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Every game I played in 2020

For whatever reason I decided this year I want to keep a list of EVERY game I play for even a small amount of time. I am mostly interested in my played to finished ratio. I don't know if I will keep this list around for the whole year or not honestly. I will see if it becomes something I forget to update or not.

I created this list at the end of January so I might have missed some games I played before making the list, but I will try my best to find them all.

I will try and give thoughts on all the games and what platform I played them on. I will try and go back and update those thoughts if I play more later.

Also, yes it seems like I play a TON of games, but in reality a lot of these I play for maybe 10-20 minutes and move on. Some I will go back to and some I will just move on from. I really try to sample as many games as I can to at least give them a try. This tends to be how I end up finding some games I really enjoy.

Games I Played That Are Not On Giant Bomb

There are some games that for one reason or another are not on Giant Bomb. They either just need to still be created, which I will work on or they are homebrew or whatever.

  • Microsoft - The Best of Entertainment Pack (GBC)
  • Pringles Games (Genesis)
  • Cookie Clicker (NES)
  • Pocket Meat (GBA)
  • Somari

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