Who can live without a cup of coffee?

God exists.
 No one I say.
 Coffee is what makes our mornings worth it. Coffee is what gives us the inspiration we need to be able to stand and enjoy another day in our lives.
 You don't drink coffee ? You never played a video game after a full, nice and creamy cup of hot Coffee? Then my friend, you never played a video game.
 Have you ever played Resident Evil? Do you know those walking zombies? That is what you become when there is no Caffeine running through your veins, a mindless and senseless piece of meat, waiting for someone to come by and shoot you just like a dog.
 Have you ever played *Insert the stupidly big amount of game names here* with that terrible AI? That's you without Coffee. A worthless program that is just walking around in circles and only standing up because you don't have the mental capability to do better.

 What would be the human race without Coffee? Would we be where we are? Would Bill Gates be the richest guy in the world if there was no Caffeine? Would Tom Hanks be able to save Private Ryan without Caffeine? Would Nemo be found by his father without Caffeine? Would Luke Skywalker ever be able to lift up a rock with his mind without a cup of hot Coffee? Would any designer be able to invent creatures such as GNOMES on World of Warcraft without this Blessed Substance? Would Kratos be able to find the Pandora's Box without feeling the smell of Coffee in his nose on the beggining of his adventure? Would you be able to understand the fantastic twist in Bioshock without feeling It running within your brain? Would Indiana Jones be able to survive a nuclear bomb inside a frige if there was no cold coffee inside it? Would I be writting this if coffee did not exist? - you get my point.

 Abraham Lincoln needed coffee to rule his great Nation, I need my coffee to play video games, and to live. The moment I smell the joy of coffee in the morning my whole being wakes up, looks around, feels everyone and everything, and knows he is ready for another adventure.
 I am Not addicted. If you consider me addicted to Coffee, then I consider you addicted to oxygen.

Don't be afraid to try It.
Don't be afraid to try It.
I'm gonna try to show you what Coffaine truly is through some quotes written throughout history, some of these were found in the Pyramids of the Ancient Egypt.

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love - Coffee."
“You are lucky because you caught me in a transitional phase. I was sitting here, eating my muffin, drinking my Coffee, and I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.” - Pulp Fiction
“He was my cream, and I was his Coffee - And when you poured us together, it was something.”
“Cigarettes and Coffee, man, that's a combination.”
“I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can "make" Coffee.”
“Decaffeinated Coffee is kind of like kissing your sister.”

And my favorite one -

"No one can understand the Truth until he drinks of Coffee's frothy goodness. "

There is Coffee in all of us, it is
an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates all the living beings and binds the galaxy together.
Coffee always existed, nothing and no one created It, he was here before time itself, and it always will.
When you are happy, when you feel the joy of being with your friends, when you finish a game, when you get the highest score - That feeling, that is Coffee, buddihsts call it Nirvana, but it IS Coffee.

Coffee is a blessing, it was not given by God, it IS God. On some ancient languages God was written Cofi, later Cofe, and now Coffee, although some still refer to it as God, which is ok.

I know by now you are probably asking     -      Is there any specific way to drink a cup of Coffee Sir Blinck?
That is like asking if there is any specific way of playing GTA.
You don't drink Coffee, you think this is water we are talking about? - You feel It, absorve It, you are inspired to live another day by It. You know you just got your coffee not because the cup is empty but because you simply know it, it's intuitive, like Jessica Alba.

Don't worry if you never felt Coffee before, there is a first time to everything, but why not experience this inner bliss now, today?
You can make your life better TODAY. Why don't you go "drink" a cup of Coffee and play Unreal Tournament right after? You will understand why after you try it.

If you never tried it you probably feel something empty in your life, a missing piece of the puzzle. You know there is something more to this form of "living". Like I say when I'm too much time without Caffeine in my blood " I sence a disturbance in the Coffee " - I know there is something missing, I dont feel Iluminated. In this case there are some things you should do ASAP:
 - Run to the nearest Coffee Church you can find, and have a cup of the Almighty.
 - You can have some of this amazing Substance in your house, for emergency's.
 - Pray.

Coffee is, and always will be.
If you ever see someone asking for a
Decaffeinated Coffee, simply put, kill that creature. He will die soon anyway - One can not live without oxygen. God is everything, oxygen is God, God is Coffee. One cannot live without Coffee.

I will update this later, because now, it's time for my Coffee.
Caffeine is in our blood, and that blood is in our head, we become Winners, that's what we become.
Yours Truly,