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A great and immersive experience. 0

I remember I played the first Brothers in Arms when it came out, I played it, liked it, but the game never got me that interested to make it to the end. Hell's Highway was a different experience. With the new generation potential, the Ubisoft team tried hard and delivered an immerse World War 2 experience. Yes, more World War 2, but you know what? From the moment I got into the game I could not care if I had a super-mega-lasers gun or a Thompson, the game is simply good. You can see the game as ...

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More of the same, which is good. 0

I just finished this game 15 minutes ago.It was a wild ride, just like the first Crysis game.The first thing I noticed when I started playing was that the performance was better then the first one, and the graphic quality as well. In case you are not aware of this, the first Crysis game was made to make you cry about your so called "imba" computer at that time, with an excessive amount of graphical power, there was no machine able to run it decently on Maximum (got it?) Settings. However, this o...

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