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My Top 10 Games Of All Time!!!

 There is no number 10 spot or number 1 spot, I love all 10 of these games equally, and there is no way to decide which ones I love more then the other. But yes, these are my absolute favorite games of all time. Enjoy. 
Oh and im sure this list will change at some point in time but for now these games just give me the best lasting impression overall, and their just the ones I enjoyed the most and won't forget about.


List items

  • The little game that could, I tried out the demo on a whim one christmas and then recieved it as a gift from a very good friend of mine that same night. I love every single thing about this game, the art is fantastic and to me its easily the best looking game on this list, the story is charming, the main character is funny, and even though there is not one word of dialogue in that game, the story and everything happening keeps you entertained. the characters are memorable and the whole look to it and how immersive the world is makes this little point and click adventure stand out to me as one of my favorite games of all time.

  • The best of the best, the most elite squadron of troops out there and they didn't even get a lick of credit when they single handedly stopped the clone wars. These four guys are the teenage mutant ninja turtles of space and thats probably why I like them so much, their personalities match the turtles in almost every way. The story told was wonderful, many amazing cameos throughout, the gameplay was solid, it still looks wonderful even today and one cliffhanger ending which I will never forget, everything about this game was brilliant and its gotten overshadowed time and time again, this wonderful experience kept on giving throughout the entire game, and it ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers ill ever remember, a sequel is needed! Make is happen LucasArts!!!

  • One of the greats, one of the legends and one of my favorite games of all time, Crash Bandicoot was and still is an amazing trilogy of games, with its incredible variety, the level design, awesome villains, cool power-ups, crash's dance, and a nice cheesy story to top it all off. This game had it all, and I still play it even to this day, its just pure fun and its what many games are missing now a days.

  • Entering this underwater city for the first time was a sight ill never forget, the immersion, the atmosphere, the narrative, the sounds, every single thing about this city made it feel real, made it feel possible, and every personality from every character was top notch. It may be in the shadow of SystemShock but I just prefered everything about Bioshock more, it was an experience unlike any other, and everything about it felt possible. I loved it and it ranks as one of my top 10 games of all time.

  • The first game for me to experience one of my favorite things, Greek Mythology, I learnt about it first in school and then my love for it took off from there, I love the lore and the secrets behind it so once I saw that this game was set in it I had to have it, and the first thing I stared upon was the Hydra, the face of Poseidon and so on, it was like greek mythology came to life on my TV screen, and since then as much as I love the other GoW games it doesn't feel set in Greek Mythology anymore, its just using it as a backdrop, the first one made me feel like I was this puny soldier amidst something bigger, the landmarks, the cities, the gods and all that was all incredible to see come to form, throw in an amazing tale of revenge and loss, it had everything I wanted at the time. I loved it and will never forget about spring break weekend I had playing through it.

  • I grew up playing games like Metroid, Battletoads and so on, I naturally bought this Metroid game just as I had bought the others, and it stood out for me, it dealt with darker and deeper things, it told a different story for one, it had to do with Samus dealing with her inner demons and outer ones as well :P

    All packed into that classic Metroid gameplay and isolation, its the perfect Metroid in my opinion and no other Metroid could ever top it. It did something new while staying with the same kind of experience we all loved.

  • Not only my favorite amongst the trilogy but my most played game ever next to Guild Wars, Ive played Sly Cooper 2 a good 70-80 times, I lost track after 60 aha. I love every single thing about the Sly Cooper franchise and Sly 2 just was flawless to me, the stealth was well done, the Villains were the best of the series, the locations were incredible, and they even went to Canada...CANADA!!! All the while it told a story or love, revenge, betrayal and had some incredible set piece moments. I could go on and on what I love about Sly 2: Band of Thieves but to me, its just an incredible character, with an incredible story, incredible look, and original style. It remained humorous and still told a dark tale with a lot of stuff suggested like a drug circle to hurt entire cities and so on. I loved it and every local visited was amazing, I hope to one day see a new Sly Cooper, because the master thief himself, deserves a return.

  • The only online game on this list and its the only online game ive been with for over a decade, the glorious Counter-Strike with its hilarous and incredible mods, amazing maps, different game modes to play such as Zombie Mod or Surf, this game has everything an online gamer could want, its not run and gun and if you get killed in a game of CSS, you know for that moment the other person was better then you, there is no auto aim or cheap tricks(unless your hacking) this game is all about skill and reflexes and its kept me coming back time and again for over 10 years, I mean Counter-Strike in general but Source is my favorite version of all the Counter-Strikes.

  • My favorite character of all time finally gets a game worth of praise, love and all the attention he deserves, not many people had high hopes for a Batman game developed by a studio that no one had heard of, but I still had my faith in it because I loved the look they were trying to pull off and they did. Its a classic Batman tale with incredible pacing, astounding voice acting, tons of stuff to see, do and collect and incredible easter eggs to other villains. Its as classic as Batman gets but what made it stand out was we got to play it, we got to feel like the Dark Knight himself and that was a first. Its the game Batman fans have been waiting for and my expectations for the second one are sky high. I love Rocksteady for what they did with this and I can't wait to see where they go from here.

  • Whats there to say about Deadly Premoniton that hasn't already been said, the graphics and gameplay are dated, but the story and voice acting propel it to one of my favorite games of all time. The story isn't just a step above all video games, but most anything else out there. I loved the unpredictability and the sillyness of absolutely everything within this game. It ranks as one of my favorites for a reason, it was something new, something rare and something incredible. If games truly are a form of entertainment then Deadly Premonition exceeds all other games on this list.