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@danwis: I just tried this and it worked, but my dude doesn't have a shirt or pants on?

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@probablytuna: Yeah, I did.

I'm going to try doing it through Inauguration Station, its description on Xbox Live says you can upload your SR3 character there to make it compatible with SRIV.

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I thought because my SR3 character was already uploaded that I would just be able to download it into SRIV? Is that possible? My character isn't coming up in the character gallery and I'm wondering if I did something wrong. I really like my SR3 guy.

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I'm going to add everybody, I'll have the game on day 1!

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It is my understanding that you can use a Second Seal to reset a characters level after they hit 20 so they can keep getting stat boosts, so does that mean I can class up sooner?

When my Donnel became a level 10 Villager, I turned him into a Mercenary and now he's level 10 again and I'm wondering if there's any point to not classing up now.

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I've been watching some people with the Japanese version play on YouTube and they've all said no.

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I did it! As long as your teammates don't heal Nyx, it's fine. I was level 78.

@willthemagicasian: What's wrong with the Answer?

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So, I'm fighting the final form of the Nyx Avatar and towards the end it has a move called Night Queen that does some damage and can inflict status ailment stuff. Well, on top of the fact that the final boss has 13 forms and the last one has 6000 (!!!) health. It is a really long fight. In addition to that, the last form also has a move that lets it not take any damage for 2 turns.

I don't have any problem with a challenge. It's long, but hey, it's the final boss of an awesome RPG. My problem is that Night Queen seems horribly unfair. I died and had to repeat everything because the MC got charmed (and of course the shitty AI didn't bother curing him). He slowly started killing his teammates.

Oh, but it got worse the second time around. Akihiko got charmed- and fucking used diarahan on Nyx. You would think there would be a cap for how much health an enemy can get back considering I had burnt 45 minutes at this point. Nope. Nyx got 6000 fucking health back.

I just want to see if I'm crazy or if I'm missing something that makes the fight easier. After Akihiko's dumbass moment, I have it back down to about 25% health I really like this game and I was actually kinda enjoying the Nyx battle, but this shit is really starting to make me sour on the experience. Hopefully I make it through this time. Considering that FES is a remake, they must have known about the issue of teammates healing Nyx and decided not to do anything about it. I really have no idea how that decision got made.

/end rant

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This is probably a dumb question. I don't play many turned-based RPGs.

My friend told me that I won't be able to use certain characters for certain bosses. Apparently, some characters will be missing for story purposes and some characters have weaknesses that make them useless against certain bosses. So I'm wondering if I need to grind with every character just so I have all of my bases covered for bosses? Obviously, if I absolutely have to use Junpei, he shouldn't be Level 17 for the rest of the game. I beat P4 and that was never really an issue because it had guarding, moves like White Wall and Blue Wall, and most social links removed the weaknesses.

This is my first time playing Persona 3. I've played Persona 4 and loved it to death. I've played a decent chunk of Persona 3 so far; recently, Fuuka became the new support person and Mitsuru joined my party. I'm liking the game, not as much as I liked 4, but still it's good. The social links are kinda shallow compared to 4 (My aunt died. Okay, see ya tomorrow!) and the combat is a little rough around the edges, but I'm having a good time.

Fuuka's voice acting is not very good...

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Thanks everybody