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Conquests The Third (Games I Beat in 2013)

So here it is, the third year on Giant Bomb that I will be tracking what games I complete. The first year I completed 52 games with the goal of beating more the next year. Well in 2012 I ended up beating 58 games, so this third time around it will be difficult to top last year, but I am going to try.

List items

  • So the first game I completed this year was an incredibly easy SNES game based on the Waldo books. I have played through the NES Waldo game a few times, but never even played this one. Well I played it and it is not a very good representation of Waldo at all, and I would tell others to avoid it.

  • Dust was an excellent experience from top to bottom. I had a lot of fun with the combat especially, which was just fun to see how high of a combo I could get. The art style that seems to have everyone up in arms did not bother me in the least either.

  • Another game that I decided to get because of Giant Bomb. I went with the PC version on Steam. I was completely hooked into this game and finished everything there was to do in a couple of sittings.

  • Finished this one on the Super Nintendo. I have to say it, I thought this game was pretty fun for a very short amount of time. After that short amount of time however I found it to be pretty average and tedious, but I pushed through to the end and finished it since it was fairly short.

  • This is one of those games I pretty much play a bunch of every couple of months.

  • Thanks to the first Picross game on the DS I am now addicted to playing Picross games. Pretty much as soon as I got my 3DS I downloaded this game and slowly made my way through it.

  • Hooked up and tested an SNES system and decided to pop this game in it. Played through it a couple of times. I still use my original cartridge that I got when I was a kid and saved up my money to go to the local Toys R Us and excitedly buy this game.

  • Played through the arcade version of this on Capcom Arcade Cabinet. This was the first time I had ever beaten the game. It was pretty fun, but by the end I was feeling the fatigue.

  • Got this one on XBLA for $5. I actually had quite a bit of fun with this one, even though it was very short. Also got all the achievements on this one.

  • Just like Civ Rev I am pretty much always playing a game of this.

  • Before I got this on XBLA I had only played it a few times in the arcade. I enjoyed the game, but not as much as Sonic the Fighters or Virtua Fighter 2.

  • Played this one through the same day as Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2. Playing this one really brings back some arcade memories, even though most of those memories are of watching other people play this game really well.

  • Man this game really blew me away. I was expecting a somewhat average shooter and yet what I got was something that sucked me in to the point where I finished it in just a couple of sittings. The story in this game, along with gameplay that I thought was pretty solid has made it one of my favorite games that I have played in recent memory.

  • I was getting into the multiplayer of this one quite heavily so I decided to finally play through the single player campaign after acquiring all of the online achievements. The campaign seemed really plain and average, and was pretty much forgettable. I had some fun while it lasted, but it really just felt like most other military shooter campaigns, especially after just beating Spec Ops: The Line right before this.

  • I actually really enjoyed the single player in this game, despite going in with incredibly low expectations. The multiplayer however I did not like at all, so I decided this one was going back on the shelf after the campaign was completed.

  • I hadn't played through this game in years, but then one day just decided to pop it back in and play it. I did not intend on finishing it, but this game is just so darn fun that I ended up doing so anyway.

  • Came to the party pretty late on this one, but it was still a blast. I had so much fun seeing what crazy things would happen when I would attach one thing to another using the hook. The story seemed throw away, but who really cares about that?

  • Played through this game back when it was first released and then never went back to it or any of the sequels. I picked up the other games in the series so I decided to play through this one again before I moved on to them. Ended up getting so into this game that I finished it in one sitting.

  • The next weekend after beating the first Uncharted I did it again with Uncharted 2, but this time going through it in two sittings. I loved this one even more than the first and can see this series as being one on my all time favorite list.

  • And yet again the very next weekend after finishing Uncharted 2, I finished the third entry. This one I also finished in one sitting and loved every second of it. It seems that everyone thought 2 was better, but I think they are about the same. This was a pretty great wrap up to an amazing series on the PS3, now I wish I had a Vita to play that one too.

  • DLC Quest was a fun little game while it lasted. I enjoyed the humor in it and some of the ideas. Overall I would say it was worth the time and money I put into it.

  • So I really enjoyed my time with Hotline Miami. However, I also just decided to skip most of the story bits as I was just enjoying the actual game mechanics so much. I have since caught up on the story and honestly do not regret just skipping it while I played. This one felt more like a puzzle game to me than anything else.

  • As of writing this I still have yet to play FarCry 3, however I was all over Blood Dragon from the moment I saw the first trailer. The gameplay was pretty fun, but by the end it was starting to wear itself out some. However, the atmosphere, art style, and every single other thing about this game was amazing and I loved it.

  • So I had been waiting and waiting to pick this one up for a decent price on the 360 since that was where I wanted to play it first (yes, for achievements). But since I had gotten this for only $5 and had it sitting in my Steam library for so long it finally just tempted me into playing through it on the PC. What a wonderful game Portal 2 is and it surpasses it for me in every way over the original. I am glad I did not wait to play this on 360 and just dove in on the PC.

  • Another PC game that I finished this year. I had already beaten it about 3 times over on the 360, but then got sucked into playing it again on the PC. I ended up playing through all of the Left 4 Dead 2 and original Left 4 Dead stages, and then played some through again online. This game still really holds up and is a ton of fun, I can not wait for a third.

  • Oh man, ANOTHER game I ended up beating on the PC. In my quest for thinning out my Steam library I decided to play through Wizorb. I absolutely loved every thing about this game....until 2/3 of the way through it. Once I hit that back 3rd of the game the level design just started to feel frustrating and unfair causing the levels to drag on for a very long time in hopes the ball would enter some small opening to hit one last block.

  • So I ended up beating the first two episodes immediately when they were released, but then for whatever reason did not play any more until the rest were released. I ended up loving this game, and was even mentally hard for me to keep pushing on at points because of how intense the story was.

  • Played through the arcade mode a few times. I have never really been into the Tekken games very much so it was fun while it lasted but I can't see myself playing it any more.

  • Finished this and Tower of Doom on the Chronicles of Mystara game.

  • Finished this and Shadow over Mystara on the Chronicles of Mystara game.

  • So I had never played either of the games featured in Chronicles of Mystara before I downloaded this game. I ended up falling in love with these games, enough that I ended up playing through both of them at least 3 times each.

  • Beat this one with a second player who had never played Bubble Bobble before. I have played through this game a number of times, but it is always more fun to play with someone else, especially one who has never played it. Oh and hitting that last boss 60 times is a real pain.

  • Downloaded this one on Xbox Live Indie games thanks to a video by the Happy Video Game Nerd. For only $1 this game is a great deal. I would recommend this game to anyone who has nostalgia for older games, or just likes action platforming. The game certainly has some issues, including one where I got stuck in a wall and ended up outside the level, but for only $1 and an amazing soundtrack it is easy to overlook it.

  • Picked this one up on Steam with money from selling some trading cards. I always enjoyed the Scribblenauts games, but really loved playing this one on the PC over a handheld. I love the charm and just pure fun of this game.

  • I am not especially good at Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as I struggled even on lower difficulties, but it was still a lot of fun.

  • Battle: Los Angeles is probably the worst game I played in 2013 and I beat it 3 times, in one sitting no less. The game was so incredibly short with achievements for beating it on each difficulty that don't stack....

  • McPixel was a short, but enjoyable game. I love the quirkyness of the game from the style to the humor. Games like this are why I love indie games so much.

  • I have always loved me some wrestling games, but for one reason or another hadn't played any of the WWE games since 08. I had a ton of fun playing WWE '13 and put a LOT of hours into it. The Attitude Era mode was my favorite and brought back a lot of memories.

  • what an amazing experience from start to finish.....Of course not, this game was terrible, even for a game on the Genesis meant for small children.

  • I am very proud to have beaten this game. I feel like if I had sat down to play this on any other day I probably would have given up a couple of times and told myself I would go back to it, which I probably would not have. However on the day I finished this I seemed to have super patience, and I am glad I did.

  • I played the first Torchlight pretty late and on the 360. When Torchlight 2 came out however I immediately bought the PC version on Steam. I put somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 hours into this one before finishing it and was hooked the whole time. For whatever reason I was never able to get into the Diablo games, but love Torchlight, I guess I just like the style more.

  • Got this one gifted to me on Steam and decided after all these years it was time for me to finish it. A lot of people seem to be down on this game, but for what it was I really enjoyed the short experience. I really like the Bluth animation and charm to it, which is probably why it kept my attention for the whole time.

  • Just like the second Left 4 Dead I had already finished the 360 version of this one, but decided after Left 4 Dead 2 that I also wanted to finish the original on PC. Not much to say really, still a really fun game.

  • 4 Pics 1 Word is just a silly phone game that for whatever reason I got hooked on. There was quite a bit more puzzles than I had thought there would be and it really started to get monotonous towards the end.

  • I decided to pick up Defiance once it hit $19.99 since I had been interested in it since its release. Despite what I had heard, I really enjoyed this game a lot. I pumped in a lot of hours doing quests not only alone but with a pretty large group of other people. The game has its share of flaws, but for whatever reason I really ended up enjoying my time.

  • Battle Fantasia is a game I knew absolutely nothing about before I got it, I mean I didn't even know what genre of game it was. I bought it on a whim and because it was somewhere in the ballpark of $3.00. Well it ended up being a fighting game, and one that I ended up having a fair bit of fun with. I really enjoyed the games art style, and for someone who is not very good at fighting games it was still a good time.

  • Yet another game I bought for cheap on a whim, but unlike Battle Fantasia I really did not have much fun with this one. I like the concept of the on the fly switching between FPS and RTS, but the execution was TERRIBLE. This just seems like low budget bargain bin trash. The only reason I finished it was because the campaign was short enough for me to decide to slog through it.

  • Considering this one "beat" since I finished all the standard and wizard goals.

  • The same goes for this one as it is for Tales of the Arabian Nights, finished all standard and wizard goals.

  • Played through this one on the SNES with a buddy. Sunset Riders is one of those games from my youth that I go back to every so often, and it is always a blast.

  • Finished this one right at the end of the year. I had a friend come over who I hadn't seen in a couple years and we played through this on the 360. Game is still hard as hell, but a lot of fun.