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Epic Rant #4 - "Why the f*ck would you sell that!?"

Hello giantbombians ( is that a good way to call you guys? giantbombians? I don`t know, every time I think of that word I keep thinking of chocolate pudding, pineapples, and pizza rolls, meh, i`ll think about it ) i`m back with another bitch fit. Well, today i`m gonna bitch about why I hate it when my friends sell their games and why it`s a really bad idea.
#1 - Dude, think about it, you can play online, don`t waste the replayability!
Well, one of my friends sold one of the best games ever, littlebigplanet. He got it on launch day, I got it about a week after ( on my birthday, 2008. ) so, it was pretty perfect, me, and his cousin played through out the story mode together, which was amazing, two days later when we were enjoying the community levels, he went and sold it! what the hell is wrong with you! he said he sold it because, he wanted to buy Wii Fit, i`m just like, WOW, you suck.
#2 - What am I gonna do? Play with my d*ck all day?
I`m playing by myself now, thanks, now I have to deal with all these guys who smack talk, curse unbelievably horrible words, and message you with death threats... awesome... 
#3 - Why did you buy them if you KNEW you were gonna sell them?
Alrighty, straight up, your just wasting your money dude, if your gonna buy a video game keep it, don`t sell it, do you KNOW what amazing games you could of bought back then? Super Smash Bros Brawl, Burnout Paradise, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Tom Clancy`s rainbow Six Vegas 2. If not any of those video games, then buy something else like, a new cell phone, or a guinea pig, or even fireworks! ( because that`s always fun )
#4 - Duuude, you don`t even get all of your money back....
This one is the BIG one, once you purchase your $60 game, you can`t sell it back for all of your money back, for example, I called gamestop to ask them how much I could get for assassins creed II, I paid $60 for it, and now, if I sell it RIGHT NOW, i`ll get $23 for it, so basically, i`m renting assassins creed II for $37... yeah, really good deal huh?
#5 - You know sometimes... you CAN enjoy a game months after you bought it.
Yes, this IS true, I have a few examples for you, just last night actually while watching the giant mail bag, I was playing ratchet and clank a crack in time, which I absolutely DESPISE, and I actually enjoyed playing it, and I bashed that game so much, but then my opinion of the game changed slightly ( keyword, SLIGHTLY ) Another game I got for example is Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, and it was fun to goof around in the game, wasted about 3 hours just mindlessly killing cops.
So yeah, now you see why I HATE IT when my friends sell there games, and why it`s pretty much a bad idea, thanks for reading dude, feel free to leave hate, or to calmly give me a reason why it IS good to sell your games, see ya later giantbombians ( i`m still not too sure if I wanna start calling you guy`s that )


Success! 5,000 wiki points!

Woot woot! hurray for helping the giantbomb community! even though there`s like no reason to keep editing crap other than helping the site, it`s still strangely addicting to do it anyways O_O


Epic Rant #3 - Stereo typical douche bags

Hello giantbomb community! i`m back to bitchin about crap that bothers me, i`ll try not to be very "bitchy" with my rant, but sometime`s it`s a little too hard. But now that we got that point across, let`s get to bitchin
Well, i`m about to deal with a`lot of stereo types coming into 8th grade, you know how immature middle school kids are, well, at least most of them, I don`t wanna sound like a cocky douche, but i`m way more "mature" and "accepting" then most kids at my school, specifically with race and stereotypes, so I guess I can deal with these guys without having trouble, but sometimes it`s too hard to deal with. If you don`t know what stereotypes are, then i`ll briefly explain it, stereotypes are what people believe about certain types of people (AKA, Caucasian, African American`s, Hispanics) and what they do ,you know? Well, now i`m gonna start bitchin all about these people I deal with at school and why I disagree with them.
#1. White people being accused of being racist
At the school I go to most people accuse my teacher`s of being racist, now, the reason why I say this is wrong is because, I think it`s sad that when someone at my school see`s a white person they automatically assume they are racist, that`s like seeing someone with a new pair a shoe`s is rich, you can`t ever tell if they are or not, so seriously, if your one of those guy`s who believe in #1, you suck.
#2. Asians being accused of eating dogs
yeah, honestly, I have nothing to say to that, I have no idea how people at my school got that idea... but they must seriously have issues at home, or maybe an asian accidentally ran someone`s dog over by accident.
#3. Hispanics have no education 
Now this one seriously offends me, why do you have to say that? first of all, I have the opportunity to get an education just like you do, and that means I can also get an education just like you, just study and then there, you got yourself a good education
#4. Black people cause crimes and aids
What the hell? Lemme be the first to say that my school has like, 9 black people, and I have to say, they are probably the most smart, well mannered, and respectful kids on campus. I don`t know where this stereotype came from, but this one especially needs to go away, plus, without black people like Martin Luther King Jr, then none of the other races would be here in america right now.
Yup, this little bitchy rant was pretty crappy, and pretty short, but i`m pretty sure you get my point when I say I don`t like stereotypes. Well guy`s, if you read, thanks, and feel free to correct me on crap, or leave hate, whatever works : P


My Fear Of The End Of Gaming Is Coming Back To Me

Well, I wouldn`t consider this a "rant" but it`s something that i`ve been VERY afraid of ( keyword, VERY ) is the fact that the end of gaming is near, now, for most people, this won`t really bother them a`lot like it does to me, but the reason why i`m just completely frightened by it is because... well, me being a 13 year old, I have no possible way of getting a job, other than the newspaper, but that spot is taken by someone else, so sadly, I have no way of making money other than asking my parent`s, but I prefer to not waste my parent`s hard earned money on my selfish entertainment needs, so, I have no hope on catching up on the years AWESOME gaming lineup.
Now, I can get a job when i`m 16, but that TWO YEARS away from now, and in two years, it`ll be 2012, meaning probably new consoles, why is this bad for me? because by then, I have a fear that the technology will be extremely " high tech " and what I mean by this is, it`s really revolutionary, and i`m not too sure I can handle that, it`s scary for me! what if the awesome Paper Mario series ends by the time I can make money... that sucks! what if any of the other good o`l memories are ended by the time I have to power to purchase video games with my own cash? I don`t wanna come back in two years seeing a PS4 with 5 disc slot`s in it, with up to 12 offline multiplayer features, with an all new looking "futuristic" model!


Ya see? I don`t wanna see something THAT awesome at that age, then, if it IS that awesome, then how are there going to be any new inventions to gaming? That`s why I fear the ending of gaming, unless there`s someone who can totally just invent something amazingly amazing after that.
So yeah guy`s thanks if you read this, horrible, horrible fear. See ya later.

Epic Rant #2 - Texas

 Ok ok ok, lemme first say that i`m not bashing Texas ok? i`m just bitchin about my personal experience here, and other little things that I feel that I should rant about, as I can see, It affects my family  A LOT.  I learned a few things about the "grown up" life this morning ( zomg yeah i`m not 18 like everyone else on this site ) and I honestly feel that this kind of madness is kinda unfair, ok not "madness", but it`s pretty horrible.
Well, first off, when I first moved here I didn`t really expect much, it sucked not being able to see my old pals anymore, but like most parent`s might tell you, " now you can make more friends, that`ll make you more popular! " which by the way, doesn`t matter, but anyways, I first moved here and I went through some ( keyword, SOME ) racism, now I can`t blame Texas for having racist people here, i`m pretty sure they are everywhere, but one thing I noticed was that, there was a`lot of rebel flags, now to me, honestly, that wasn`t racist at all, hey, if you wanna rep your state or whatever, go ahead, I don`t see the problem with that, but the reason why I mention that is because, literally, everyone I knew had one,  and to me that was kinda, wierd. I mean, like I said, it`s not a bad thing to rep or anything, but I just started thinking, like, do these people think that the south is like, "superior"?, yeah, I think that`s the right word, to me the way I saw it, i`m pretty sure they werent too "jolly" about northeners like myself, now i`m not saying that mean`s they are racist or anything, i`m saying that they take a`lot of pride in the south, so much pride that they think that they think that the south is "better: than any other area, but i`m just assuming things, i`m not saying that`s true, i`m just saying what I THINK is true. 
Second, racism, ok, well, lemme go ahead and say again that, Texas isn`t the only place with racism, again, it`s EVERYWHERE, but for me, there`s something specific about Texas that I noticed about racism, I know i`m probably going to get a`lot of hate for this, but I can`t stand how only the caucasion people are the one`s that are all high and mighty, and it`s not just caucasions, I noticed the hispanics ( like myself ) hate caucasions and african american people, and same thing for african americans, they hate caucasions and hispanics ( most of them ), the thing that makes me mad is, why can`t we all just stop with the hate and love eachother? I see no reason to hate anyone elses race, and you have to understand that the past is the past, sure caucasions use to treat african americans like crap, sure Texas was a state in mexico and was just taken by america, sure christopher columbus owned slaves, but one thing you don`t realize is that, these things happened over ONE HUNDRED FREAKIN YEARS AGO. People stopped this for a reason, so that we can all get along, now the reason why I bring Texas into the picture is because I haven`t seen that in any other state, i`ve lived in New York, only see that every once and a blue moon, i`ve been to connitecut, didn`t even see any of that, I visited New Orleans, never seen racism there, and i`ve been to New Jersey, just slightly but like I said, it`s EVERYWHERE, The only place where i`ve seen issues like this is in Texas, which is why people call me a wierd kid at school for being friends with everyone, now i`m not saying all the races hate eachother, but about half of the percent of races in my school do, yes, I would know. 
Third, Taxes, now I really don`t go to much into this politic shit, but after learning about it earlier, I do feel I need to start bitching about this, first off, the freaking taxes are WAAAAAY too much, I was with a few of my friends clothes shopping, and one of my cousins bought a new pair of shoe`s, I think it was like, 20% tax on it, the shoes were around $150, that`s just too much, I bought a bag of hot cheetos and they charged me like $3 in tax, what the hell? now maybe it`s cause i`m a real big cheap ass, but seriously? THREE MUTHER FUCKING DOLLARS? in New York, the tax would probably only be like 80 cent`s. Now, this is kinda something kinda messed up to be bitching about, but a`lot of people blame Obama on these taxes, but most people don`t understand is that Obama is trying hard to fix this country after the way bush left it, so I can understand why he`s raising taxes, but specificly Texas, is way too much, the thing is though, the reason why he is raising taxes alot down here is because Texas has it`s own oil, oil = money. and the recession that we are in, and the economic crisis, it`s hard to get jobs, so how the hell are people going to survive here in Texas when it`s hard to get a job, and taxes are so damn high. That`s why i`m pretty much pissed off about Texas taxes ( say Texas taxes five times fast ) 
Last thing I wanna say before i`m done bitchin, this is an opinional complaint, but i`m pretty sure people are going to agree with me, if you live in Texas, or anywhere down south I guess, don`t you notice that you need a car to go everywhere? like I said earlier, it`s hard to pay live here with the taxes and economic crisis, so how are we going to get anywhere? walk? hell no, that`ll take like 2 hours to get to a close kroger, than 2 hours back, dude, that`s stupid, also, if your bored and you wanna go places, you need a car! in new york you can litterally walk anywhere you want to for you entertainment needs, because there are store`s in every corner, plus, since the house`s are so close to eachother, if you have a friend who lives 5 street`s away, you can just easily walk there in 20 minutes, and if you can`t walk there, you can take a train or a bus, so you are always able to go places without struggle, but here in Texas, you need a car to go places... except for Downtown Houston, but that`s only one city, compared to the WHOLE STATE. 
Alrighty, i`m done with my bitch fit of the day, if you read thanks, and uhm, yeah, it feels good to get all your anger out by blogging about it :) 
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