Insomnias, anyone?

So, here I am, 4:30 AM, awake, writing this shit, when I should be sleeping like a damn rock.
Been having allot of sleep problems in these last months and specially in these last days, I was wondering if anyone also has this kind of insomnia?
if so, how the fuck you deal with it? I have to pump myself up with Caffeine the next day or I will be just like a walking zombie left 4 dead.

fuck it, i'm gonna drink some tea.


Christmas in Rapture

Damn, I get into the Christmas Spirit way to early these last years, anyway, I made this painting I wanted to share with you

Merry Christmas Mr.Bubbles
Merry Christmas Mr.Bubbles
Fucking Christmas in Rapture! Painted this in about 10 hours in photoshop, hope you like it.
Here is the link for the full view -

Anyway, I just finished God of War 2 and it was fucking amazing, what an epic game. Although I liked the first one a bit more ( because it was the first ) this one is certainly one of the best games I've played for PS2.
Now I need to finish Far Cry 2, I'm like 65% complete or something like that.

I'm kinda sick so I'm going to bed now, talk to ya later, bye.


God of War, Fallout and Far Cry 2 and bla bla bla

God of War 2

Bring it on Chuck Norris
 So, I'm this huge God of War fan. I'm more of a PC gamer but I got the first God of War on my ps2 back in the day, and it was one of the best, if not THE best game, I have ever played. So epic. The game is great in every single aspect, but that artwork, and that soundtrack....shit, the fucking game blew me away - I mean, which game let's us go get the fucking Pandora's Box and defeat a GOD and take the freaking place as the GOD OF WAR?

 So, so so epic. David Jaffe is amazing, such a great vision!

 So, then came God of War 2, and despite all the reviews and what my friends told me, I just couldn't believe it would be better then the first one, God of War 1 was like an unmatchable masterpiece for me, so I never bought the fucking stupid am I ?
 So time went by and I eventually forgot about the game, until somehow it got back to my memory, so 2 days ago I just bought it.

 Man, I didn't finish the game yet...but I'm having a huge blast...the scale...FUCKING EPIC!! I love epic, epic is what every game should be, and so far, God of War 2 is. From the moment I got inside the colossus right at the beginning of the game, I just knew it was gonna be something... And the graphics...shit, this looks almost like a fucking new generation game..the lightning effects are amazing, the characters look awesome, and the environments..damn, this is what I call fucking legendary game, it's just amazing. The gore is amazing, KRATOS FEARS NOTHING!

 Oh well, when I finish the game, which should be soon, I will talk a bit more about it.

Far Cry 2

 Not much to say, I've been playing God of War 2 mostly so, I'm still on 64% of the game, I've changed my weapon setting back to full assault, with a nice AK-47, an Uzi, and a fucking RPG!
 Oh, and from now on I'm not doing buddy missions, buddy's are just pussy's, I want some real action. If my job is to kill someone I'm just gonna do it straight, I'm not doing any more fucking favors to Buddy's, they don't do almost anything for me anyway, faggots.

Fallout 3

As above, I've not played this much with God of War 2 around. I just got into Megaton, and I'm enjoying the game. I'm really digging every single piece of story I can get, and I'm trying to do all side quests. After I'm done with everything in Megaton I'm just gonna blow the sucker to hell.
The first time I puted eyes in The Wasteland, I freaking slipped a "Waaaaaaaaw" out of my mouth, I really like the graphics and attention to detail I've seen until now!
The combat seems very mediocre though.
Anyway, on the very beggining, so I can't talk much about it, but seems cool.

Bla Bla bla

So the other day I saw this movie... A Walk To Remember...damn, I fucking cried at the end, seriously, the movie is not THAT good, but I can't imagine anyone not crying, some agressive shit going on that movie!
Need to listen to more music - Got the Greatest hits by John Williams, one of my favorite composers, I just love soundtracks!
Need to do more art, going to work soon so I need to warm up on concept art.

Still "addicted to coffee".
That's all for today
Cya later,



Who can live without a cup of coffee?

God exists.
 No one I say.
 Coffee is what makes our mornings worth it. Coffee is what gives us the inspiration we need to be able to stand and enjoy another day in our lives.
 You don't drink coffee ? You never played a video game after a full, nice and creamy cup of hot Coffee? Then my friend, you never played a video game.
 Have you ever played Resident Evil? Do you know those walking zombies? That is what you become when there is no Caffeine running through your veins, a mindless and senseless piece of meat, waiting for someone to come by and shoot you just like a dog.
 Have you ever played *Insert the stupidly big amount of game names here* with that terrible AI? That's you without Coffee. A worthless program that is just walking around in circles and only standing up because you don't have the mental capability to do better.

 What would be the human race without Coffee? Would we be where we are? Would Bill Gates be the richest guy in the world if there was no Caffeine? Would Tom Hanks be able to save Private Ryan without Caffeine? Would Nemo be found by his father without Caffeine? Would Luke Skywalker ever be able to lift up a rock with his mind without a cup of hot Coffee? Would any designer be able to invent creatures such as GNOMES on World of Warcraft without this Blessed Substance? Would Kratos be able to find the Pandora's Box without feeling the smell of Coffee in his nose on the beggining of his adventure? Would you be able to understand the fantastic twist in Bioshock without feeling It running within your brain? Would Indiana Jones be able to survive a nuclear bomb inside a frige if there was no cold coffee inside it? Would I be writting this if coffee did not exist? - you get my point.

 Abraham Lincoln needed coffee to rule his great Nation, I need my coffee to play video games, and to live. The moment I smell the joy of coffee in the morning my whole being wakes up, looks around, feels everyone and everything, and knows he is ready for another adventure.
 I am Not addicted. If you consider me addicted to Coffee, then I consider you addicted to oxygen.

Don't be afraid to try It.
Don't be afraid to try It.
I'm gonna try to show you what Coffaine truly is through some quotes written throughout history, some of these were found in the Pyramids of the Ancient Egypt.

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love - Coffee."
“You are lucky because you caught me in a transitional phase. I was sitting here, eating my muffin, drinking my Coffee, and I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.” - Pulp Fiction
“He was my cream, and I was his Coffee - And when you poured us together, it was something.”
“Cigarettes and Coffee, man, that's a combination.”
“I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can "make" Coffee.”
“Decaffeinated Coffee is kind of like kissing your sister.”

And my favorite one -

"No one can understand the Truth until he drinks of Coffee's frothy goodness. "

There is Coffee in all of us, it is
an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates all the living beings and binds the galaxy together.
Coffee always existed, nothing and no one created It, he was here before time itself, and it always will.
When you are happy, when you feel the joy of being with your friends, when you finish a game, when you get the highest score - That feeling, that is Coffee, buddihsts call it Nirvana, but it IS Coffee.

Coffee is a blessing, it was not given by God, it IS God. On some ancient languages God was written Cofi, later Cofe, and now Coffee, although some still refer to it as God, which is ok.

I know by now you are probably asking     -      Is there any specific way to drink a cup of Coffee Sir Blinck?
That is like asking if there is any specific way of playing GTA.
You don't drink Coffee, you think this is water we are talking about? - You feel It, absorve It, you are inspired to live another day by It. You know you just got your coffee not because the cup is empty but because you simply know it, it's intuitive, like Jessica Alba.

Don't worry if you never felt Coffee before, there is a first time to everything, but why not experience this inner bliss now, today?
You can make your life better TODAY. Why don't you go "drink" a cup of Coffee and play Unreal Tournament right after? You will understand why after you try it.

If you never tried it you probably feel something empty in your life, a missing piece of the puzzle. You know there is something more to this form of "living". Like I say when I'm too much time without Caffeine in my blood " I sence a disturbance in the Coffee " - I know there is something missing, I dont feel Iluminated. In this case there are some things you should do ASAP:
 - Run to the nearest Coffee Church you can find, and have a cup of the Almighty.
 - You can have some of this amazing Substance in your house, for emergency's.
 - Pray.

Coffee is, and always will be.
If you ever see someone asking for a
Decaffeinated Coffee, simply put, kill that creature. He will die soon anyway - One can not live without oxygen. God is everything, oxygen is God, God is Coffee. One cannot live without Coffee.

I will update this later, because now, it's time for my Coffee.
Caffeine is in our blood, and that blood is in our head, we become Winners, that's what we become.
Yours Truly,


All this Far Cry 2 bashing...

Is Fucking Annoying

The African Sunset
Yes, the game is not perfect, but wtf did people expect? Just because it is named Far Cry it doesn't mean it has to be perfect or like the original. Just because it has a huge scenario with great graphics doesn't mean it has to be like Crysis.
 I bet if the game was named some other thing then Far Cry 2 people wouldn't be judging the game like they are.
Sure it has his problems - The outpost guards respawn too fast, the driving can be a bit boring and the game is hard, you have Malaria. - Only one of this points actually counts and it is the first one.
 Yes, the driving can be boring, but guess what? It's on fucking purpose - You are a mercenary in Africa, you have to get to places in some way, and if you prefer clicking on a location in the map and be instantly teleported there then go play Oblivion or Fallout.
 People say the game is hard? Yes, I died quite some times in the beggining as well, until I understood the game is not the usual FPS and you have to take it easy when you play, you have to play this game the right way, and if you can't do that, don't blame it on the fucking game and don't blame it on yourself either, just face it and say "this game is good but it's not for me". And yeah, you spent 70$ or whatever in a game that is not for you, now get the fuck over it instead of bashing a game that is actually good.
 Not liking a game =/= The game is bad.
 Like you can see in my previous blogs I was not liking the game at first, but as I kept playing and understood how it is meant to be played I'm actually having a blast with it now.
 Please stop bashing the game. You might not like it, it might not be a game for you, it might not be what you EXPECTED, but it sure is NOT a bad game, it is actually a nice and fresh open world FPS.

That is all. Take care

Bioshock final thoughts, more Far Cry 2


A step forward

I think Bioshock is a major step forward for video games. What we have here is a masterpiece. Perfect blend of entertainment + storytelling + wonderful visuals/art.
We are watching a movie, and making it at the same time, for me, that's what Bioshock is all about.

 I'm not even sure if I should call this simply a video game anymore, because I don't think this is for everyone, this is something that needs to be appreciated in the right way.

 I have a friend, a casual player. I told him to get Bioshock and Crysis, and so he did. He loved Crysis, and he hated Bioshock, why? First of all because he doesn't understand English very well, and if you don't understand english, there is no point in playing Bioshock. Second, because as a casual shooter fan, he likes action all the time, he couldn't care less about the story, the art design, the Easter eggs. Third (joining the two first points toghether ) he can't even see the philosophical conflict within the game. Don't get me wrong, crysis is a great game and I loved it, but you can simply pass the cut scenes and ignore all the dialogs, and you will still enjoy the game. But you can't do that in Bioshock, if you don't explore the world of Rapture, if you are not curious about the story, if you don't take your own side on the political and philosophical conflict, you can't enjoy this game, at least you can't fully enjoy it, and most probably you will get bored by it.

 And this is exactly why I love video games, they join up all the big forces of art, put them together, and let you be a part of it. That is why games like Bioshock, in my opinion, go further then many others, they take the risk of loosing the casual gamer, but they are brilliant to those who "get it".

 Bioshock is obviously not a perfect game, but the little flaws it has don't really matter, we have to look at the bigger picture here. By the way, the bad point I mentioned in my earlier journal about our character being "non-responsive" ****SPOILERS  - well, Now that I finished the game I can see I was obviously wrong and there is a reason for it being this way ******SPOILERS.
 Anyway, I will review the game soon and talk a bit more about it, but it was indeed an amazing experience, too bad I waited almost one year to finally get in the mood to play it :P

Far Cry 2

The visuals are amazing!!
The visuals are amazing!!

Finally I'm getting into it

 Yeap, I'm finally starting to get more into the game. After following the tips Brad gave us the game is becoming better.

 Today I did mostly Side Quests, specially to unlock new weapons, my weapons warehouse is finally getting some new stuff!
 I'm now getting used to the traveling system and being more patient and killing every Outpost instead of passing by and getting chased etc.. I'm trying to play the game with a different approach - I keep forgetting this is not Crysis and not even like the original Far Cry.

 This is a game that takes time if you want to do things right, it really try's to put you into Africa - you might have to stop what you are doing and go do some underground quest to get your medicine against malaria, you might have to drive allot just to go and "refuel" your weapons. The game is not hard, but you have to play it in a slower pace then other shooters.

 I still think the enemy's AI is really odd, they might hit you when they are very very far away but if you are right next to them they might be shooting and missing all the shots.
 I also need to figure out how to do quests in a more stealthy way, I think the first thing I'm gonna do next time I play is to buy some weapons with silencers, and then I'm gonna try to do some missions at nighttime. I actually don't really like to play at night, you can't see anything, it's really hard to see your enemy's, but they however, see you all the time and you keep getting shot at only God knows from where, but then again, this might be just me not playing it how I should, I'm still learning anyway.

I will play some more these next days and keep you updated on my thoughts about it!

I think that's all, take care everyone.

Max Payne Movie, Bioshock, Far Cry 2

Arcadia level is amazing!!
Hey everyone! Time for a little update!

Ok, first of all, yesterday me and some friends went to see Max Payne, the movie. It was a max pain in my head indeed. Seriously, that is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I've seen ALLOT of bad movies. I don't care if a movie comes from a video game or not, the Tomb Rider movies are not "good" movies, but I can still enjoy them....but Max Payne? Seriously, the movie had so little action, so little slow motion, it is so fucking poorly written, what the hell was the movie director thinking?
The only thing enjoyable in the movie are some of the especial effects, which are pretty ok (those angel/demons things or whatever), other then that, wow, the movie seriously sucks, by the end of the movie, I had a fucking LAUGH ATTACK because the movie was such a joke, oh well. It's not like I "want my money back", I don't care for 4€, and I had a good time with my friends, but if you are going to the cinema to see a GOOD movie, just don't go watch this.

Moving on to Bioshock, damn....I'm loving the game so far, I must have completed like 75% of the game, and it's really awesome. The only thing so far annoying me is the the character we play. The story of the game is so rich, so great, so philosophical, I love it. But our character just seems too much "non-responsive", I'm used to games not having voice for the main characters ( half-life ), but I think it would be necessary in this game. I mean, if your plane crashed in the middle of the atlantic and you discovered a huge city in the bottom of the ocean where you have drugs that let you set people on fire, I think you would ask something like " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? ".
But hey, I'm not finished with the game/story-line so I can't say anything hehe. I might finish it today :)

Now.. Far Cry 2, I got it as well, I played the game very little time (want to finish Bioshock first), but here are my first impressions:

- The AI is seriously bad
- You can shoot anyone in the head with a normal pistol even if they are far, far, far, far away.
- Disapointed about the scenario destruction, I thought it would be more like Crysis ( sorry for comparing, but it is necessary ), where you can destroy entire houses, trees, etc.
- The graphics are great, and the artistic direction is amazing, it really feels like you are in africa.
- The explosions look amazing.
- I have Malaria, but I just need to take some pills to get over it, which brings me to the point that it is tottally unnecessary.
- I'm not understanding the story, but this might just be me, sometimes I'm very distracted while playing videogames.
- I can set grass on fire.

I will update this impressions as I move on into the game further of course, and they might and will probably change, but for now, seems very mediocre. Oh, and I loved the first Far Cry ( except the monsters part )

By the way, I could not be more excited about a new Star Wars MMORPG, I'm a HUGE star wars fanatic-nerd, so the moment this game comes out, my real life will end.

Welcome to Rapture.

What?!? The guy said he was cold!
Hey everyone!
So, I'm taking a break from Doom 3 ( the freaking game is huge). I was enjoying it however it was feeling a bit repetitive so I decided to stop for a while, but I will probably go back to it and kill all those god damn time traveling demons!

While taking a break from doom I decided to give Bioshock my third try! Don't get me wrong on the third try thing. I tried the game 2 times before and thought it was amazing, but I just could not play it because I simply was not in the mood to fully enjoy this wonderful piece of art. Well, now that I am in the mood, I'm enjoying it even more! The voice acting is so terrific! The art direction...well I think I don't need to say anything about that! I'm having a blast setting people on fire and using telekinesis !
The only thing bothering me about the game is the Physics Framerate. The games always runs smooth on my computer, 60+fps all the time I would say, however, every "dead" object that is moving, a teddy bear, a chair, a dead body or whatever, seems to be going at like 20 frames per second, I searched the 2k forums and this seems to be a problem on the code of the game, so nothing to do about it. It is a bit annoying because I have a pretty sensitive eye and can detect any slight change in the smoothness of the framerate, so this pops up pretty much to me, but oh well, it's not like GAME_RUINING thing, but would be nice to get a patch to fix it.

On other topic, I'm leaving university. I just don't like it anymore, and going there everyday and not liking what I'm doing just doesn't work. Fortunatly I will be going to work soon, on a videogame development company here in my city, as a concept designer, which is well...SUPER MEGA ULTRA AWESOME! Can't talk about it much right now, but I will tell you more about it in some weeks!

I hope everyone is doing well and playing allot!
Take care!


Brothers In Arms last conclusions!

Twinkle twinkle little star, oh how I wonder where you are.
Twinkle twinkle little star, oh how I wonder where you are.
Hey everyone! First of all, I just got a new LCD Monitor 24'' ! When I get my PS3 ( hopefully soon ) I will be able to play the games on full HD, hell yeah! I'm as happy as when batman found out that his assistant Alfred had feelings for him.

So, I already wrote a review of BIA:HH . As I said, the game was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone! I'm making this blog just to talk a bit about those that, in my opinion, were the weakest aspects of the game, and how they could maybe been better.

The single aspect that I think that would have made a huge difference is the level design. What do I mean by this? Well, artistically, this game is awesome, I loved the environments, the details, the lightning and the colors of all the levels ( ok, maybe the grass was a bit too green ). What I'm trying to point out is the way the gameplay on the level's was designed.
First of all I think they are a bit too linear - I think they could have added more entrance to houses, more "open" fields, more side pathways. It would be great if you could enter all the houses that you see, it would give it much more strategic depth, like sending one of your squads to the windows in there etc, and it would also give more freedom to the Enemy AI.
There could have been more distruction. The only thing that you can destroy with big firepower ( bazookas per example ) are wood fences ( you can destroy these with normal shots as well ), and sandbags. If other places of cover could be destroyed as well, damn, that would give you a much more intense gameplay. Let's say you have your squad behind a stone wall and the enemy has a bazooka or a tank or whatever, they can fire all they want at the wall, your squad won't die if they are taking cover behind it, and the wall won't take any damage either. This is very easily explored, since once you have your squad behind a safe cover, they won't die and you don't have to worry about them, they will just stay there giving you suppressing fire.
 Now let's imagine the game had a system where like, after 1 bazooka shot, the stone wall, or car truck, or the other indestructible places where you can take cover, would get a bit damaged...the stone wall would start cracking, the car would start getting smoke out of it. Then another bazooka shot and the wall would crack even more, and some parts of it falling apart, or the car would get on fire or something like that. At this point the squad taking cover behind it would scream something like "This cover won't hold for much longer Sir!!!!" (or something like hat), and at this point, you would have to move them, if you didn't, one more shot and the cover would be completely destroyed as well as your squad.
This would make things harder, but also much more fun, you would have to be moving your squads all the time, like in a real war. You would have to be allot faster on disabling the enemy big fire power like tanks and other heavy artillery, or you would be dead, just like in a real war.

Also, the actual music of the game could pop up more times during gameplay, say towards the end of a level, to give you some inspiration and get you even more into the action!

These are the things that I think that would have changed the game drastically and would have certainly make this game superior to other World War 2 shooters. But hey, it's just my opinion! Maybe on the next BIA hehe!

On other things...I've been playing Doom 3, the atmosphere on the game is so intense I can't play it much time straight or I start getting crazy just like Luke Skywalker did when Vader told him that he was his son, and that his mother was a striper on an underground bar in Tattooine.

That's all for now.
May the force be with you


A duty as Reviewers / Game Appreciators . Doom 3 !

This dude is trying to copy the Jokers makeup!
Hey there everyone! So, as I said in my previous blog entry I'm revisiting some older games that I did not have the chance to play at the time, specially due to my old system that could not handle them!
 The first one is, as you can see, Doom 3. I installed it today and played the game for maybe 2 hours, not that much I think, and I'm really enjoying it so far!
 Although the game it's from 2004, the graphics are still awesome! You can see the close up textures are old etc, but the general level design of the game is so good that you won't even notice that, the lights are all in the right places to give it that visually amazing and creepy look. Of course, thanks to this spooky level designs I already gave some jumps off my chair hehe.
 The sound in the game is pretty sweet so far as well, I like the voice acting etc, but the really good thing is the ambiance sound, you are always listening to steps, to someone or something crushing on doors or walls, you hear whispers and screams..all the time! In a normal game when you hear steps you know something is coming, but on this one you never really know, which is great!

Anyway I will report back later when I'm further into the game!

A duty as Reviewers / Game Appreciators

You can expect a review of BIA:HH pretty soon as I said, and after reviewing it I'm also gonna do something that more people should do. After reviewing the game, saying what is good and what is bad ( in my opinion of course ), I'm gonna do a blog post and take the things that I said that were bad about the game, and give possible solutions for them.
It's easy to say what is wrong with a game, but it is sometimes harder to find the solution for those things, and I think it's something we should do for the developers of games that we like. If they read a review that says something like (THIS IS JUST A RANDOM EXAMPLE) "blah blah I liked the graphics in this game but the environments were poor and I also didn't like the guns" - they will be like "ok, this guy doesn't like the level design and doesn't like the guns in our game? but why? We thought they were ok" . But if a reviewer says something like "bla bla, The graphics in this game were really nice on a technical level, however I don't think the level design was that great, the levels were a bit confusing, and the mood of the environment needed more elements, like more blood, wreckages, the light could be more dramatic to enhance the horror feeling. I also don't think the weapons design was the best choice, the shots could have more impact, the guns could have a rough texture like they had been through some fights before in order to integrate more on the mood of this game... - Well, here the developers would actually be able to understand in what they did fail to delivery the public, and will surely do it better the next time.

I just think it is something we should do for game creators/designers as gamers ourselves, specially since many of us also give our opinions and even review games.
This is just my opinion anyway!

I hope everyone is doing fine! More updates soon!
Take care!
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