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One stupid ass mistake, I need your help guys

Hello giantbomb community, i`m back, finally, and I need some serious help, lemme go ahead and keep the story nice and long, haha, but ehh, yeah, here we go:

My stupid ass mistake

So, here`s how it all started, me and one of my good o`l friends wanted to go to the restroom ( keep in mind that my friends a female ), and,coincidentally, I did too, so, we were going to the restroom halls, and then she gave me an idea saying " hey, dude, walk into the restroom with me ", so, me being a dumbass, I walk in, I do, and i`m all like, "woah, so THIS is how it looks like", and uuuhm, well, I was about to walk out and then some females I knew said, " NO WAIT, she`s out there ". Yeah, we have bathroom monitors, soo, i`m just chillin in the stall waiting for her to leave, and then eventually, everyone gets kicked out, so, i`m forced to sit here and wait, soo, I try to go and leave and take a walk of faith, but, my principle just happen to walk right in front of me, soo, i`m just like " man i`m fucked ", so, i`m in there, and she sends me to the office, so, i`m there, they call my dad, then they actually call the police, and then here`s when the bomb just went and exploded ( in my brain )
" You do know that I can expel you and put you in juvie right? "
I was like, damn, i`m fucked.
Soo, they didn`t tell me what their going to do to me, but i`m still really scared, soo, please tell me, what do you think their going to do to me? thanks duders, and uuh, PEACE!?