Max Payne Movie, Bioshock, Far Cry 2

Arcadia level is amazing!!
Hey everyone! Time for a little update!

Ok, first of all, yesterday me and some friends went to see Max Payne, the movie. It was a max pain in my head indeed. Seriously, that is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I've seen ALLOT of bad movies. I don't care if a movie comes from a video game or not, the Tomb Rider movies are not "good" movies, but I can still enjoy them....but Max Payne? Seriously, the movie had so little action, so little slow motion, it is so fucking poorly written, what the hell was the movie director thinking?
The only thing enjoyable in the movie are some of the especial effects, which are pretty ok (those angel/demons things or whatever), other then that, wow, the movie seriously sucks, by the end of the movie, I had a fucking LAUGH ATTACK because the movie was such a joke, oh well. It's not like I "want my money back", I don't care for 4€, and I had a good time with my friends, but if you are going to the cinema to see a GOOD movie, just don't go watch this.

Moving on to Bioshock, damn....I'm loving the game so far, I must have completed like 75% of the game, and it's really awesome. The only thing so far annoying me is the the character we play. The story of the game is so rich, so great, so philosophical, I love it. But our character just seems too much "non-responsive", I'm used to games not having voice for the main characters ( half-life ), but I think it would be necessary in this game. I mean, if your plane crashed in the middle of the atlantic and you discovered a huge city in the bottom of the ocean where you have drugs that let you set people on fire, I think you would ask something like " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? ".
But hey, I'm not finished with the game/story-line so I can't say anything hehe. I might finish it today :)

Now.. Far Cry 2, I got it as well, I played the game very little time (want to finish Bioshock first), but here are my first impressions:

- The AI is seriously bad
- You can shoot anyone in the head with a normal pistol even if they are far, far, far, far away.
- Disapointed about the scenario destruction, I thought it would be more like Crysis ( sorry for comparing, but it is necessary ), where you can destroy entire houses, trees, etc.
- The graphics are great, and the artistic direction is amazing, it really feels like you are in africa.
- The explosions look amazing.
- I have Malaria, but I just need to take some pills to get over it, which brings me to the point that it is tottally unnecessary.
- I'm not understanding the story, but this might just be me, sometimes I'm very distracted while playing videogames.
- I can set grass on fire.

I will update this impressions as I move on into the game further of course, and they might and will probably change, but for now, seems very mediocre. Oh, and I loved the first Far Cry ( except the monsters part )

By the way, I could not be more excited about a new Star Wars MMORPG, I'm a HUGE star wars fanatic-nerd, so the moment this game comes out, my real life will end.