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Conquests IV: The Reckoning (Games I Beat in 2014)

Here we go, the 2014 edition of my list of games that I completed. This is the fourth year running that I have decided to keep track of which games I beat in the year. Every year my goal is to top the amount of games from the previous year. Last year is going to be really hard to top with 69 games finished. So this year the goal is to hit 70 or more games, which is going to be a huge feat for me.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal.

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  • (Beaten on January 03, 2014.)

    Here it is, the first game finished in 2014. I got this game for Christmas of 2013 and played it quite a lot until beating it on January 3, 2014. I ended up finishing EVERY side mission/activity/campaign. This game was a blast from start to finish, and kept surprising me time after time.

    So not only was Saints Row IV the first game I completed in 2014, it was also the second! I ended up downloading it for a free weekend on Steam and ended up beating the game yet again, and even finished all the side quests and collectibles.

  • So after one initial start on the PS3 and having my save file get corrupted, a couple weeks later I gave it another shot. This time I managed to finish it on hard. The difficulty, even on hard really was not very hard at all, but it was an enjoyable experience anyway. I liked the campaign in this one much more than Battlefield 3.

  • I finally did it. I completely quit playing this game when it was released on the Xbox 360 because I honestly didn't really get it and it just frustrated me. Thanks to Patrick and his Spelunkin' with Scoops feature I gained a new interest in the game. I still have plenty of struggles with the game, but on 2/3/2014 I ended up beating it on the daily challenge run on the PS3.

  • So when I originally got The Last of Us I played for probably about an hour or so and put it down. Then for whatever reason I got distracted with other games. Well when I finally went back to Last of Us I ended up being blown away. I ended up playing through the entirety of the game in two sittings and loved every minute of it. This game is right up there for me for contender ship of game of the generation.

  • Yet another great game completed this year. I ended up finishing The Last of Us, Spelunky (again), and Rogue Legacy all on the same day. Rogue Legacy took me over 15 hours to finally complete and honestly I had no idea it took that long because I was hooked on the game. I would say if anyone is wanting to pick up one of these "rogue-like" style games, this would be a great one.

  • First game finished on my new PS4 I got for my birthday! This seemed like a really great "smaller" game on the system. I had quite a bit of fun playing through this game and will probably go through it at least a couple more times.

  • A pretty dumb Yahtzee game for my phone. The game has an adventure mode in which you play through various people and variations on the regular Yahtzee game. Nothing to special and I did not care for the weird rule variations.

  • This game was actually really fun. I love the throwback style to the old 8-bit games in both visuals AND game play style. Not to mention the music is REALLY great.

  • Ended up downloading this off of the Japanese PSN store for the PS4 since I got my PS4 after it was no longer available for PS+ members. I had heard a lot of negativity towards this game before going in but I have to say I had a decent amount of fun with it.

  • Another game for the PS4 beaten this year. Before any reviews for this came out I thought the game looked really good. Then the reviews started to make it sound pretty negative. I decided the game still looked good and jumped in, but with maybe slightly lower expectations. What I ended up finding was an incredibly enjoyable game, well except for those boss fights at the end of the game.

  • I was really anticipating this game before release, but after hearing of many bugs and issues with the game I decided to hold off. I ended up getting it on a Steam sale for $10 and dove right in. This game totally lived up to what I wanted, I was almost kicking myself for having waited this long. Was it more of the same in the Arkham seires? Yes it was, but that is perfectly fine with me.

  • So I was WAY late to the party on this one for sure. I actually got a similar vibe from this as I did with Contrast, with some of the puzzles and the story. This game however is far more polished and enjoyable. The story was quite interesting and hit really hard at the end. I ended up playing this on Steam and would recommend people check this out if for nothing else than experiencing the story.

  • Picked this one up on the cheap for the PS3. Even though I finished it on the 360 back when it was first released it has been a while so I decided I would play through it again. While I have gotten completely tired of the broken and uninspired multiplayer, this single player campaign was still pretty fun to play through again.

  • Another PS4 game down this year. I love a lot of things about this game, especially the look and style of it. I had quite a bit of fun with some frustrating moments sprinkled in, mainly with some of the controls. I ended up beating it and then cleaning up and getting 100% and it felt like a pretty short experience, but that did not bother me.

  • Since I have been hearing so much about the Game Boy lately due to its 25th anniversary I have been playing a bunch of my games for it. Well I decided to play some Super Mario Land, a game for which I have a fondness due to memories I had as a kid getting this with my Game Boy. I actually thought it was still quite good here in 2014. The game actually controls better than I had remembered and was still a blast to play. The music is also great, but for some reason the Game Boy I was playing it on kept getting quiet, looks like I need to open it up.

  • I waited FAR too long to play this game. I am a huge fan of the previous games in the Monkey Island series and even ended up getting this close to its release. I ended up picking the game up again for .99 on PSN during the sale and decided to play it on there instead of the PC (trophies...). Either way this game totally brings me back to playing the originals as a kid and I loved every second of it. I am looking forward to diving into the next episode. Also, the title theme of Monkey Island is still amazing.

  • I am not entirely sure what possessed me to sit down and play this hidden object game, but I ended up sitting and finishing it in one 4 hour session. The game has terrible cutscenes and even more terrible voice acting. I have never seen the TV show this is based off of, but I really hope the actors show more emotion then their characters in the game did. Even though the game seems super low budget and not great I did still manage to have some fun with it.

  • A game I ended up finishing pretty much so I could work on the wiki page for it. The game ended up being alright, but not as good as other Jetsons games I have played.

  • Another game I finished so I could work on its page in the wiki. I am pretty terrible at Jeopardy! normally, but this one is aimed at younger folks so it wasn't too hard. It pretty much ended up being another Jeopardy! game with absolutely no bells or whistles.

  • Just picked this one out of my Steam library to play out of the blue. Man, what a story this game has on it. The actual gameplay is pretty bland and controls are not very good, but that is not what this game is about. The story was very emotional and quite a ride for sure. It only took a few hours to complete but it was a totally worthwhile few hours that I suggest anyone try it out if you get the chance.

  • So I got my shiny new Vita on June 15th, 2014 so the first game I just HAD to beat on it was Divekick. I think the game works really well on the Vita and I will probably play it a bunch more on it.

  • Picked this game up on Steam during the summer sale. I had been wanting to play this since before it was released but for some reason or another never picked it up. Well I wish I had gotten it sooner because I LOVED this game. Brought me right back to being a kid and playing the NES game over and over again. I had heard a lot of negativity about this game, but I don't get why. I would give this game a recommend to anyone who has fond memories of playing the NES or just likes fun 2D platforming games.

  • So I love everything about this game....except for the gameplay. I loved the charm, art style, and writing, but could not get past the gameplay. I didn't mind it so much towards the beginning of the game, but when at the end of the game in which it requires more precise movements I was really not enjoying myself. I am glad that I ended up picking it up for $5 in the Steam Summer Sale since that seems to be the right price for this enjoyable but ultimately short and frustrating game.

  • This game was a complete surprise to me. I saw it on Steam one day when adding games to the wiki and found that it was a Metroidvania style game that actually looked decent. Well I picked it up during the summer sale and gave it a shot. It is an incredibly short game with me finishing it in a little under 2 hours. I actually really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it if anyone is looking for a very light Metroidvania experience.

  • So I got to play through this game thanks to Steam Family sharing. I really did not have high hopes for this game before it was released and really did not pay much attention to it. Man was I surprised when I actually played the game. I had a ton of fun playing it. I do think maybe it was just slightly too long as the last level in the game felt a little unneeded. Overall it was a GREAT experience that I would recommend people give a shot.

  • I did not start playing Wolf Among Us until the fourth episode had just come out despite owning since the first one was released. For whatever reason I thought maybe I would not like it as much as Walking Dead, but boy was I wrong. I ended up liking, nay, loving this game way more than I did Walking Dead. I found the setting, characters, and story to be much more entertaining than I did with Walking Dead. This game took me by surprise and now I can not wait for another season of this.

  • I did not pick this game up until the summer sale on Steam this year. I kind of wish I had picked it up at the full price on release because I had a lot of fun with it. There were moments where the gameplay felt repetitive or a little bit off but overall I liked it. The humor and charm are where I really fell in love with this game. I ended up playing it completely in co-op with a friend that I had not played a game with in quite some time so that probably also helped. Also the bonkers.

  • This was the first physical cart game I purchased for my Vita. The Katamari series is one that I pretty much love every entry in. I missed the PS3 version entirely so it has been quite a while since I played one. I did not really care for the touch screen stretch gimmick in this game so I ended up playing through it without using more than once or twice. I had a ton of fun overall with it, but it was pretty short.

  • A free Broforce stand alone game to advertise for the Expendables 3 movie. For a very short (took me less than an hour to beat) movie tie-in the game was fun. I haven't actually played Broforce, so I kind of took this as a free demo of sorts to see if I like Broforce. I will probably end up buying that game at some point, but I feel like maybe I got my fill for a bit with this one.

  • This has to be one of the most repetitive and boring games I have ever spent 5 hours on to beat. I have been playing my fair share of these hidden object games and this has to be an example of the worst one yet. I would not have thought a game with the Pop Cap name on it would be this bad. I would say do not play this, not even if you like hidden object games. The game has only a handful of scenes, I think it was eight. You will play those eight scenes over and over and over and over and over again and there is no real story to be had.

  • Played through this one on the PS4. I quite enjoyed this game all the way through except for the final boss which beat me down more than once. I am not a huge fighting game fan, but the way this one was structured and plays I really enjoyed.

  • I played through this one purely to work on its wiki page. While it was pretty boring and really short, it actually seems like a game that would be decent for a very young child.

  • Kind of odd jumping from a Blue's Clues game to Call of Duty. This was the first Call of Duty that I did not purchase. I was so fed up with the multiplayer going downhill year over year that I just decided to be done with them. Well I ended up getting this game for free for the 360 so I figured I would play through the campaign. It was....alright I guess. It was fun while it lasted but really was just another Call of Duty game. I always enjoy the campaigns for what they are.

  • I had started this game sometime last year and stopped about 40 minutes in for whatever reason. Well as I was browsing through my installed Steam games I decided it would be time to finish this bad boy. I ended up for whatever reason really getting sucked into it this time and what turned from "I will only play for like a half hour" into "Well I guess it is 2 hours later and I finished the game". I really enjoyed all the not so subtle references throughout the game as well as the idea of unlocking things such as pre-rendered backgrounds from treasure chests.

  • Played through this one on Steam entirely in co-op with a buddy of mine. This game seems to be really kicked around and to be fair it has a lot of problems. I encountered lots of glitches and issues, but yet I still had a lot of fun with it. I am sure playing it in co-op helped a lot, but I think I would have even enjoyed it solo.

  • A hidden object game that wasn't too bad. The voice acting in this game is laughably bad, but the overall art style and setting was enjoyable. The puzzles in this one were not very challenging, but the game made sure to mix things up quite a bit along the way. It even had a picross puzzle at the end.

  • I went in to this one expecting the very worst. I beat the first two games with the same friend, so when I found this game for super cheap we decided it was time to finish the holy trinity of Army of Two. I actually ended up enjoying the game quite a bit, certainly more than I thought I would. I ended up liking this game more than the second one for sure. Of course since I played it co-op that probably made it a much better experience than it would have if I had played it alone.

  • I played through this one on the PS4. I had gotten this game as a gift pre-order waaaayyyy back in March. I tried not getting myself too hyped up and tried to avoid as much of the coverage before release as possible. I really did enjoy my time with the game (and still do) but it certainly has its problems. While I did finish the story, I am continuing to play strikes, find better gear, and play with some other people.

  • To put it simply, I loved this game. I sat down to just start the game to get a feel for it and ended up finishing it. I absolutely love games that use FMV, and this intentionally "bad" acting and the style was something that kept me playing. Not to mention the actual game play was also fun. Even though I finished the story I will be going back in to try more challenges and collect more stuff.

  • So the Katamari series is one that I came to late in the game. The first game in the series that I played was Beautiful Katamari and I fell in love with it. I recently found the first entry in the series at a thrift store so I decided it was finally time to play through it. The series has certainly improved on some of the camera and control issues, but even so I still loved this one as well.

  • This one seems to be a yearly tradition for me to play through. This time I actually had three other people play through it with me which made it a lot more fun.

  • I had beaten this one previously on the Xbox 360, but I noticed I had acquired it on Steam so I decided to beat it there too. I actually really like this game, and did much better this time than I did on the 360.

  • Picked this game up the morning of release without the intention of buying it that day. But of course seeing it on the shelf it was calling to me. I really enjoyed this game a LOT. I ended up playing through classic mode with every character and all-star mode with a good number of them. I haven't played any online multiplayer yet, but I am satisfied with my purchase just with the single player alone. The only real gripe I have with this game is controlling it with the circle pad. I really wish I could switch control to the D-pad.

  • Downloaded this one on my phone through the Humble Bundle app. I had no idea what this game was before I played it but since I had gotten it in a bundle I figured I would give it a shot. I enjoyed the game quite a bit and it is the perfect kind of game I like playing on the phone with short levels. The game overall was a fun, but short romp.

  • I remember when Peggle 2 was first released on the Xbox One I really wanted to play it, but did not have an Xbox One. Well the game eventually got released on the PS4 as well and it totally came out of nowhere for me. I actually saw someone on my friends list to even find out that it was out. I liked the game, but not as much as I had thought I would have. I was actually playing Peggle Nights earlier the same day and have to say I still prefer it.

  • Yet another game I got to play through on the PS4 thanks to PlayStation Plus. I downloaded both this and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth on the same day and fully expected to be more into Binding of Isaac. Well, that was not the truth as I ended up REALLY loving this game. I played through the bulk of this game in one sitting, telling myself frequently that I would just turn it off after I finished my current goal only to do that over and over. I honestly can't put my finger on what I loved so much about this game, just that something about it really hooked me and left me wanting more at the end. I am really looking forward to seeing what is next in this series.

  • I was going through my old NES games and cleaning them and getting ready to sell some doubles. Well this process has been taking a long time considering I keep stopping to play them. I ended up clearing both of these games multiple times each.

  • It has been quite some time since I played a LEGO game, and when I picked this one up for pretty cheap I decided it was time to dive in to another one. I really had a lot of fun playing this, and they really made this game look really nice compared to previous LEGO games.

  • Got a free code for the Steam version of this through Loot Crate. It was pretty much what I expected, and I pretty much still completely suck at fighting games. It was fun I suppose, I am just not a big fighting game fan.

  • I ended up playing through the game's "campaign". Not only have I been playing this and having a ton of fun doing it, but I am playing it on the 360.

  • Another game with a campaign that uses that word loosely I think. I actually have been wanting to play this game since release as I loved Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I FINALLY got around to playing this one on the 360 and could not have been more let down. This game did not seem very good, but maybe if I had played it on release I would have enjoyed it more?

  • Picked this one up for only $5. It sat sealed on my shelf until the day my sisters boyfriend came over and wanted to play it co-op, so I figured "why not?" Well it turned out to be a lot more fun than I had expected it to be. I don't know if playing it co-op helped, but I enjoyed it more than Gears 1 or 2. I still have yet to play the third one, and now I might have to pick it up.

  • Finished this one on MAME while in Anarchy Arcade. I had never played this game before and ended up liking it a lot. It is a pretty easy game, but a fun one.

  • Got this one as a gift for Christmas on the PS4. I had all but written off this series after being really into it for a long time. Around the time Modern Warfare 3 came out I felt like the online really started to go downhill. Well this game turned that around for me as I really liked this entry in the series. I have only played a small amount of the multiplayer so far, but it seems improved. I really enjoyed the campaign quite a bit and feel that the new future setting was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale franchise.

  • I managed to sneak this one in on the last day of 2014. Not only did I just barely beat this one in 2014 I think it may have just been my favorite of the year. This is one of those games that almost feels like it was made for me. Most of the other "throwback" pixel art style games just feel like they have something missing while Shovel Knight is absolutely a perfect example of a throwback done right. Not only does this game seem like a plausible NES game, it also improves on that in ways that don't seem to ruin the NES like experience.

    If you are someone who grew up playing and loved NES games like Duck Tales and Mega Man, then Shovel Knight is a MUST buy.