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Conquests of 2011 (Games I have beaten this year)

Every year I tell myself I should track how many games I beat in a year, well now this year I am going to do it. I want to try and finish a wide variety of game types. I am also wanting to go back and complete some retro games, some I have beaten in the past and some I have not.

List items

  • Incredible game. I missed this one in 2010, but I am super glad I ended up playing through it. I plan on playing through this one more times as well. Took me about 36 hours.

  • Finished this one in one day, but that doesn't detract from the awesomeness. I played through this one on Co-op with my wife the whole way through and it was a really great experience. There are not many games anymore that are this co-op puzzle solving style that I really love. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a great co-op experience that is not an FPS game. Took me about 7 hours to beat it on co-op.

  • I have beaten this game about 4 times over on the PC already, but this time I finished it on the 360. So now I have beaten this game a total of 5 times and I still love it. I also love the fact that there is Co-op on the 360 version. This one took me a few hours to beat.

  • I have owned this game on PC since it was released, but for one reason or another never got around to finishing it. Well due to the recent weekly sale on XBLA, I picked up the HD version. Well this time I decided it was time to finally sit down and finish this baby, and finish it I did. I still found fun in this obviously dated shooter, and I am now starting on the second one. There were times where it got pretty repetitive, but still overall a pretty fun time.

  • Stacking is an XBLA game from one of my favorite developers, Double Fine. This game was so fun to play, throughout the entire game there were things that made me smile. There really isn't enough games like this now days. I loved the puzzles in this game, especially that there are multiple ways to complete each puzzle. I haven't gotten 100% complete yet, but I finished the main story mode. I am eagerly awaiting Double Fine's next game.

  • It is hard to "beat" this game, but I did go through and beat every song the game had to offer. This game is certainly not "my type" of game, but I did have some fun with it.

  • Wow, this is a game that I somehow just completely missed when it came out. Then in early March I got it for my birthday. This game seems to improve upon everything that was wrong in Assasin's Creed 1. This was also a really long game, much longer than I had expected but I was still wanting more.

  • Finished the White version. I have to say I still really enjoy the Pokemon games, but a good amount of the new Pokemon I just don't like as much. Despite that there are numerous upgrades in these new games that more than warrants buying another Pokemon adventure. I also think the "end" of this game is more difficult than any other Pokemon game.

  • I have owned Torchlight for the PC since it was released, but it doesn't run real well on my PC so I never ended up finishing it. Well now it is out on XBLA and that is the platform I finished it on. I have to say I REALLY enjoyed playing this game on my TV with a controller. This game controls so good on a controller. I was completely hooked on this game and played it pretty much every time I turned on my Xbox, even when I had planned to play something else. Bring on Torchlight 2 and the Co-op.

  • This game took me a total of around 3 hours to complete the single player. This is officially the shortest game I have played in quite some time. Not only was it three hours, but I also encountered quite a bit of glitches and problems. Well at least the online portion of the game is fun, which I will play for at least a little while.

  • Man this game would have been in my top 5 of 2010 for sure if I had played it before now. I always knew I would enjoy the game, but with all the negativity I was hearing about it I decided to wait on it. Well I ended up getting it for half off recently and decided to give it a go. I had so much fun in this game, and it seems to improve on everything that I didn't care for in Fable II. I would say anyone who is on the fence about this game should give it a go, I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Decided to download this when it hit the half off sale. Well it was a pretty fun game, but not as great as I was hoping for. I did really enjoy it though and I need to go back through and get the rest of the medallions I missed.

  • This is a game I literally knew nothing about until I got it on sale for $2. This game is a total rip off of Comix Zone, but I don't think they try and hide it. It's not a great game, but I sure as hell did have fun playing it. Every once in a while I need a good beat 'em up game.

  • This is my first beaten retro game of 2011. I didn't think the game was too terribly difficult until I reached the final boss....over and over again. But boy was it satisfying when I got to see that planet blow up at the end.

  • Got this on Xbox Live and had it for a few weeks before I decided to start it up. This game is still really fun, but with unlimited continues it is a very short game. Finished it 3 times in one sitting and got all but one glitched achievement.

  • A quickie little game that is the first game I completely finished on the iPhone. I got 3 stars on all the levels.

  • This is a game I have had sitting on my 360 for over a year. I had beaten only a handful of levels back then and for one reason or another didn't get back to it. Well I had one of my friends recently buy it so we decided to do some co-op. I ended up sitting and playing through this with his straight through all 55 levels. Well we then decided it wasn't enough and decided to play through all 7 levels of 7 levels of hell mode also. It turns out those levels are extremely long and we played this game for somewhere around 9 hours straight.

  • Man when I first got this game I figured I would never beat it. This game, at least to me was very hard at the beginning. However after a little patience and finding out I could buy an item to max out my strength I finished it.

  • I don't own a 3DS myself, but I got to play this game on someone elses. I actually really enjoyed this game. The game was very short, but I loved it using the circle pad.

  • Got my interest in this game back up after I kept hearing about the new 3D version on the 3DS so I decided to pop it in and beat it. Not one that takes too terribly long to beat, but I also beat the 3DS version.

  • Ah Mirror's Edge. This is a game I am in love with the concept of, but not so much the execution. There were many times I got frustrated because the game wouldn't seem to let me jump, or grab on to a ledge I had done previously in the exact same way. However even with the frustrations I still enjoyed the game for what it was. I would really like there to be an improved upon sequel with the combat removed.

  • I never got around to playing all the way through this game on the PC despite owning it for a long time. Well since I picked up Alice: Madness Returns and it comes with the original game I decided I would play through the original first. I remember this game having some terrible control issues, and let me tell you those are still there. I had far too many deaths attributed to control issues. I do think however that the controller makes a big difference, and for this game prefer it over the mouse and keyboard. Despite the control issues the game was still fun and I love the setting and characters.

  • I finished this one on the Xbox 360. I downloaded this while it was on sale quite a while back, but only played 1 or 2 levels before getting distracted by other games. Well today I finally beat it, which is actually the first time I have beaten Sonic 3. This game is most certainly an improvement over the original Sonic, and the music is great also.

  • I avoided pretty much all information about this game prior to it's release intentionally. I literally did not even know what genre of game this was. I am such a huge fan of everything Double Fine puts out that I decided I wanted to be completely surprised by this one. Double Fine did not disappoint me one bit, I loved this game. I love the update to the tower defense genre (that I am admittedly not very good at). I played through the first couple of missions solo then decided I would try my hand at multiplayer. I loved it so much that I ended up finishing the rest of the game with complete strangers, and it was awesome. I am looking forward to the next game from Double Fine (Yes, I will even get the Sesame Street Kinect game).

  • There really isn't much of an end to speak of but I am counting this one as completed. I got pretty decent scores in all the modes but most of all I earned all the achievements on my Windows Phone 7.

  • I had no idea what this game was like before I bought it. It was the first game I purchased for my Windows Phone. It turns out the game is pretty much a Star Wars themed diner Dash game. I actually had quite a bit of fun playing this one.

  • This game was surprisingly easy. I found this port to be pretty fun, but it is lacking in a few areas. The load times were a little annoying considering it is on a cartridge. SNES version.

  • Man what an experience Bastion was. I really loved this game throughout. I think my favorite part of the whole game is having the narration, that really seemed like a neat feature that gave the voiceless main character a personality almost. This game did seem a bit on the short side, but I will be playing through it again in New Game +.

  • So when I sat down to play this game I said I was only going to play the tutorial section and maybe the first real section. Well I ended up playing the entire game through in one sitting. I kept getting pulled back every time I was about to take a break. I loved the visuals and the overall style of the game. The gameplay was alright, but there were some points, especially towards the end where the controls while dragging something were starting to wear thin.

  • So I picked this game up something like 8 months ago. I went to the store and they had the collectors edition for $40 so I had to pick it up. Well I started playing it and didn't get very far and for some reason or another I ended up putting it down and not going back to it until now. Well I not only picked this game back up (started from the beginning), but I also beat it in only two sittings. This game really blew me away and I am now super excited for Arkham City.

  • I got this one as a deal of the week for the Windows Phone. This game was really not very good at all. There are only a handful of different scenes that are recycled over and over again and the controls are not very good either. I was constantly pushing the wrong thing, and when you scroll through the scene it counts as guessing for an object. I managed to snag all the achievements in this one and will probably not be playing it again.

  • I really enjoyed playing through Fable: Coin golf. I didn't even know what to expect when I downloaded this game, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I wish the game had been longer, but I can still go back and try to get a gold medal on the levels.

  • I picked this game up for $20 once the price had dropped. I was getting tired of playing Black Ops so I thought I would pick up a different shooter. I ended up not really enjoying the online multiplayer very much at all, which was a disappointment. I was however pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed the single player, even more than Black Ops single player.

  • I can't believe I played all the way through this game. The things I do for the wiki.

  • Man Dead Island came out of nowhere for me. I hadn't really followed this game before it's release. I then watched the quick look and thought it looked pretty fun. Boy had I underestimated it. I had so much fun playing this game that I couldn't put it down. I ended up doing every side mission and completed the game in around 26 hours or so. I had so much fun that I went back and am sitting at 900 gamerscore in the game and I am halfway through my second play through.

  • So I FINALLY picked up Wipeout Pure for the PSP. This is a game I had always wanted but for some reason or another never got. So the last couple of days I have been playing this game quite a bit. I enjoyed this game so much, it was well worth the $10 I paid for it. I had not really played a Wipeout game since I bought my long box version on the launch of the original Playstation. I would recommend this game to anyone who has thought about picking it up but has not yet done so.

  • So I picked this game up on Steam on a whim. I saw that it was a deal of the day for $5 and that it was a Monkey Island style point and click adventure game so I figured why not? Well I ended up REALLY enjoying this game. It has been so long since I have played an adventure game like this. There are plenty of puzzles and humor to be found here and a great time to go with it. It only took me about 4 hours to completely finish the game, but it was totally worth it.

  • Wow this is a weird game. I beat this game in around 20 minutes and I have absolutely no idea what was going on the entire time. It was a decent beat 'em up with some funny weapons. Did I mention this game was weird?

  • Played the TMNT 1989 Arcade port on the Xbox 360. I have beating this game many times, but tonight I got the itch to play through it again. I really love this game and it never gets old for me.

  • This is a game for one reason or another didn't pick up until recently (End of October). I got Bad Company 2 as soon as it was released and enjoyed it quite a bit. I ended up picking this one up for about $5 and figured it would be pretty fun as well. I did enjoy the story/humor of the game, but the gameplay was very frustrating and bland. By the end I was getting more than a little tired of getting killed from miles away, through trees, by an enemy with a shotgun.

  • I've been in kind of a Ninja Turtles mood lately. This game was MUCH easier than the 1989 Arcade game was. I had almost no trouble up until the end of the game, while the bosses in the Arcade game are much more unforgiving. This is still a pretty enjoyable, but short game.

  • So this is the first Call of Duty game I finished it on veteran on the first play through. This is, at least to me the easiest Call of Duty game so far as well. This is also the the first Call of Duty that I really enjoyed playing through on veteran. The reasoning seems to be mostly that I don't get constantly showered with grenades every few seconds.

  • A Pac-Man style game that is pretty fun. This game had a lot more levels than I was expecting. I captured and uploaded clips of all of the cut scenes from this game and uploaded them to YouTube.

  • Holy crap did this game take me by surprise. I got this game included in the Humble Indie Bundle 4 and had NO idea what kind of game it was. I bought the bundle mostly for a couple of other games, but REALLY got into this one. I really love the art style first of all, I am a sucker for the retro style. This is a high quality shooter than I feel more people out there need to pick up.

  • Picked this one up in one of those crazy Steam sales. This game started off really great and fun, but then repetition of the last few missions really just had me wanting it finished. The online portion of the game seems pretty good.

  • The first PS3 game I completed since getting my new PS3. I wasn't really sure if I would get into this game or not, but I ended up loving it.

  • I wanted this game for quite some time, but never ended up getting it on the 360. Well one day it ended up on sale for super cheap on Steam for part one and two. The game was quite fun, although it did start to get repetitive towards the end. I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here.

  • Amazing game. I got this game for Christmas this year, then the next day proceeded to beat it. I plan on playing through games of this quite often. It took me a while to get used to the newish play style of a Civ game, but ended up getting into it quite well.

  • Picked this one up in a Christmas sale on XBLA. I have been wanting to own it for quite some time, but felt like $15 was too much when it first was released. Well for $4 I finally decided like it was a good price. The game was very.....average. The level design did not seem up to par with the classic Sonic games that this was trying to re-create. I did find some fun in it however, save for that final boss...

  • This is a game I had beaten many times in the past on my NES when it first came out. Well a while back I had received 500 free points on the Wii so I decided to download this one. This game is still a blast to play, and I had forgotten how much of a pain the last boss is.

  • Well I just beat what I am going to assume will be the last game I finish of 2011. I had been wanting to pick up Bulletstorm for quite some time, but never got around to getting it. Well behold another Steam sale. I had quite a bit of fun going through the campaign in this game and I am really looking forward to going through all the echoes. By the way, whoever wrote the dialog for this game really does like the word dick.