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@big_denim: doom slayer is too angry to waste time throwing grenades he needs both them hands at all times

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It really was a fantastic demo. The first time he shot out that grapple hook I lost it. The shoulder launcher, the flamethrower, the wrist blade, coop-invasions!, air-dash/side-step, the hell sword right at the end! So much cool new stuff I can't wait to get hands on. Still has that great badass/really dumb attitude they nailed in the first one like when slammed the head of a demon into its chest hahaha.

Environments look huge. I don't remember anything from the first game coming close to the map they pulled up. Maybe I should play it again just to make sure.

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The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, and Charles Lindbergh Great read about the dawn of modern flight. Anyone even slightly interested in flight should give this book a look. Amazing how much these three guys contributed to advancing aviation. Moves incredibly well for a non-fiction book the author does a great job at weaving topics together. I could not put it down.

Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS Neat look at the unconventional beginnings and tactics of the SAS. Lots of great characters and stories. Entertaining and informative read. Some of the missions they pulled off put even the wildest action movies to shame.

D-Day Through German Eyes Books 1+2 A raw and sometimes appalling look into the minds of German soldiers towards the end of WW2. Most of the interviews were recorded shortly after the war and are completely unfiltered. I have read many books written from the allied side of the war and it is always interesting to read things from the other side.


S. A mystery within a novel. It is a book written by a fictional author who was an enigma. The story of the author and some strange happenings around the book are told in the margins through a conversation between two students studying the book. A bit tough tough to keep track of the story threads but so far it is tons of fun. Have not finished it yet but it has kept me invested and I am excited to see how it all wraps up.

and of course...Too many Star Wars me