Best of 2007

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  • PC - Gorgeous in every possible way, heightened further by playing it after 6 months of non-PC gaming, man it was fucking amazing. Seriously. Gaming rarely gets this good, we are blessed.

  • PC - "THE" first person shooter of the year. Single player will go down in gaming history as some of the most intense, emotionally involving war games ever, and the multiplayer. Well, I'm still playing it. I can't believe I'm putting a CoD game in my top 10, nevermind at No.2!!

  • A real breath of fresh air for the RTS genre, sporting the first single player campian not to put me to sleep within the first 5mins for first time since Tiberium Sun, and great team-based multiplayer. And nukes, oh the nukes. I still hate you Fyndir for carpet bombing my forest hidden, infantry army, ahhh still puts a grin on my face.

  • I've stopped playing Q3 because of this game, need I say more?

  • A new breed of adventure/survival horror game with a innovative control system allowing logical puzzle solving in a realistic environment. Truly frightening and also the proud owner of one of the most emotionally disturbing endings to grace a computer game.

  • Could have been number 1 if it weren't for the lack of polish, shame really. Still, fantastic atmosphere, interesting and unique gameplay, roll on Clear Sky I say.

  • Despite all of the hype and poor post-release exposure, I found it, much to my suprise to be massively enjoyable. Playing as a human Predator, stalking your prey, killing, disappearing into the jungle. Probably the most exciting stealth opportunities since Thief. Or you could just single handily destroy a few platoons, and tear a village apart while you're at it. Sure the story was v.silly, very B-Movie, but I think that was the intention and who cares when you're taking heads off from 300m away with a sniper rifle before heading into a bunker with a mini-gun.......

  • Kick ass dungeon crawler from Hideo Kojima with some rather nifty game mechanics such as a day/night cycle and a complete weather system. Challenging, rewarding and involving with a really cool art style. Ah heck, I'm just a sucker for isometric game, heh.

  • PC - Absolutely outstanding atmosphere, literally dripping with plot and characters. However, despite the shiny, shiny exterior, the gameplay was old hat and severally lacking in imagination. A wonderful game, but disappointing.

  • DS - This one however, is made practically of old gaming elements but cooked up just right to offer an awesome stew of goodness! Shit! Why did a let someone borrow my copy!?!