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Fruit Ninja Kinect 0

Having not previously played ‘Fruit Ninja’ on the iPhone (as app fads such as ‘Angry Birds’, etc. are usually heavily over-rated), I went into this game with an open mind. Moreover, I could not be sure what to expect from it, with this being the first appearance of a Kinect XBLA game, as well as the first iPhone to Xbox 360 crossover. I was more than willing to give this game a go though, as I’ve found the Kinect games I’ve played - Kinectimals and Your Shape: FE in particular – very impressive ...

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F.3.A.R. 0

I remember the first time I saw a trailer for F.3.A.R.  –  I knew I had to play it. Looking back at myself playing the original two titles brings back fond memories! The scares were not conventional or expected and the atmosphere was creepy and tense for 90% of the game. F.3.A.R. is not as frightening as it’s predecessor and the format of the game varies a lot. That being said, however, this does not spoil the game for me, but in fact enhances it. It’s nice to see that Day 1 Studios have not s...

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Captain America Super Solider 0

No one would blame you for taking one quick glance at Captain America Super Soldier and dismissing it instantly due to it being a video game based on a movie (though strangely, it doesn’t follow the movie’s plot at all). While this certainly isn’t a great game, it is in fact a rather decent comic book related game. One of the biggest reasons that Captain America plays so well however is that the entire combat system is taken directly from Batman Arkham Asylum. When you are not facing the onslaug...

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