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Woah, this place is awsome

Hello there :D
i`m new to this place, based on what i`ve seen so far of GB... it`s awsome.
I guess I should tell you guys a little bit about myself
well I am hispanic, i`m kind of a Sony Fanboy, I own a Nintendo Wii and PS3, I`m afraid to buy a 360 because I don`t want it to go all RROD on my ass lol :P 
In my own time I read, watch tv, go outside and enjoy the nature, and play videogames :D i`m not one of those gamers who take gaming all seriously ( no offense to anyone who does )
My previous systems of the past generations were  N64, PS1, PS2, and Nintendo Gamecube ( which I am lucky enough to still have... sord of )
and lastly...I`m already liking this whole Giant Bomb Thing, its pretty awsome so far :D
If any of you guys want to add me on PSN let me know :D
So uhm... i`ll see you guys later, whoever`s reading this :P

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