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Conquests 2: More conquestier. (Games I have beaten in 2012)

So here it is, my list of games I have completed in 2012. My list last year was really a motivation to complete a lot more games, and I think it was a success with completing 52 games. I will try and top that number this year.

List items

  • So not only did I beat this game on January 1st, but I played through the entire game in one sitting in co-op with my wife. This game is so incredibly fun I can not wait to get more figures to play with.

  • Finished the main game on the Windows Phone version. Surprisingly addictive game for how simple it really is.

  • Played through the arcade version of this one. For the love of all that is holy this game is hard. I died so many times playing through this I don't think I could count that high. While incredibly hard I still had quite a bit of fun playing through it.

  • I had no idea if this game was going to be fun before I went into it. Well it turned out to be a fun beat 'em up. I was quite surprised at how fun it was considering it is based on a movie. The game is fast, with enough variety between the characters to keep one entertained until the end.

  • Another arcade game that I played through. I have been on a kick of playing a bunch of old arcade games lately. This game was quite fun, and I plan on playing through it again.

  • This is a game I bought on a whim during a Steam daily deal. I ended up enjoying the game so much that I beat the game in one sitting. The game is really just a Katamari clone, but I love Katamari so that is not a problem for me. I actually think this game controls better than Katamari even.

  • Another arcade game that I had only planned on playing a short while to get some information from and ended up beating the entire game. This was a pretty average beat 'em up, but still fun.

  • Got this for XBLA and then proceeded to beat it. I am a sucker for the old arcade beat 'em ups so of course I had to get this one. Pretty short, which is to be expected from an arcade beat 'em up, so I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are like me and like playing through these games multiple times.

  • Finished the main storyline as well as a pretty good amount of the side quests. This was quite an awesome game. This game really took a lot of things I didn't like about Oblivion and made them better, and made the stuff I did like in Oblivion even better as well.

  • Finished this one on the Sega Saturn. One night I decided to hook up my Saturn and start playing all the games that I had. Daytona was the first game I decided to play. This game is still quite fun and I plan on playing it some more soon.

  • Another arcade game that I played through to the end. This is a crazy Japanese only arcade game that is basically a collection of mini-games. This was something I was going to briefly play so I could do a little something for the wiki and ended up having enough fun to finish it.

  • So before the demo was released I knew literally nothing about Kingdoms of Amalur. I heard there were Mass Effect 3 unlocks by playing the demo so I decided to give it a shot. Well I ended up loving it so much that I immediately went and pre-ordered the collectors edition. I put around 35 hours into the game before finishing the main story, and I still have to finish up some side and faction quests.

  • An Xbox Live Indie game that I picked up on a whim because I loved playing Picross on the DS. Well this game is totally worth anyones $1 for a great set of Picross puzzles.

  • Beat this one on Midway Arcade Treasures 2. This game is awful in every way imaginable. I am not sure why I stuck with it all the way through. Avoid this one at all costs.

  • Holy Cow! What a great ending to a great trilogy. The whole game was a ride that I won't soon forget, and yes I even liked the ending, so there.

  • This is a pretty fun arcade beat 'em up/shooter. It also is created by Konami, Konami sure did make some great arcade games back then.

  • Bought this one in a half price sale. I figured I liked the board game so I would like this one. I ended up beating the single player right after I bought it, tried to play the game online but could only find one person.

  • Another step in my goal of finishing all of my 360 games. I had bought this game on launch day and beat the original Alice, but never even touched Madness Returns. Well once I set a goal to finish all of my 360 games I decided to start with this one. This was a pretty great game, except for the last chapter, that I did not care for.

  • This is a game I only had a mild interest before it was part of a half off sale. Since it was $5 I decided I would give it a go. I ended up REALLY enjoying this game, far more than I had thought I was going to. While the gameplay is pretty much a standard twin stick shooter, it was the presentation that I really loved. Between having original voices and music, the game uses actual scenes from the TV show for the cutscenes.

  • I really had a blast playing through Mario 3D Land. It was probably one of the easiest Mario games, but that does not diminish the fun. This was the first game for the 3DS that made me glad to own the system.

  • Wow did this game take me by complete surprise. First of all I would have never thought a game based on Sour Patch Kids could be fun, but it sure is. Second, I couldn't believe how much iffy language and violence was in it, and I found myself laughing quite often throughout.

  • Trials Evolution was not only a great game, but it was a game that I think I hated just as much as I loved. The extreme tracks in this game made me want to break a controller, but thankfully I did not and did finish the tracks.

  • I am counting this game as beat on the Xbox 360. I earned all of the achievements to be had and put over 75 hours as of this date (5-30-2012).

  • Bulletstorm made it on both my 2011 and 2012 completed lists. Last year I finished the PC version, and now I decided to pick up and beat the Xbox 360 version. It really is a shame this game didn't sell better, I would love a sequel.

  • This one is thanks to my shiny new PS+ subscription. While I did enjoy playing through this game, I still have the problem of being terrible at fighting games.

  • Downloaded this when I got my 3DS and neglected it for a while. Well I finally decided to sit down and play it. I played a couple of the stages with a second player and the rest by myself. This game is fun, but pretty short and nowhere near as good as other games in the Zelda series.

  • Got this one on the 360 during the cheap games on demand sale. I figured going in to this game that it would not be very good at all. I was however surprised at how much I did enjoy playing it, and anyone who is a fan of the Tony Hawk style extreme sports games should give it a shot it found for cheap enough.

  • I still have that problem I mentioned in Virtua Fighter 5 with being terrible at fighting games, but I still really enjoyed playing through Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I snagged a download of this from Amazon when they were selling it for cheap so I figured I might as well. I did enjoy this one more than the regular version of Street Fighter IV.

  • Another game down all thanks to PlayStation Plus. I REALLY liked this one, I went in to it expecting it to be something I would have fun with but ultimately not care about afterwards. However what I got was a game that for me was much better than Gears of War, which it seems to often be compared to.

  • So I skipped over buying the Mario Kart games when they were released for both the Wii and GameCube because I just didn't find them nearly as fun as the previous entries in the series. For some reason I decided to pull the trigger and pick this one up right away. I have to say that I found this to be the most fun Mario Kart game I have played since Mario Kart 64.

  • I had never even heard of this game before I picked it up for $5 in Microsoft's big Games on Demand sale. Going in I figured it wasn't going to be very good and probably aimed at kids. Well I was right on both of those, but somehow I managed to still enjoy myself. The game reminds me very much of the Katamari games, but nowhere near the quality of those games.

  • Man was I looking forward to the release of this game. I was looking forward to it so much I couldn't help but feel a little let down by the final product. Something about the game feels off from the originals, and bailing seems to happen WAY easier as well. Despite the games shortcomings I did still find quite a bit of enjoyment in it and will purchase future DLC that gets released.

  • Got this one for really cheap on the PC and started playing it basically so I could get more achievements. What happened next really took me by surprise, I quite enjoyed this game. I had expected to be bored with it and play it for a few minutes, however I ended up hooked on it and played it for quite a few hours and finished both the season mode and arcade modes.

  • I finished this one on the Xbox 360 last year and this year I finished the Game of the Year Edition on Steam. As soon as I started this one I got just as hooked as I did the first time I played it.

  • It took me a while to get this game, but when I did I jumped right in. This game, like Arkham Asylum, is a really great game. However, I did not seem to enjoy it quite as much as I did with Arkham Asylum, but I can't quite seem to put my finger on why that is. In any case I still had a blast playing through it and plan to find at least a good amount more of the Riddler trophies.

  • Picked this one up in the used bin at Gamestop for dirt cheap. Going in I really wasn't expecting this to be any fun, but to my surprise it was. Now this game would be nowhere near a top list of just about anything, but I still really had fun going through it. The game did not take me long to finish, just a handful of hours, but I would say if you can find it for cheap go ahead and give it a try.

  • Picked this one up and played it through to completion, and with DLC even more in one sitting. This game is a game I have been waiting for ever since Amplitude. I absolutely loved Frequency and Amplitude, and have always liked this style better than with the instruments.

  • Beat this one on the Mortal Kombat Kollection on Steam. I certainly had a tough time with more than a couple of these fights. After playing through this again recently I can honestly say, I still don't like this game.

  • Just like the original Mortal Kombat, I completed this one on the Mortal Kombat Kollection on Steam. This game is certainly a much better game than the original is, but I still can't say I enjoyed it very much. Also, screw that last boss, I think it took me 100+ tries to finally beat that.

  • Man what an amazing game. This game was probably my favorite of all the games on the Xbox 360 in terms of the graphics and art style. This game also had a pretty large amount of levels to it. The game gets pretty difficult towards the end, which seemed like a nice change of pace from other platforming games this generation.

  • Just decided to play this game on a complete whim one day. It is really not a great version of the game as it moves along very slowly. Decided to play through a couple of games.

  • Sat down and beat the SNES version of this game. It took me somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour to beat it. I had a ton of fun with this game, and it made me really want to watch the movie again.

  • Man this game is still just as much fun to me as it was in 1991. I originally just planned to play it for around a half hour or so, but got hooked and ended up beating the game over the course of a couple of days.