All this Far Cry 2 bashing...

Is Fucking Annoying

The African Sunset
Yes, the game is not perfect, but wtf did people expect? Just because it is named Far Cry it doesn't mean it has to be perfect or like the original. Just because it has a huge scenario with great graphics doesn't mean it has to be like Crysis.
 I bet if the game was named some other thing then Far Cry 2 people wouldn't be judging the game like they are.
Sure it has his problems - The outpost guards respawn too fast, the driving can be a bit boring and the game is hard, you have Malaria. - Only one of this points actually counts and it is the first one.
 Yes, the driving can be boring, but guess what? It's on fucking purpose - You are a mercenary in Africa, you have to get to places in some way, and if you prefer clicking on a location in the map and be instantly teleported there then go play Oblivion or Fallout.
 People say the game is hard? Yes, I died quite some times in the beggining as well, until I understood the game is not the usual FPS and you have to take it easy when you play, you have to play this game the right way, and if you can't do that, don't blame it on the fucking game and don't blame it on yourself either, just face it and say "this game is good but it's not for me". And yeah, you spent 70$ or whatever in a game that is not for you, now get the fuck over it instead of bashing a game that is actually good.
 Not liking a game =/= The game is bad.
 Like you can see in my previous blogs I was not liking the game at first, but as I kept playing and understood how it is meant to be played I'm actually having a blast with it now.
 Please stop bashing the game. You might not like it, it might not be a game for you, it might not be what you EXPECTED, but it sure is NOT a bad game, it is actually a nice and fresh open world FPS.

That is all. Take care