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Dude, what the hell was that?

Hello duders, i`m here in my room with the MTV channel on my TV in the background, ready to head to school in about 4 hours, just, you know, chillin.
But, I have a problem, lemme just say that this story could be a little creepy if you have paranoia and a`lot of windows, like I do -_-, So please don`t be pissed off if you can`t sleep ok? Alrighty, well, here`s the story, oh, and uhm, I usually like to keep my blogs on a PG-13 level, but in this case i`m just going to have to be real so that I can capture you in this wierd and fucking creepy situation i`m in, well, here`s the story. 
Oh right, forgot to say, I would like to remind a certain person/people not to read my blogs or epic rant`s right before bed : P

Me and mah good ol` buddy

Well, me and my friend were just chillen in the woods, he invited his girlfriend while I bring mine, you know, the imaginary one? Yeah anyways, we were there, and I was like " dude, i`ve always wondered what`s deep in those woods" then MY bud said " well, you wanna check out what`s in there? "
Me: "uh, sure I guess"  * walks closer to tall, tall trees
Bud: " Hey! ( insert name of buds girlfriend here ), where you goin?"
Girl: "meeeh, i`m gonna go with ( insert name here ),  I forgot that I have gymnastics today" *walks home*
Bud: " K well, let`s go without her I guess"
Me: " You know what man, fuck this"
Bud: "Oh c`mon dude, don`t be a pussy"
Me: " ( sigh ) " * walks closer *
Then out of no where we hear a very loud scream, it sounded like someone falling or tripping over something, I was all like, fuck it, i`m a pussy, and i`m getting the hell out of here. So, we ( ran ) out of the woods, then headed to his place, so, we did what all 13 year old kids do, we talk about how bad ass we were by twisting the story up with lies. So, we chilled, played some gamecube ( yeah I know, but it was fun ) then I left to my home, said hello to my mom, went upstairs, then played me some GTA: Episodes of Liberty City, did my homework, then, took a quick nap.

The night... the oh so creepy night.

Well, this part i`m talking about is actually happening as of now that i`m typing this, so, it happened actually like, 50 minutes ago, but still, that shit was fuckin scary, but anyways, back to the story, I was privately doing some "private business" if you know what I mean...
and then I hear a knock, it was a knock on the window, and then first thing I think is, what the fuck is ( insert name here ) doin, fuckin faggot. So, I look at my windows, and then, it was no one, I was just like, ok what the hell? then, seriously i`m not kidding, I swear on my mom man this really happened... I heard a chainsaw, then I hear more people screaming as if the fell/tripped, yeah, so at that point I was like, oh shit, thank god i`m not alone, thankfully, my mom and sister`s are here, so if shit happens, i`m hiding, hell yeah, call me a pansy ass I don`t care, I AM NOT TRYING TO GET KILLED.
But yeah, that`s it, sorry, but I felt that I needed to write this, I mean, you don`t know how creeped out I am, it`s hard to sleep now dude, but hey, i`m pretty sure it`s just my imagination, just like my imaginary partner -_-
Ok but seriously guy`s, am I being paranoid or should I tell someone about this, because I don`t wanna get this dude arrested then have him want revenge and try to murder me, please giantbomb community, help me with this super stupid problem I have.