God of War, Fallout and Far Cry 2 and bla bla bla

God of War 2

Bring it on Chuck Norris
 So, I'm this huge God of War fan. I'm more of a PC gamer but I got the first God of War on my ps2 back in the day, and it was one of the best, if not THE best game, I have ever played. So epic. The game is great in every single aspect, but that artwork, and that soundtrack....shit, the fucking game blew me away - I mean, which game let's us go get the fucking Pandora's Box and defeat a GOD and take the freaking place as the GOD OF WAR?

 So, so so epic. David Jaffe is amazing, such a great vision!

 So, then came God of War 2, and despite all the reviews and what my friends told me, I just couldn't believe it would be better then the first one, God of War 1 was like an unmatchable masterpiece for me, so I never bought the sequel...how fucking stupid am I ?
 So time went by and I eventually forgot about the game, until somehow it got back to my memory, so 2 days ago I just bought it.

 Man, I didn't finish the game yet...but I'm having a huge blast...the scale...FUCKING EPIC!! I love epic, epic is what every game should be, and so far, God of War 2 is. From the moment I got inside the colossus right at the beginning of the game, I just knew it was gonna be something... And the graphics...shit, this looks almost like a fucking new generation game..the lightning effects are amazing, the characters look awesome, and the environments..damn, this is what I call fucking legendary game, it's just amazing. The gore is amazing, KRATOS FEARS NOTHING!

 Oh well, when I finish the game, which should be soon, I will talk a bit more about it.

Far Cry 2

 Not much to say, I've been playing God of War 2 mostly so, I'm still on 64% of the game, I've changed my weapon setting back to full assault, with a nice AK-47, an Uzi, and a fucking RPG!
 Oh, and from now on I'm not doing buddy missions, buddy's are just pussy's, I want some real action. If my job is to kill someone I'm just gonna do it straight, I'm not doing any more fucking favors to Buddy's, they don't do almost anything for me anyway, faggots.

Fallout 3

As above, I've not played this much with God of War 2 around. I just got into Megaton, and I'm enjoying the game. I'm really digging every single piece of story I can get, and I'm trying to do all side quests. After I'm done with everything in Megaton I'm just gonna blow the sucker to hell.
The first time I puted eyes in The Wasteland, I freaking slipped a "Waaaaaaaaw" out of my mouth, I really like the graphics and attention to detail I've seen until now!
The combat seems very mediocre though.
Anyway, on the very beggining, so I can't talk much about it, but seems cool.

Bla Bla bla

So the other day I saw this movie... A Walk To Remember...damn, I fucking cried at the end, seriously, the movie is not THAT good, but I can't imagine anyone not crying, some agressive shit going on that movie!
Need to listen to more music - Got the Greatest hits by John Williams, one of my favorite composers, I just love soundtracks!
Need to do more art, going to work soon so I need to warm up on concept art.

Still "addicted to coffee".
That's all for today
Cya later,