Welcome to Rapture.

What?!? The guy said he was cold!
Hey everyone!
So, I'm taking a break from Doom 3 ( the freaking game is huge). I was enjoying it however it was feeling a bit repetitive so I decided to stop for a while, but I will probably go back to it and kill all those god damn time traveling demons!

While taking a break from doom I decided to give Bioshock my third try! Don't get me wrong on the third try thing. I tried the game 2 times before and thought it was amazing, but I just could not play it because I simply was not in the mood to fully enjoy this wonderful piece of art. Well, now that I am in the mood, I'm enjoying it even more! The voice acting is so terrific! The art direction...well I think I don't need to say anything about that! I'm having a blast setting people on fire and using telekinesis !
The only thing bothering me about the game is the Physics Framerate. The games always runs smooth on my computer, 60+fps all the time I would say, however, every "dead" object that is moving, a teddy bear, a chair, a dead body or whatever, seems to be going at like 20 frames per second, I searched the 2k forums and this seems to be a problem on the code of the game, so nothing to do about it. It is a bit annoying because I have a pretty sensitive eye and can detect any slight change in the smoothness of the framerate, so this pops up pretty much to me, but oh well, it's not like GAME_RUINING thing, but would be nice to get a patch to fix it.

On other topic, I'm leaving university. I just don't like it anymore, and going there everyday and not liking what I'm doing just doesn't work. Fortunatly I will be going to work soon, on a videogame development company here in my city, as a concept designer, which is well...SUPER MEGA ULTRA AWESOME! Can't talk about it much right now, but I will tell you more about it in some weeks!

I hope everyone is doing well and playing allot!
Take care!