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    Loved the review, nice one.

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    Wish I could have gotten another review out for spotlight time, but only just beat Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and writing something now, loving the reviews in the spotlight this week!

  • BlueHoleProd wrote a review of Resistance 3.
    Resistance 3 Review

    Resistance's time as a series seemed to be limited even as the first one released. It just didn't feel fresh enough, important enough, nothing blew you away, it seemed to lie on the back of other fra...

  • BlueHoleProd wrote a review of Resistance 2.
    Resistance 2 Review

    The original Resistance was an amazing playing game brought down by its lack of compelling characters, story, graphical style and musical originality, it's a lot to be brought down by and almost sound...

  • BlueHoleProd wrote a review of Resistance: Fall of Man.
    Resistance: Fall of Man Review

    What's the best thing about the PS3 in 2020? Is it the amazing line-up of games and the readily availab-no it's how cheap every game is. Needing something to chill with after Christmas destroyed my w...

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