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OCD gaming and why it sucks (sometimes)

Hello Giantbomb community, I`m back with another blog, not a bitchy rant this time, but more like, how it is to game with OCD, now, I don`t have a HUGE problem with OCD, it`s actually pretty miner, i`ve always had it, and i`ve always thought everybody had problems like that, but, i`ve grown up a little more (keywords, A LITTLE, i`m still slightly retarded) I know that it`s a common disease (I think). If you don`t know exactly what OCD is, all in all, it`s just wierd brain waves that could mess you up a little, like being bothered by odd numbers, or using your left leg more than your right one, or one thing that`s been a problem with me for a while, feeling like your using more deodorant on one arm more than the other, so uh,yeah, in a nutshell, that`s OCD.
Now, how does OCD effect me? well, it has bothered me a`lot of times actually, especially odd numbers, one example of something that i`ve been having trouble on is Red Dead Redemption, like I said earlier, i`m not too fond of odd numbers just sitting there, staring at me (creepy,yes I know), so, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME my ammo is on an odd number, I would just shoot in the air to have the ammo amount on an even number, this effects me way too much for me to enjoy, well, actually not really but it does bother me (it`s a great game though, and I recommend buying it)
Lemme give you a few more things that completely SUCKS on having this OCD, you know Pikmin? Yeah, this is some big time number problems, when one of my pikmin die and i`m stuck to an even number, i`m not stupid and un-controllable enough to actually go back to the pods and get more, but there has been many, many times where the number just sitting there has bothered me, especially when the day is on the top right corner.
One more thing that just SUCKS on OCD gaming is, when i`m playing FPS (first person shooters for those who don`t know), the odd numbers and shit are there still, but when I have a large variety of weapons to use, sometimes I can`t decide which one I want to use (I know, I suck at life), like for example, this thing I actually got over around the last two hours of the game, but Uncharted 2, I had a hard time deciding if i`m gonna go ahead and keep this AK-47, or go for the M-16, all of the weapons are just too awesome and useful, and it sucks actually having to think about weather I want to or not, and when I do, I just feel like going back to pick the gun up after 20 minutes.
Now, there has been a few times OCD has actually made games fun for me, now, this actually isn`t TOO GOOD of a reason, but it`s nice, I HATE, HATE, HATE starting games with a possible higher difficulty, so, i`m usually just chillin with the hardest possible choice (at times though, I might give in and just switch the difficulty *cough* Super Smash Bros Brawl *cough*) And honestly, the reason why it makes things more fun for me is because challenge in games are a plus, after dieing so much and constantly start over on this mission makes the game last longer for me, and if you knew me you would know, I don`t buy video games often, so having games last a long time for me is just awesome.
So, there`s my little uh, you know, thingy, if you have wierd things like this, please tell me i`m not alone, haha, alright yo, i`m out.