s hard to sleep now dude, but hey, i`m pretty sure it`s just my imagination, just like my imaginary partner -_-
Ok but seriously guy`s, am I being paranoid or should I tell someone about this, because I don`t wanna get this dude arrested then have him want revenge and try to murder me, please giantbomb community, help me with this super stupid problem I have.

Giantbomb, please, strike me, then forgive me

Guys, i`m back , and I feel that I should tell you, I have done wrong unbelievably wrong to this web site, and I feel I should apologize to the amazing community of this web site for ruining one of it`s biggest features, well, here I go. 

What I have done wrong

Well, here it goes...
I have misused the mods permission, and used the wiki to my horrible advantage, if you wanna know what I did, basically, I edited some of the sites to earn more wiki points by copying and pasting, ( sigh ), I know, lame, stupid, and immature of me to do, and I feel I must apologize, I`ve already been banned for a few days, so I guess the mods have already dealt with my punishment, but I feel so selfish and "dick headed" for doing that and only getting off with a temporary ban ( and I have to start all over on the super sup check quest -_-  ), so, I feel that the entire community should know that i`m sorry for being such an ass hole, I REALLY want to be a member of this site, but I don`t wanna keep on being active with this on my head, so, yes, go ahead, shame me, because I deserve it.
Phew, i`m glad I got this out of my chest, so, again guy`s, i`m sorry for abusing my privileges, PEACE.

Epic Rant #5 - Abandonation

 Hello giantbomb community, i`m back with my bitch fits, but this time I feel this one is more necessary, abandonation.
Now, i`ve actually gave this word some thought, after looking up the definition, I figured out that abandonation isn`t even a word, but I can "kinda" see why it isn`t, but, sense I can`t exactly think of a way to define this made up word, so let`s just say that it means the same thing as abandon, but more in a repetitive sense, I know that didn`t make much sense, but just think about hard enough, than you can understand what i`m trying to say.
Well, back to the point, i`m bitching about this because i`ve actually been a victim, and witnessed it, abandonation can be used in quite a few different ways, and i`m about to point out every single one and why it`s horrible.

# 1 - Animal Abandonation

Alrighty, well, animal abandonation is one problem we have in america, usually, if you see neighbors or something with dogs, or cats, or any other animal for that matter, usually the animal was bought for the entertainment of a ( usually ) child, people who are lonely, and protection. Now, I, unfortunately, have been responsible for one of these horrible actions, i`ll get to that later, but anyways, I feel that first of all, animals should be treated like family, just think about it, what if YOU were used for someones entertainment, that you exist just so that you can entertain someone then eventually left to die out in the dust, yeah, it sucks. I have these one neighbors who actually killed their dog, these two little kids were just being stupid and started throwing these HUGE ASS rocks, eventually, it just stopped moving, then started crying to their father saying that lighting just died, and the obviously didn`t give a fuck about the animal after buying a new one a few weeks later, cold souls they have, I mean, how could you wanna kill something like this? But anyways, back to the "abandon" part, it`s sadly a normal thing in america to find stray dogs, now i`m not gonna keep on bitchin about it being in america, because in Dominican Republic, there are stray`s EVERYWHERE, so, I guess it`s not too much of a problem here, but that doesn`t mean it`s a problem in general. Also, I sadly, have abandoned my animals before, actually, scratch that, I have abandoned AN ANIMAL before, I used to have a hamster, I named it Carl, it was a pretty awesome hamster, he was pretty energetic, which I don`t really see often, but, I brought him over to a friends house about a 3 hour drive away from my house, so, I brought him over, while I was there, I set his cage on this little table, and left him there, so, nobody fed him, so I felt that I should, because i`m pretty sure I would want someone to feed me if I was hungry, so, I did, after I fed him some of that good stuff I let him out the cage to run around, they didn`t have any other animal around the house, so I was good, I left to go play some horror PS2 game, so, we were playing, and I jumped after being scared half to death, and then I feel my foot having this wierd, mushy feeling... ( sigh ), I stepped on Carl, after having his blood and gut`s smeared all over my foot and wood floor, I immediately started crying, at the time, it wasn`t because I loved my hamster, it was the fact that I accidentally killed an animal using my massive weight, it scared the shit out of me, and I was just unbelievably crushed, it felt like my heart just dropped to my stomach. After many years, I never looked at my foot the same way, having to look at my right foot always just remembering what i`ve done with it just crushes me, even to this day, I feel like such a dick, which is one of the reason`s why I kinda hated myself for a few weeks at the time. I probably made it sound worse than what it really was, but I feel that it was necessary to explain my emotion at the time. I have gotten over Carl, but I will never forget him and how much of a pal he was.

# 2 - Object Abandonation

Yeah, I know, sounds really stupid at first, but if you look deep into your soul, your gonna totally see where i`m coming from, and your probably going to realize that there`s SOMETHING that you abandoned that you wish you never did. Lemme explain, Object abandonation is when you have a certain object that you have had but either lost it, had it stolen, or forgot about it. So, why does object abandonation suck?, well, in all honesty, it doesn`t suck " all the time ", but certain object`s can be very crucial in your life or very important to you, now, I have NEVER lost an important object, but I can imagine the pain that I would feel if I lost a certain one, for example, let`s pretend I lost something my grandmother gave to me, actually, she gave me this gold necklace that has the Dominican Flag on it, it really means a`lot to me, first, it represent`s my culture and race, but more importantly, my late grandmother gave it to me. Now, let`s say I wear it to school and leave it on my desk, I leave to the restroom, and I come back and realize it`s gone, yeah, imagine your relative giving you something important to you, or something you`ve had for a long time, and some ass-hole just goes and steals it. Yeah, think about it, isn`t there anything that someone gave to you that means something? what if someone just stole it, and then sold it, wouldn`t you feel like crap? I know I would, I mean, MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER gave that to me, and to see that someone steals it just because it looks shiny? to me, that certain object means more than what it`s worth in currency.

# 3 - Self Issue Abandonation

Alrighty, self issue abandonation is when you just abandon your own issue`s in life, if you know what I mean, if you need an example, let`s say that you need to sell 200 ticket`s to a concert for some kind of band or musical artist, but you have issue`s at home that`s getting you depressed, so, you just kinda get the " aaaw screw it ' attitude, now, the reason why I think this is bad is because, well, not only are you hurting yourself, but your hurting the people around you, how you may ask? well, with that attitude you can end up bankrupt, an addict, depressed, and eventually, dead. It can also effect the people around you by, one, being depressed and bitchy can piss people off, and worry about you, with the attitude you have, that`ll just make you even more bitchy, which is, again, really bad. The second reason why this can effect the people around you is the bankrupt thing, what if you have kids? how are you going to support them? really, the only way for them to have a home is to go to a friend`s or relative`s house, and what if THEY have some financial troubles, they might not be able to help ( but, your parent`s will ALWAYS be there, hopefully ), thing`s will go REALLY bad for you, and it`s not just if you have kids, you could live by yourself, but still have issues, plus, with that attitude you`ll find it difficult to find a job, and eventually, everything will just hit rock bottom, NOT a good thing. Now, actually, this issue I have actually dealt with, it was actually girl troubles ( get ready for a pussy sob story about girls -_- ), at the time, I had horrible self esteem and self confidence, I was trying to be the class clown, which actually works well for me, but I get in WAAAAY too much trouble, I actually got suspended for cursing out my teacher by calling him a " dick head " because he`s bald, which to me was hilarious, but wasn`t for my math teacher, now, usually girls LOVE funny dudes, and I actually got plenty of them, but my grades sunk, but at the time, I felt that it was worth it( yeah, THAT`S how desperate I was to get girls ). Now, there was this one chick, who was the first girl I ever fell in love with, we were good friends, she even told me she kinda liked me, it was pretty awesome knowing that at least ONE girl liked me in my whole life, but, I fucked up, she tried to get me jealous so that she could get more attention out of me, now, I gave her enough attention, I wanted her to come up to me and strike up a conversation, but, that doesn`t work in the world of this chick, so, in front of everybody in class, I hugged her, so, she started bitchin saying that I shouldn`t have done that in front of her friends, so " literally ", I yelled out " Oh, alright then, I see how it is, don`t ever fucking talk to me ever again ", so , I figured that would make me get over her, but nope, she said she hated me and never would wanna talk to me ever again, and regretted ever having feelings for me, yeah, it doesn`t end there, she started to try to be nice to me, so she flirted with me for a while, then went back to make out with her boyfriend, so, in front of everyone in front of the bus, I called her a hoe, yup, that`s where I fucked myself up, mmmhhhm, I haven`t felt so heartbroken in my entire life. Well, that`s my issue with this little dilemma. ( Just to add, being single ROCKS! you can totally flirt with girls and not get in trouble for it! wooot! )

# 4 - Beliefs and Other Shit Abandonation AKA B.O.S.A. ( in ways, hypocrisy )

Yup, i`m adding this is, now, to make this one basic, hypocrisy is acting like you believe in something that you don`t really believe in, for example, some people at my school pretend to be atheist because apparently it`s " cool ". Now, hypocrisy and abandonation of your beliefs and other shit are two different things, now what B.O.S.A. is, it`s basically when you believe in something then completely abandon it, now, in way`s, it`s not a bad thing, in some cases it could actually be a good thing, but, i`m here to bitch about the bad things ( because that`s what my epic rant`s are all about, in case you haven`t noticed ), now, the reason why abandoning B.O.S.A. can be bad is because, one, sometimes that can make yourself look like a hypocrite unless you have a really good reason you left your belief, now, as for the " other shit ", some people abandon things like hobbies, collecting, or "other shit", now, the reason why I think it sucks is because you most likely have done one of these things (including beliefs in some cases) for a while because, you like it, you think it`s fun, or whatever your reason may be. One good example I have is, giving up gaming, I actually was on the verge of abandoning my game collection, why? I felt I was getting a little to old for that, but ( obviously ), I have not quit gaming, because I like it, it`s awesome, but the sad truth is, I know I will eventually have to quit playing games, I do intend on having a family when i`m older, and I can`t sit down all day on the couch playing red dead redemption, I have a family to feed, but anyways, abandoning some of your beliefs are actually needed to proceed in life, but, it`s no doubt that abandoning things like these SUCK ASS.

# 5 - Abandoning Your Family...

(sigh), I honestly didn`t wanna think of this one, but, it is needed in order to finish this epic rant, now, if you seriously don`t know what i`m getting at, abandoning your family is problems like divorce, financial issues, and sadly, laziness. Now, this one to me is the worst one, my father actually left my mom around the time I was nine, I`ve always had this wierd relationship with my dad, I loved him, but at the same exact time I hated his guts, I always think of what a douche he is, just leaving my mom, his children he`s had, just so that he can have sex with another woman, it`s really sad, he actually has two kids with this other woman, I met her, and I did show respect to her, because I feel better knowing i`m not being lowered down to my father`s level. One thing that also pisses me off, I haven`t seen my dad in about four years, now, not to sound like a pervy sicko, but I have to admit, that step mom is pretty hot, but that doesn`t give you an excuse to just leave the family like that, and, in all honesty, if I saw my dad right now, I would probably punch him in the face, heck, I would probably start grabbing the kitchen utensils and just start stabbing the crap out of him, now, i`m gonna try not to keep making this seem personal, but if I do I apologize, first, whoever this person is that abandoned you, the one, haven`t seen you grow up if you haven`t, and if you did they aren`t there to see you and your progress your having right now, second, it really just proves that they pretty much didn`t give a fuck about you if they have no problem just leaving, and third, this implies only if this type of person is your father or mother, it feels like you were born just because of their sexual urges, well, that`s what I feel at least. So, I don`t have intentions on seeing my father any time soon, but if I do just happen to run into him, I already know what i`m gonna do : P
Alrighty guy`s, sorry for the long read, just had to get this topic out of the way, if you read, then thank you, like seriously I know I say that in every rant I write, but if you seriously read all of this I sincerely thank you and am really impressed that you read this, and if you get offended in any way, then, i`m sorry, i`m just saying the truth. So, if ya want, tell me if you can relate to any of these issue`s, and if your just here to troll, well, here it is, have fun man.

It`s not worth it in the end, or... is it?

Hello duders, I have another late blog, this time I kinda need your advice, in all seriousness. Well, if you didn`t already know, i`m in a band, it`s a rock/ rap rock band, pretty sweet, actually, as silly as it sounds, we are actually trying to do all the genres, country, pop, R&B, rap, heavy metal, yeah, sounds pretty wierd, but that`s just how our style is. But anyway`s, I have a really bad problem, well, one of my good friends want`s to " change up " some of our material, first lemme point out that we haven`t even recorded ONE song yet, so it`s pretty pathetic, we`re actually planing to record 9th grade, we`ve planned this since 7th, so, that plan is going well so far I guess, but back to the point, he`s trying to make our lyrics " inspirational ", now, i`m not saying that`s a bad thing, but i`m not necessarily saying that it`s a good thing, he also doesn`t want us to curse, ( AKA, swearing, "cussing" ) and i`m sorry, but that`s just lame, I mean, seriously? i`m trying to be real in my songs, and you don`t want me to express my anger? that`s fucked up, but anyways, his excuse is " if the principle finds out we rap like that, they wont look at us the same way " or " we might fuck up the world with music like that ". I could just start making a whole epic rant about how this is a really stupid excuse, but I prefer to not make you read my bullshit.
So, what i`m asking basically, should I just let him push me and my dreams like that? I mean, I DO have a beat maker, and a microphone, but I don`t wanna lose a friend, I mean, I know it`s stupid, and childish, but i`ve always dreamed since I was a little kid to make music, also, I have a few band members who don`t know at all about his idea, so, when we arrive at my buds house to record, suprise, keep your lyrics on a 2nd grade level. The group originally was suppose to be a group about life and it`s struggles, but now that we`re writing " happy go lucky " lyrics, it just really sounds stupid and isn`t my style.
So, giantbomb community, I need your advice, what exactly should I do? I don`t wanna just grab the rest of the band and leave, because that`s a dick thing to do, i`m not like that, but at the same time, I don`t think it`s worth letting him change my musical style just so that he can have a " good " record ( if you don`t know what I mean, I mean so that adult`s don`t see him as a " good kid " ), so please, tell me what I should do
Thanks for reading and...


I am now officially a nocturnal human being

Hello bombers, i`m back with a blog, and actually I have some pretty interesting information. Well, school started recently, and I`ve been having trouble sleeping, but now, I just realized something, i`m actually nocturnal, why? well, I sleep literally from the time I get back from school, to the time my parent`s go to bed, recently i`ve been sleeping around 3 AM, I sleep 3 hours untill school starts, yeah, pretty epic. One thing i`ve been wondering, is this healthy? i mean, i`m awake all through school, then I sleep about 5 hours in the middle of the day after school, so I just wanna make sure if it`s bad, and one more thing, is anybody else nocturnal or an insomniac?
Well guys

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