A duty as Reviewers / Game Appreciators . Doom 3 !

This dude is trying to copy the Jokers makeup!
Hey there everyone! So, as I said in my previous blog entry I'm revisiting some older games that I did not have the chance to play at the time, specially due to my old system that could not handle them!
 The first one is, as you can see, Doom 3. I installed it today and played the game for maybe 2 hours, not that much I think, and I'm really enjoying it so far!
 Although the game it's from 2004, the graphics are still awesome! You can see the close up textures are old etc, but the general level design of the game is so good that you won't even notice that, the lights are all in the right places to give it that visually amazing and creepy look. Of course, thanks to this spooky level designs I already gave some jumps off my chair hehe.
 The sound in the game is pretty sweet so far as well, I like the voice acting etc, but the really good thing is the ambiance sound, you are always listening to steps, to someone or something crushing on doors or walls, you hear whispers and screams..all the time! In a normal game when you hear steps you know something is coming, but on this one you never really know, which is great!

Anyway I will report back later when I'm further into the game!

A duty as Reviewers / Game Appreciators

You can expect a review of BIA:HH pretty soon as I said, and after reviewing it I'm also gonna do something that more people should do. After reviewing the game, saying what is good and what is bad ( in my opinion of course ), I'm gonna do a blog post and take the things that I said that were bad about the game, and give possible solutions for them.
It's easy to say what is wrong with a game, but it is sometimes harder to find the solution for those things, and I think it's something we should do for the developers of games that we like. If they read a review that says something like (THIS IS JUST A RANDOM EXAMPLE) "blah blah I liked the graphics in this game but the environments were poor and I also didn't like the guns" - they will be like "ok, this guy doesn't like the level design and doesn't like the guns in our game? but why? We thought they were ok" . But if a reviewer says something like "bla bla, The graphics in this game were really nice on a technical level, however I don't think the level design was that great, the levels were a bit confusing, and the mood of the environment needed more elements, like more blood, wreckages, the light could be more dramatic to enhance the horror feeling. I also don't think the weapons design was the best choice, the shots could have more impact, the guns could have a rough texture like they had been through some fights before in order to integrate more on the mood of this game... - Well, here the developers would actually be able to understand in what they did fail to delivery the public, and will surely do it better the next time.

I just think it is something we should do for game creators/designers as gamers ourselves, specially since many of us also give our opinions and even review games.
This is just my opinion anyway!

I hope everyone is doing fine! More updates soon!
Take care!