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Giantbomb, please, strike me, then forgive me

Guys, i`m back , and I feel that I should tell you, I have done wrong unbelievably wrong to this web site, and I feel I should apologize to the amazing community of this web site for ruining one of it`s biggest features, well, here I go. 

What I have done wrong

Well, here it goes...
I have misused the mods permission, and used the wiki to my horrible advantage, if you wanna know what I did, basically, I edited some of the sites to earn more wiki points by copying and pasting, ( sigh ), I know, lame, stupid, and immature of me to do, and I feel I must apologize, I`ve already been banned for a few days, so I guess the mods have already dealt with my punishment, but I feel so selfish and "dick headed" for doing that and only getting off with a temporary ban ( and I have to start all over on the super sup check quest -_-  ), so, I feel that the entire community should know that i`m sorry for being such an ass hole, I REALLY want to be a member of this site, but I don`t wanna keep on being active with this on my head, so, yes, go ahead, shame me, because I deserve it.
Phew, i`m glad I got this out of my chest, so, again guy`s, i`m sorry for abusing my privileges, PEACE.