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Vociferous and vehement in every way 2

Spitting molten curses at a rate that would certainly make Jerry Sadowitz proud, Bulletstorm crashes into the cosy FPS genre spraying broken glass and mutants aplenty. The entrance is vociferous and vehement in every way, nonchalantly swinging at anything in the way but some how also managing to charm with a remarkable lick of charisma that would make Huge Jackman blush. Bulletstorm then proceeds to kick its closest modern shooter rivals squarely in the face and keeps on shooting as they fly ove...

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Blacklight is a cheap generic shooter 0

My initial reaction to the cover-art of Blacklight was, “Equilibrium style futuristic warfare eh? Sign me up!” 10 of my earth pounds for multiplayer goodness without all of the trim… sure, why not? Unfortunately my fantasies of shooting motorcycle helmeted goons will have to remain unfulfilled for the time being. While Blacklight is a decent piece of gunplay, its sights are set too high and it’s ultimately ended up as shadowy corpse in the wake of the top shooters on the market today. Blacklight...

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Plain Sight is focused, beautiful and exciting 0

Plain Sight is a riot from the lovely candy like visuals to the silly squeaks and mechanical screams of robots being dismantled. Like the brassy jazz that accompanies the main menu Plain Sight is both playful and chaotic, hinging on the intrigue of complex patterns created by players navigating 3D space. The exciting combination of flying and hunting is difficult to master but rewards the player with the thrill of something resembling a dance gone mad. Particularly as the only way to score point...

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Condensed hybrid that stands out from the crowd. 0

Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) titles have quite the reputation: demons, angels, science, religion, deep character and story development and oh yes, being unapologetically difficult. Devil Survivor not only manages to squeeze the SMT experience onto the DS but successfully with a unique tactical RPG hybrid system. Fusing with this departure in gameplay style is an interesting story which is gripping to the end. The fates of teenage Japanese youngsters are par the course in JRPGs but this addictive tac...

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It's going to take more than a jet-pack to impress me... 0

Where is the anthropomorphised hero these days? Skinned and draped round the latest generic space marine no doubt; the muscle head grunting and flexing, cursing at girls while blowing large chunks out of muddy environments with equally brown enemies. Don't get me wrong, I love shooting things but the current palette trend is a trifle stale. Konami has dived deep into their back catalogue this time to rustle up some colour, enter Sparkster, one tough opossum decked out in full knight armour, an e...

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An exhilarating experience and quite unlike anything we have seen 0

 Bing! “Thank you for supporting interactive drama!” chimes the PSN trophy. David Cage is very comfortable with what his latest project has become and is unafraid to define it. Heavy Rain may take some time to gather momentum but once it’s rolling, you’ll be powerless to stop it. Few games, or other media for that matter involve the player in the story as an emotionally engaged participant, instead tending to leave you on the sideline as a passive observer. Dark, beautiful and thrilling, Heavy R...

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Innovative, provocative, exciting and beautiful. 0

 I tend to find myself repelled by RPGs released by the big publishers these days; over emphasis on graphics to woo the eyes, a run of the mill story and underdevelopment of the actual game. The World Ends With You (TWEWY) is an exception to this in almost every way, instead instantly grabbing my attention from the first announcement and holding it until the end credits. TWEWY is an exceptional game in every sense of the word: perfect for the platform, innovative, provocative, exciting and beaut...

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There is no excuse for this 0

"Play your favourite games!", boasts the back of the box complete with illustrative screenshot mock ups of Connect 4, Battleship, Operation and Bop It! Fair enough, board games are a great way to spend social time with family and friends, nothing better than a good punch up over Mayfair or rent disputes. Digital translations of the dice rolling, piece prodding, card shuffling past-time have been mightily successful often adding rather than detracting from the experience, just look at the adult m...

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A beautiful game with a wonderfully quirky soul 0

 I’ve been playing computer game since I was six. I don’t know how many games I have played. More than I can remember anyway…..but I’ve never played anything like Darwinia. From the eye-catching box and amusing manual to the 60Mb install (really!) everything about Darwinia intrigues. What kind of game is it you ask? I’ll tell you….this game is fun. Remember that? When games were fun? Not just about flashy graphics? It really is a joy to play. Regardless of gaming backgrounds the nostalgic presen...

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Truly overlooked action/RPG classic. 0

Strife may be getting on a bit these days, it’s nearly 10 years old, and in many ways is very dated. Don’t let this put you off though, this underdog is still very much worth playing. This early mating of 1st-person shooter and RPG has a fun story, exciting action and more exploration than most modern shooters. And a flamethrower, oh yes.  It has a genuinely creepy atmosphere in places.  While the story in Strife is nothing incredible, mostly reminiscent of an old dark sci-fi flick: think cults,...

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A gorgeous haemorrhage of colours and fantastic 2D animation 0

I’m sure some of you will scream at me for this, but this is my first venture into the world of Bleach. Don’t start, come on, I know my anime. It’s just one of these shows that just never appealed to me, along with Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and Samurai X and other fighting heavy shows. It’s the incessantly thin excuses for slow-mo charges, super charged fireballs and over the top voice acting. I’m sure it’s great, but I’ll stick to my Ergo Proxy and Guardian of the Spirit thanks.   You bunch of cand...

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Immersive, atmospheric and vastly unappreciated. 0

Like most 13 year olds I loved Jurassic Park and the book even more when I got round to reading it. After countless despicable game tie-ins particularly during the 16-bit era, I'd lost hope for there ever being a opportunity to explore a island infested with dinosaurs. Lucky for me, the team at DreamWorks Interactive had the same idea, a 1-person, exciting, realistic survival horror in a Jurassic park setting. Excellent. Set several years after Jurassic Park:  The Lost World, the game presents t...

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