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A Disappointing Entry in a Series Going the Wrong Way 0

With the recent release of the Crown Tundra in Pokémon Sword and Shield, all of the DLC is now out. Given the occasion, it’s time I compiled my thoughts on the games as a whole. I’ll start with what I like about them. This won’t take long, as Sword and Shield left a lot to be desired.Most of the pros of Sword and Shield come from things that returned from previous entries in the franchise. Some of these features were things removed in Sun and Moon, and some are things fr...

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Skyward Sword Overrun With Minor Problems 1

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword was a big disappointment to me. The idea of it and the possibility of a new Zelda game that was supposedly going to fix all the problems from Twilight Princess made me excited. I pre-ordered the game with high hopes just after playing Ocarina of Time 3D.When I finally started playing the game, the charm, story, and the fresh, new gameplay had me hooked. I was very satisfied, for a while. Soon the gameplay got old. The motion controls became annoying to use in th...

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